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7. Amcrest ProHD 1080P WiFi Camera 2MP (1920TVL) Indoor Pan/Tilt Security Wireless IP Camera IP2M-841B (Black)

  • HIGH PERFORMANCE, REAL-TIME, TRUE HD – Experience magnificent full-HD 1080P video at 30fps with enhanced low light capability utilizing the image sensor and Ambarella chipset. Extra-wide 90° viewing angle, as well as remote pan and tilt, allows you to cover more ground and keep more of what matters to you safe. Works with Amazon Alexa through Amcrest Cloud.
  • SMARTER SECURITY – Receive motion alert notifications, review footage and engage in two-way communication via your smartphone with the Amcrest View app. Playback and record professionally on a PC using Amcrest Surveillance Pro or Blue Iris Professional. Works with Amcrest Cloud remote video storage, MicroSD card, Amcrest NVRs, and QNAP NAS, FTP, Pale Moon (32bit) & SeaMonkey Browsers, IE, Safari 11, Firefox 49.0 and Chrome with Amcrest Web View Extension.
  • DAY OR NIGHT, QUALITY ASSURED – Featuring a Exmor 1/2.9” 2.07MP image sensor and built-in IR LEDs this WiFi camera achieves industry leading 1080P night vision up to 32 feet. Not all 1080P WiFi IP cameras are built the same and our Texas based team with over 10 years of IP camera experience has guaranteed the out-performance of this camera by using the highest quality components in order to deliver the ultimate best in class 1080p pan/tilt WiFi camera experience.
  • SECURE CLOUD VIDEO BACKUP – The optional Amcrest Cloud remote video storage subscription service allows you automatically store your videos off-site in a third-party location hosted and secured by Amazon AWS. This way if something happens to your local PC/NVR/SDcard/NAS, the footage will be safely recorded in a secure off-site location and accessible to you through a web-based Flash interface for PC (Windows & MAC) (Chrome/Firefox/Safari/Edge) and Amcrest Cloud smartphone app.
  • SIMPLE. RELIABLE. SECURE. - This Amcrest 2.4ghz wireless camera is UL Listed for safety and features a secure SSL/HTTPS connection, wireless AES/WPA2 encryption, FCC, and receives regular security firmware updates (Does not support 5ghz). At Amcrest, we want to ensure the safety of our customers, their loved ones, homes, and businesses and you’ll receive a full 1-year US Warranty and Lifetime Support provided directly from Amcrest.
Amcrest ProHD 1080P WiFi Camera 2MP (1920TVL) Indoor Pan/Tilt Security Wireless IP Camera IP2M-841B (Black)
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u/Meph616 · 5 pointsr/shutupandtakemymoney

Not to be a downer, but good luck with that. I have a Hennessy Hammock and its quality is top notch backed by a reputable company. Which comes with a mosquito net top and a separate rainfly (tarp) to keep dry with. Plus it fits snug in a tiny pouch that I can put in any backpack of my choosing, be it a small daypack or my 90L Kelty week long excursion type of backpack. Which ever I see the need for at that time.

If I were to suggest anything, it's to find a corner of the market to make your own and build from the ground up there. Your idea seems like a good invention for, say, somebody in college who has a couple hours between a class and doesn't want to drive around everywhere. So they can just set up a hammock on/near campus and chill, do some reading, until class time. These guys will be your bread and butter.

What would these people want? What are their needs? Off the top of my head, quick concept. An upper hidden pouch with speakers to plug an iPod into.

Or a side pouch that houses a rechargeable battery, a good sized one. It has a retractable cord to plug into a phone. So people can hammock around and use their phone or tablet without fear of draining away for the day.

Something versatile for your target market. Because if you try and replicate what other companies are already doing and go after their customer base, and you can't do it better than them... then why would I (customer) want to buy yours instead?

u/GuinnessDraught · 5 pointsr/shutupandtakemymoney

I don't know about the Avalon specifically, but its possible in many cars. You'll have to exercise some Google-fu.

A whole bunch of factory head units, especially on nicer cars starting in the early 2000s, have aux inputs on the back of the unit. Before an aux input became a standard equipment expectation, it was often a dealer-installed option (i.e. plugging in and running an aux cable) or used to wire up a CD changer (which you can often unwire and replace with an aux in).

For instance, here's what I installed in my car: $36 on Amazon for OEM, or you can hunt around on eBay or other smaller sites and probably find an OEM one for $25 or a knock off for $15. Literally just plugs into the back of the unit, then you run it to wherever you want, but typically the glovebox is easiest.

Optionally, I also discretely mounted a small ~$40 bluetooth/A2DP receiver (this guy, much nicer than OP, gets power from the car and also doubles as a USB power plug) on the dash next to the stereo and ran its wire under the trim into the glovebox to connect to the 3.5mm aux. It works/sounds great and I mostly use the bluetooth since its nice to not have to fiddle with wires every time I get in/out of the car, but I can also unplug the bluetooth and plug straight in to the 3.5mm plug in the glovebox.

u/shpider · 104 pointsr/shutupandtakemymoney

Well, my 12Society box arrived and here is the rundown (I will link to the items on Amazon, as that’s where I do 90% of my shopping. I picked the lowest price + shipping) :

MANGROOMER Essential Nose and Ear Hair Trimmer $11.99

American Crew Shave - Moisturizing Shave Cream - 5.1 oz $11.56

American Crew Military Edition Post Shave Cooling Lotion 4.23 oz $19.99

Tapatio Hot Sauce - 5oz 99c (at your local 99c store...)

Griffin TotalGuard Screen Protector for iPhone 4/4s - 3 pack $12.72

Griffin Reveal Case for iPhone 4S - Black $11.25

Griffin Reveal Case for iPhone 4S - White $11.25

Griffin MicroStand $5 (I couldn’t find pricing for these. $5 seems fair.)

RumbaTime VanDam GO Watch - Color = Snow - Medium $31.49

Incase EC30006S Reflex On Ear Headphones - Ash/Fluro Pink $71.00

All in all not too bad. I will ”tree gift“ the shaving products since I already use Art of Shaving products. Tapatio will be consumed. The iPhone cases together with the MicroStand will be a “tree gift”. I will save the Screen Protectors in case mine needs to be replaced. The RumbaTime watch will also end up under the tree. And finally the jewel of the box, the Incase Headphones are really nice. I will be keeping and using those.

Total “real world” value of the box = $187.24

”Tree Gift” - Every year we throw a christmas party. Everyone that attends must bring a gift with a value of at least $15-$20 (can be slightly more). We then throw all the gifts under the tree. Everyone draws 2 strips of paper from a container - each slip has a number and possibly a physical challenge written upon it (There is one challenge every 4 or 5 numbers). We then go in order performing the challenge, if applicable, then taking a gift from the tree (and unwrap it) or stealing one from another person. If your gift gets stolen, you get to go back to the tree to pick another. And so it goes.

I provide enough gifts for everyone to go to the tree a second time... So I don’t sweat getting some items that I don’t necessarily need or want... But others might. I buy items throughout the year for the game as stuff goes on sale and as I see it.

Edit : Forgot to say that I will be tree-gifting the Mangroomer too... I already have a beard trimmer with one of those “Tuskee” trimmers.

u/Palivizumab · 5 pointsr/shutupandtakemymoney

Sure. Once again, I can't vouch for any of these personally, because I've already invested in some over-the-top expensive artist markers and whatnot, but if I was in your shoes, I would be comfortable buying these:

You can select "Set of 12" or "Set of 36" or whatever if you want more or less, and spend more or less, but they look like decent, affordable markers.

To make the tips last longer, (stay fine and pointy) keep in mind that you don't need to press down hard (or really at all) when you color with markers. I see people doing this sometimes, and then they wonder why their markers and felt-tipped pens don't last long.

Let me know if you have any other questions! :)

u/3raser · 7 pointsr/shutupandtakemymoney

I have this one and it's easily the best thing I've ever bought for my car.

It works perfectly

u/weinermcgee · 5 pointsr/shutupandtakemymoney

If you're looking for one of those, I've been pleased with this. It auto-tunes to available frequencies really well. The one con for me is the end of the cigarette adapter plug is very fragile. Mine broke after about a month and they sent me new parts, but they are just as fragile. If you change vehicles often you have to be mindful of the end and make sure it doesn't come unscrewed. Still happy with it.

u/NatesYourMate · 9 pointsr/shutupandtakemymoney

And $110 for a hammock, backpack, and some paracord is a bit much.

Hammock that folds into a little backpack type thing and has ties built into it $20


Eagle Creek Hiking Backpack $27.50


$47.50! You can buy one for yourself, and for your friend, and some McDonalds to eat together and still have a few pennies leftover! How nice!

But on the not being a dick side of things, cool backpack, but like most things on kickstarter, it's overpriced.

u/Airazz · 11 pointsr/shutupandtakemymoney

So it's a standard bluetooth speaker? The only feature is that it can be mounted in a corner?

Bluetooth speakers (like the X-Mini) cost a lot less than $175 and still have amazing sound quality. A wired one is even cheaper and it's great, I've been using it for about two years now.

u/koriar · 1 pointr/shutupandtakemymoney

For all the people asking which camera they should get, after buying a bunch of different cameras for my house I'm probably the happiest with this one:

Great quality picture and sound, two way audio, works with my iSpy setup. I actually have it in my kitchen now because I can swivel it one way and watch my door and swivel it the other way and watch things on the stove cooking with a decent amount of detail. Plus with the two way sound I can talk to anyone else who might be cooking.

My only complaint is that to use it in Chrome you need to install their Chrome app, which looks no different from going to it over the IP except that it actually shows the video. I only go in there for configuration though as IP Cam Viewer Pro/Basic see the video fine and do PVZ fine.

u/shicken684 · 15 pointsr/shutupandtakemymoney

Here you go.

Half the price and twice as useful. Just buy a damn pizza stone if you make your own pizza.

Edit: Check out the price zombie below, you can get this stone for cheap, or other pizza stones for a third the price as this stupid appliance. Pizza is really fucking easy to make. Making dough from scratch and freezing it works awesome.

u/SugarSugarBee · 8 pointsr/shutupandtakemymoney

I bought this yesterdya and i'm returning it. It does NOT remote pan or tilt, which makes it pretty useless. I bought this one instead. Sane good quality camera, also has 2-way talk AND can remotely pan. It does ther same cloud storage and it's video quality is the same.

The big thing about the Circle is that it's chargeable and portable. But most of the time it's going to stay in one place anyways and you can just unplug and plug it back into another outlet. Not really worth the extra 70 bucks to me.

PLUS, you can't view the Circle on a mac. it is only smart devices like tablets or phones. Lame....

u/RmJack · 1 pointr/shutupandtakemymoney

Something like this? I love these things.

u/Dodgson_here · 8 pointsr/shutupandtakemymoney


I've had this for years. It works great and produces a concentrate that can be used several ways. The concentrate keeps well in the fridge up to two weeks.

u/kakanczu · 3 pointsr/shutupandtakemymoney

I currently use this Belkin, but I think this one that came out more recently is better.

With the Belkin, I get in the car press the button and it will connect in about 1-2 seconds. I then press it again and it will launch whatever I used last to play audio (Google Music or PocketCast for me). I use it everyday. Really nice to not have to take your phone out of your pocket, take your gloves off, and mess with the phone before driving.

It also leaves the phone "wireless" so I can put it on the magnetic car dock without messing with cables, especially since the phone jack on my phone is on the top.

u/bobzor · 2 pointsr/shutupandtakemymoney

I just bought this one and I really love it. But you likely will need to purchase a ground loop noise isolater to prevent that high-pitched wheeze you get when you plug something into your car.

u/Heffeweizen · 3 pointsr/shutupandtakemymoney

Just run extension cords behind the wall or within the cabinets. That way stove heat won't be a problem. If you want to save money just buy bulk wire. But if you connect more than 16ft of lights in a single circuit, then you needed an amplifier which needs to be plugged into an extra power supply otherwise the lights near the ends of the circuit will be dimmer and also off color. Color correctness comes from adequate power.

u/foamyfrog · 1 pointr/shutupandtakemymoney

Here you go. I used this EL wire and just glued it around the edges. I also covered the remaining wire leading to the battery pack in electrical tape which ended up being kind of crappy, but still worked. I would recommend something else to cover it unless you're really good with the tape.

u/Zook · 5 pointsr/shutupandtakemymoney

Here's a link to Amazon Smile for the product page. Always helps to support charity when you buy things like this.

u/NeedleGuy · 3 pointsr/shutupandtakemymoney

Came here to say that.

They're sold on Amazon; 2 of em for $10.03. Plus free shipping if you have Prime.

u/l30 · 5 pointsr/shutupandtakemymoney

Just get a pair of comfortable sunglasses, buy some cheap el wire, glue the el wire along the rim in a way that's functional and clean, then just cut off the excess wire and you're set.

u/gcalpo · 9 pointsr/shutupandtakemymoney

Sends your phone's bluetooth to the car speakers via FM transmitter. Used this particular model on our older cars with few issues. Obviously not going to compare to AUX-IN or native bluetooth, but better than nothing.

u/ninjaface · 1 pointr/shutupandtakemymoney

These placed directly on a propane grill set to high ~ 500F. Preheat them for about 15-20 mins. Place homemade pizza directly on tiles and in about 5-10 mins you have an amazing restaurant quality pizza.

u/whattothewhonow · 2 pointsr/shutupandtakemymoney

Yeah, $185 Canadian for an aluminum version of this.

No thanks.

u/congha · 18 pointsr/shutupandtakemymoney

First google result i got for ice sphere -

~$10 for 2 without a death star (if that isnt your thing).