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u/diggitydan · 3 pointsr/skateboarding

well, first I would get the best of the best.

despite what you may hear, if you get something good, and take care of it somewhat regularly, it WILL last you for many many years.

I buy Bones Swiss (usually $60 USD). and make sure to buy some Bones Bearings Speed Cream.

Now, for wheels it depends on where you like to ride, or how you like to ride. I usually just buy hard wheels (99 duro. Durometer is the hardness of a wheel. 99 and above is pretty damn firm) but you can always buy 97 or something. softer wheels are going to be good for all around skateboarding, but if you skate at the park, you are going to want hard wheels. you will feel a difference in the traction and also the speed at which you are going. But like I said, I ride 99Duro. The size of wheel is also important but I always suggest something between 54 and 52. If you want something that's going to last you longer just go with 53 and be done with it. It's a happy medium.

Brands? everyone has a brand of urethane they like to ride. I am riding some Spitfire 53mm classics. Most of my life I either skated Ricta or Powell.

Powell makes some good wheels to experiment with. They have an "All Terrain" formula of urethane that rides pretty decent as well as a "Park Wheel" that is suppose to ride better at plazas and (duh) parks.

However, I don't really see the difference personally in their formulas and I usually just get the ATF wheels up until a few years ago (I don't like to get stuck with one brand forever).

Now, with the speed cream, you're going to want to use it on your bearings maybe once every few months depending on how much you ride, but you will tell when your Bones Swiss bearings aren't spinning infinitely anymore when you aren't going the speed of light. You either need to clean your bearings with a Bearing Cleaning kit (here

Or, you can save yourself some money and DIY a cleaning kit (it's fun. that's what I did and it looks awesome. if you want I can show you how I made mine)

Either way, you MUST clean your bearings before you apply the speed cream, otherwise your bearings will just collect more debris and they will turn shitty.

I have a filmer board with bones swiss in the wheels that I have been riding for over five years and the spin like a dream and a new set I just put in my street deck that I look forward to using for many years to come.

Just look up how to clean your bearings on a youtube site and you're good to go


trust me.

u/space_laser · 8 pointsr/skateboarding

G-Form has nice pads that are slim enough to go underneath clothing. They look nice and most importantly are very protective. Triple 8 has some good knee pads and elbow pads. I recommend the G-Form more though, mostly because of the less bulky design.Also, look in your local skate shops for advice and a good set of pads. They'll have good recommendations as well. Good luck, and happy skating!

u/ShokoFlow · 2 pointsr/skateboarding

Awesome, I want to start skating because by best friend lives in my neighborhood so this will make it quicker. I went to a skating camp (but took photography) and there was a shop that sold boards there so I had some money to spend and I bought one.

Here it is - Is it too big or too small?

With no prior knowledge of really anything about skating, I looked up information. So what I need is trucks, wheels, bearings, a T-tool, and bolts, and I want to get knee, elbow pads and maybe a helmet. Is this everything I will need? (Also mine already has grip tape on it).

I dont really want to do tricks whatsoever so that should give you a good idea I'm hoping. So could someone tell me what size and hardness wheels I should be getting? Also what size trucks? And if I should want it looser or tighter? And anything else that has many variants?

Im probably overthinking it but still.


Is this a fine T-tool?

Also, I went looking on Skate America and found some wheels I like; the "SPITFIRE F1 STREET BURNER REYNOLDS BLAZIN HOT SKATEBOARD WHEELS" which come in 51.5, 52.5, and 5.35 MM, are those okay?

Thanks so much for any help!

u/kristuhfur · 1 pointr/skateboarding

Not sure if this is the right place since these are longboard brands..? So I apologize in advance but any help would be appreciated

I'm generally new to skating and I want to buy one for getting around campus. I'm not too interested in the huge longboards, so I've been looking at small cruiser ones (White Wave's Rocket) or (Sector 9's Bambino)
Although I'm not yet comfortable riding around a group of people yet, I can still manage to get around.

Is there anything you guys can suggest for a newbie like me? Any other boards you would recommend around this price range?

u/falloutjunkie · 1 pointr/skateboarding

Hi there, I'm 15 and wanted to get into skating, so I dug up my old target board from when I was like, 10 or something. I'd like some suggestions for new wheels and bearings. The deck and trucks seem fine, but I need to constantly keep pushing to have this thing go forward. The roads here are pretty rough too, so I was thinking like 57 or 58mm wheels?

Edit: Would this be a good purchase?

Edit 2: Just got these.

u/mr_marble_man · 3 pointsr/skateboarding

Here you go:

Black Sued is $14.99, the other colors are much more expensive. Only sizes 11, 11.5 and 13 are available but I'm a size 11 and like the look of the Black Sued the best so it's a win win for me.

u/deathfaith · 1 pointr/skateboarding

Hey everyone,

I'm looking to get my first board. I'm 20yo and 145-ish lbs--size 10 to 10½ shoes. From what I've seen, I need something from 7.5 to 7.625.


I really don't want to drop too much into it because I have a bad track record of spending way too much on hobbies I decide to not pursue. I've been doing my research, and know what to look for (quality-wise). I'm looking to spend $50 or so for a complete. Nothing fancy. A high quality blank would be fine. Are they any Black Friday deals I should look out for? Here's what I'm looking at so far:


POSITIV Team Complete Skateboard ($59.46): The reviews look really good for the price. It looks durable and high quality. Not sure of the brand, though.


Krown Rookie Skateboard Complete 7.5 ($31.00): I love this damn board. I know it is a lot cheaper, and you get what you pay for, but I like the graphic far more than anything in my price range (I know, I know, don't buy a board for its graphic). That being said, the build quality seems pretty damn good and the brand looks reliable(?). The only problem I found was the bearings were garbage. It's so cheap, though, I'd still have it in my budget to get some.


ENJOI Skateboards WHITEY PANDA Complete SKATEBOARD ($69.99): This looks like the safest option--but also the most expensive. Everywhere I looked said the brand is good quality. Again, though, I really don't want to spend this much.


Any opinions on each of these brands? I don't really care about having a walmart board as long as the build quality is there.

u/BlueNorse · 1 pointr/skateboarding

Could anybody shed some light on good parts that are available on Amazon? I have a gift card and wanna pick up some stuff. I have a deck with new griptape - so I guess I need trucks/wheels/bearings?

If there is a complete set that is pretty good for beginners I would probably go with that. For instance, I was thinking about something like this

u/MontaukCharleston · 2 pointsr/skateboarding

thats super weird that the shop did that, i owned a skate shop for like a decade, and it looks like they just weren't paying attention. if you don't mind buying another set of bushings, get these. they're really the best, get the yellow ones they're medium. you don't even use the bottom washer (the one closest to the board). they last like 5 times longer than stock bushings.

u/benskate · 4 pointsr/skateboarding

If anyone is interested in the camera set up be ready to be disapointed:

iPhone 5S with 120fps mode with This fisheye lens

Honestly for 8 dollars the thing does pretty well

u/sumostar · 3 pointsr/skateboarding

They're amazing at first, then the urethane crumbles and breaks off. I have 2 sets and loved them until big chunks started breaking off. Apparently this is pretty common based on the reviews I've seen. I don't think they're meant for lots of ollies/flip tricks. I got a set of these to replace them:

Powell-Peralta "Rat Bones" 60mm 90A Blue Skateboard Wheels (Set of 4)

They're a little bigger but the urethane is higher quality. Throw in some risers and you're good to go :)

u/manymensky · 1 pointr/skateboarding

If you're interested in street skating this is what I used to get back into it. 7.5 means the board is light and easy learn with, also "flip" boards are known for pop. here I am playing around with it. I'm by no means any good, just love being on the board

u/Victory33 · 2 pointsr/skateboarding

Get Blabac's skate photography book. Full of great stuff. I think he's the best photographer in skateboarding.

u/eltictac · 4 pointsr/skateboarding

Here's some of mine:

I've got a few more since this photo.

Full Bleed and Dysfunctional are probably my favourites.
And, as someone else mentioned, Disposable is dedicated to board graphics.

edit: This is a good recent one about controversial board graphics:

Good little write ups about each graphic as well.

u/mick010238 · 3 pointsr/skateboarding

There are some books that photographers have put out that are absolutely perfect coffee table books. Mike Blabac has one and [this one is all about New York skating.] I think Atiba Jefferson has a book like this, and there's on Ive seen in a shop that is all to do with skate products which you might like (I can try find out the name if you want)

u/jrob_ · 3 pointsr/skateboarding

I'm looking to start skateboarding. I am 31 years old, never skateboarded before but I want to start. I'm not looking to do crazy tricks or anything like that I just want to cruise around the city.

With that in mind does this look like a good beginner setup for hopping from the office to get lunch etc?

u/arandomshot · 2 pointsr/skateboarding

Speaking from a filmers perspective, you got a nice setup so far. However, you want to remember to keep the skater in the center of your frame, and not head or board cut.

You shouldn't do night shots unless you have a really good floodlight or something along those lines because otherwise it will not look as good as it should and its most likely more difficult for the skater.

Try not to have such big space between tricks in lines, and if you have to, speed it up a bit or add in some flatground tricks.

Your lens needs to be clean at all times, so bring a cloth to the park or something.

The music shouldn't take over the whole audio track, so use some light stuff and keep it up enough that you hear the pop of tricks.

If i were to recommend a grip, i would say the X-grip but im not sure how that works on a t3i, so google around.

On one final note, tell your friends not to scream and yell when someone lands a trick. I know you're having fun, but that ruins the shot imo.

u/kevinkace · 5 pointsr/skateboarding

I picked up everything off Amazon (other than the camera which I bought 2nd hand off Craigslist):

u/Supermotility · 5 pointsr/skateboarding

Any santa cruz complete is pretty solid, if you get a 26-29in deck, it'll be slightly smaller than a normal deck, and still maintain the cruiser appeal.

u/RSTVideoCustomerHelp · -1 pointsr/skateboarding

>It's like people who prefer to listen to vinyl because of the aesthetic. I just like doing it, even though it's more inconvenient and lower quality.

And this is why I hate it.

Stop being a stupid hipster and film in HD. At least vinyl has the advantage of being true analog-analog recording, SD is like using a cassette instead of a CD with none of the upsides (i.e. HD is more portable/durable/etc.). If you were filming with legit film (8mm, 35mm, etc.) I could respect that (if you didn't go bankrupt trying, lol).

It's not so much the actual pixel resolution (I will fight to the death that lower resolution cameras can have a far superior image quality, there is far more to a camera than how many pixels the sensor has, anyone that has seen 1080p Arri Alexa footage against most 4K footage understands), it's the fucking interlacing and 4:3 ratio. Everyone is viewing on a 16:9 progressive scan screen nowadays and combing artifacts on a progressive scan screen gives my eyes cancer. Even when you digitally de-interlace, it still only looks "OK" and is still the wrong aspect ratio. May as well film with a cell phone in portrait mode if you're going to forego standards that much.

Also, everything you said about HD cameras is your own fault/problem. There are tons of fantastic ultra-portable light weight cameras out there either through name brand GoPros or the numerous chinese knockoffs like the Firefly 7S that actually offer amazing quality and resolutions up to 4K with far better low light and contrast than a VX will ever do. They come with built-in fisheyes and a host of digital options, some including excellent digital gyros that will smooth out even a jittery filmer's hand (though the gyro does require cropping some of the viewing angle, so it's a filmer's call which is best for the situation). All you need is a $20 caddie and it's just like holding a VX.

VX's were overrated even back in the 90's/early 00's, but now they're just a dinosaur. It became this ridiculous circle jerk for no reason and it never had any merit whatsoever. You may as well record your next music album with this.

u/Mr_Sonic007 · 2 pointsr/skateboarding

I want to rainproof a Penny Board, and I know the bearings will die if water sits in a stainless steel bearing. Are ceramic bearings just as good, and resistant to water getting it? How are the RUSH ceramic bearings ( Are there any covers for the wheels I can use to also keep water out? Thanks.