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u/Failed_Pr0digy · 1 pointr/steelseries

Not here to bash the SteelSeries Siberia 840 but I had problems with the 840. My main issue was party chat on Xbox One. I mainly bought them for the ability to have Bluetooth. The battery life is outstanding and having a swappable battery that is already charged is a huge deal.

But after several tries trying to get the party chat fixed and to have it not echo, I gave up. Friends were tired of hearing my voice echo CONSTANTLY no matter the volume or different mixes I set the headset at, it just did not work. So I returned to Amazon and replaced for the Gen 3 Astro A50's.

I love them! No echo in game or party chat, good settings I can customize, and mic monitoring (which I like, though some people prefer not to have it...which you CAN customize!) Battery life is awesome! I can game for 6+ hours. While it doesn't have Bluetooth, I can now run Spotify (on Xbox One) in the background while playing my game, so it's not a deal breaker.

I also bought this windscreen to help with the mic concerns.

Overall, it's your choice and I feel like different people that have tried these different headsets have mixed reviews about both...some really love the 840's while others hate them. And some love Astro A50's and swear by them after trying several different headsets. I'm with the A50 group.

u/BennyBlades44 · 2 pointsr/steelseries

These headphones made me better at COD and thats coming from Astros which are regarded as some of the best 7.1 headphones you can get. The astros have more bass and more of an immersive feeling like the surround sound is louder and more enveloping, but the steelseries high end is so clear and precise that I can tell exactly what direction sounds are coming from. Its def a competitive advantage and I regularly get accused of cheating now lol. If I was rich Id probably use the steelseries for fps games and the astros for more story type games like horizon zero dawn or god of war lol. Also, I know its ridiculous to spend more money after spending so much on headphones but if you grab the wicked cushion m50x earpads off amazon or ebay you will be soooooo glad you did. they fit like a glove and boost the bass a bit. They also open the soundstage some. They also really make the headphones feel more premium and comfortable. With the wicked cushions all the preset eq’s sound amazing and like they should instead of them all sounding tinny and missing something. With the stock earpads its almost like they take away from the sound quality and you have to crank the bass too high and it sounds muddy. I put a review on amazon with a photo if youre curious!. I just re read the review and all the reviews above mine saying the same thing as you about not being impressed with the sound and what not when right under them is my post pretty much saying how to fix the problem lol. Here is a link its like the 8th one down. Once these babies are dialed in theyare phenominal! Good luck my friend!!

u/CureMelons · 1 pointr/steelseries

idk what your price range is but ill name a list of headsets iive know are good.ive tried a couple and i personally own the astro a40 tr

Razer man o war te edition Very comfortable and has a good bass response

Logitech g633 amazing sound ive tried these i absoultely loved them but i was able to buy keep these at the time i had them

Hyper x cloud ii/revolvers basically an audiophile headset called takstar something idk remember the numbers with a mic

If you want an audiophile grade open back headphones you can get the phillips shp9500 with a vmoda boom pro(replaces the 3.5mm cable from the phillips with a 3.5mm cable with a mic attached to it that actually works really good ive personally have used the vmoda boom pro, and these also dont have much bass since they are open back but will give you a good soundstage and a more flat overall sound which is great)

Turtle beach elite pro pretty new but looks amazing

Senheisser game one/zero one is a closed back and one is a open dont remember which one is which

Plantronics rig 500/500hd/500e(just little variations in between still the exact same headset one is just stereo,one is surround sound, and one issurround and comes with different sets of earcups closed and open. ive also personally used these they are fantastic but i wouldnt recommend if you have big ears normal to small ears fit inside the cups well)

If anything is out of your price range i can probably recommend some other ones but these are the ones i can think of on the top of my head feel free to ask any questions

u/malde- · 5 pointsr/steelseries

If I understand your questions correct, as in connected to both but not playing the audio from both at the same time?! Then yes, it's possible. I run the same setup. PS4 and PC on my desk and Arctis connected to both so I don't have to change wires or settings when switching where I need sound from.
You'll need to buy a bit of extra bits though. Let me elaborate:

  • 1: To get the best sound you want Toslink connections to both and USB to both for power and chat-mix. You'll need both a toslink and USB splitter. NOT a Hub. Something like this:
    You need 2 IN and 1 OUT (!!!). You'll then connect both the PS4 and the PC to the 2 IN ports and the OUT port goes into the transmitter.

    You'll need to do the same for the USB, get a similar box:
    Connect a USB lead from both the PS4 and the PC to the IN ports and the OUT port goes into the Transmitter.

    My two splitter boxes have hardware switches so even if both devices are running, I can toggle sound with a button push (USB switches automatically but toslink is manual). I find that better than auto switching, especially when both are running.

  • 2: If you have it set up like this you'll only need to configure one input on the transmitter. For me that's the PS4 mode so it defaults to Toslink in and Party Chat from USB. All the settings in the box are made for that one connection so whichever feed I'm running into the transmitter from the switch above, gets the equalizer/chatmix settings.

  • 3 Bluetooth is separate so my solution works the same as bluetooth and PS4.

    Again, parts you need:

  • 3 Toslink cables (2 from PS4/PC into splitter, 1 from there to Transmitter)
  • 3 USB cables (2 from PS4/PC into splitter, 1 from there to Transmitter)
  • Toslink splitter/switcher (2 IN and 1 OUT at minimum)
  • USB splitter/switch (2 IN and 1 OUT at minimum)

    If your PC supplies USB power while it is switched off, the Transmitter keeps getting power to recharge the batteries. Make sure to set the Display to timeout in that case to avoid burn in!

    So with a bit of extra hardware it is possible and works a treat. You can get real short cables to keep it tidy. I mounted the switches on the wall and have just enough length to get to the boxes.
u/CruderMax · 2 pointsr/steelseries

I don't know if you've solved this yet, but I purchased the following:

And they worked wonderfully, improving comfort and spacing. Only thing to note is that they have a bit of a tight fit at first, but they do go on.

u/Pufffreex · 1 pointr/steelseries

So I have the same issue and I ordered two sets of replacement ear cups from Amazon. One with a slight angle These go from 38 mm in the back and 25 mm in the front. I'm a huge fan of velour and find them to be more comfortable so then I ordered these . There are quite a few reviews on these for helping with the squeezing the ears and rubbing on the inside. These have also been reviewed as being super comfortable. For this set they are 30 mm thick through out. I did measure the stock ones and they are 25 mm. I have yet to receive them from Amazon but I will update this as I get them, should be able to try both by Friday. Hope this helps a bit.

u/ericrangel76 · 2 pointsr/steelseries

I have bought these both of these for my Arctis 9x and I can recommend both are more comfortable than the stock ear pads.

Upgraded Replacement Ear Pads for Audio Technica ATH M50X - Also Compatible with M50XBT / M50 / M40X / M40 / Turtle Beach/HyperX/Sennheiser and More (Full List Inside)

I prefer the pu leather over the velour because they keep better sound isolation from background noise and I feel they are cooler than the velour.

Brainwavz Gaming Earpads for SteelSeries Arctis, HyperX Cloud & Other Gaming Headsets, ATH M50X, SHURE & Other Headphones (See List), Cooling Gel, Memory Foam, Micro Suede, Oval Ear Pad

The Brainwavz are not as cushiony as the Wicked Cushions but they still more comfortable than stock. These cushions are really cool and probably my favorite out of all the ear pads I’ve tried. And I’ve tried all 3 types of the Steelseries ear pads.

u/MetalPirate · 1 pointr/steelseries

I've had my set since March and use these, and I travel almost weekly on planes. It's a little bit of a tight fit, but has good protection and is a lot smaller than the huge ones like you listed. Fits in my backpack fine. If you want I can provide pictures of how it fits once I get back to my hotel in a bit

edit: UK Link since you mentioned that

u/esperianterra · 2 pointsr/steelseries

For pads I recommend these : some struggling to put them on but they fit just fine.

But I can see where your mindset is coming from and I understand why it irks you. Personally im a tinkerer and a modder so tweaking things / modding things / spending more money to make things fit just right for me is kind of on part for the course and... almost fun, as silly as it sounds.

I was able to tweak the EQ settings more through fully with Equalizer APO but that might also not be something you'd be willing to do. Im currently using the first profile from this thread :

u/SlickLizzard · 1 pointr/steelseries

What kind of laptop are you using? I saw your other reply about the iPhone earbuds as well. Did you plug that into the line in jack or the headphone jack?

As for the adapter, this could work, but if you're trying to go with USB this would work best.

u/Popcorncandy09 · 2 pointsr/steelseries

Brainwavz Replacement Memory Foam Earpads - Suitable For Many Headphones - AKG, HifiMan, ATH, Philips, Fostex, Grado, Sony ear pad (Black)

Nice and deep, doesn't hurt your ears and comes in loads of colours and materials. Brilliant compared to the factory ones!

u/romseed · 1 pointr/steelseries

I have the console edition for my Xbox, I got it on sale for like 35-40 dollars or something a little ago, and for my PC I have the Arctis 7 wireless and love them, but I’m biased because I love how these feel on the head compared to other headsets

u/krazykellerxkid · 2 pointsr/steelseries

I just bought this switch for my Wired Pro + GAMEDAC and it's awesome. It switches to the input that is on, actually turns off when both systems are off, and still allows for RGB customization. I have not actually used it for online play, but when I test the mic out in the system settings, it shows that it is picking up my voice.

Hope this helps!

u/yeahthatsmine · 2 pointsr/steelseries got a pair of these in today and they work great. Nothings touching my ear anymore and I think they sound better now.

u/SS-Blake · 1 pointr/steelseries

I was able to find these, a little pricey with international shipping. Based on the reviews it says they should fit nicely. However, as a 3rd party product, I can't guarantee they will work.

u/abgersaurus · 1 pointr/steelseries

Yes I have, I bought some from amazon made by Brainwavz (sheepskin - leather & memory foam) they are very comfortable, although they are not the exact same shape of the original earpads.

that being said there is the issue of the clamping force on the headset itself, you need to bend the actual headband which will help alot more than the earpads if done correctly.

bending only works on the 7, pro and pro wireless (steel headband)

my Pro wireless gave me a headache before (too much clamping) and my right ear started to hurt after only 30mins of wearing!


so I decided to look up some other threads on reddit and found these two tutorials, and then tried to bend my headband by myself while being very careful.

Note: it takes alot of force to actually bend them slightly, it might not look like they are bend (which is good) but it makes a world of difference!


here are some pictures of my headsphones post bend and with the earpads

u/Argent99 · 1 pointr/steelseries

before you does say it's only 6.5 inches tall (a little less than 20 cm, for those who believe in a better measuring system.) there is no way (imo) that's big enough to properly use as a headphone stand.

edit: this bust might be a better fit at 30 cm tall:

bit pricey, though.

u/GunBrave · 2 pointsr/steelseries

I use a USB switcher (two inputs/one output)with a PS4 and Switch. I was having A LOT of problems at first with the USB switcher automatically jumping over to the Switch when on PS4. I found out that once the Pro Wireless transceiver has it’s own dedicated power source, my cheap switcher doesn’t switch ports on me anymore. Played MHW (Arch Tempered Kushala is a pushover) last night for about four hours without a problem.

Link to the USB switcher

UGREEN USB Sharing Switch USB 2.0

u/emmawu_ · 1 pointr/steelseries

unfortunately not :// the tracking still shows them as just leaving the country of origin although it can be super slow to update I guess. And no, I won't be using them on an M800 (using anne pro 2) however they'll almost definitely be compatible with any steelseries keyboard in terms of fit and backlighting etc. I know hyper x cloud also have pudding style keycaps if you wanted to go with a more well known and "reputable" brand (as opposed to some dodgy aliexpress seller).

u/Chrinyg · 3 pointsr/steelseries

I use some 3rd party cushions, that are a little bigger.

I'm going to try the leather cushions as well, now they're in stock in EU again.

My own thoughts on turning down the 900hz a bit, is because I think it gets a cleaner sound with less mid-sound.

u/FupasaurusREX · 2 pointsr/steelseries

I ordered these. They work pretty well on the pro wireless. Upgraded Replacement Ear Pads for...

u/boomstick009 · 1 pointr/steelseries

I would also recommend these ear pad replacement


the stock ones are pretty good but i feel like they are a bit too small and my ears rub up against the inside stitching and get a bit uncomfortable after awhile

u/yruoc · 1 pointr/steelseries

They don't come with extra ear cups/pads, and the ones that come with it weren't deep enough for me. I replaced them with these and they fit really well:

u/nfe1986 · 1 pointr/steelseries
Also, I have been using these for close to a year now, and they haven't gone "flat" and gotten any less comfortable.

u/Garudin · 1 pointr/steelseries

Credit to this post

It seems these are of the same design sizes based off one of the reviews using them as a replacement.

You can also use the dimensions of the pads, 5.1 x 3.2 x 1.6 inches, to look up other possible options.

u/jdk2087 · 1 pointr/steelseries

Go with


I went with the Brainwavez angled/leather/memory foam. Leaps and bounds better than what SteelSeries offers in terms of replacements or “upgrade.” Wore them for multiple hours before with my SS Pros and love them. No ear heat, sweat, pain or anything of that nature. Ears and side of my head felt just the same as when I put them on.

u/MattPunz · 1 pointr/steelseries

I got these and they definitely help the pain of my ears, I got these because they had faster shipping and a little cheaper price compared to the steelseries ones.

u/Minoripriest · 1 pointr/steelseries

I ended up buying this which looks similar to that and according to the answers page on the botton it works on the PS4. For $5, I figured it was worth trying it.

u/toekneegg · 1 pointr/steelseries

Yes. I've got the Wicked Cushions on mine from Amazon and they're incredible.

Upgraded Replacement Ear Pads for Audio Technica ATH M50X - Also Compatible with M50XBT / M50 / M40X / M40 / Turtle Beach/HyperX/Sennheiser and More (Full List Inside)

u/xX_AllFallsDown_Xx · 2 pointsr/steelseries

Is there a difference between your link and this one? (Hybrid Oval version)

It's $5 cheaper and I think the only difference may be that yours is angled?

u/badbet · 1 pointr/steelseries

Brainwavz Ear Pads For ATH M50X, M50XBT, M40X, M30X, HyperX, SHURE, Turtle Beach, AKG, ATH, Philips, JBL, Fostex Replacement Memory Foam Earpads & Fits Many Headphones (see list), Black Oval