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2. Otium Bluetooth Headphones, Best Wireless Earbuds IPX7 Waterproof Sports Earphones w/Mic HD Stereo Sweatproof in-Ear Earbuds Gym Running Workout 8 Hour Battery Noise Cancelling Headsets

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  • Excellent sound quality, headset and Bluetooth 5.1 for stereo sound and superb bass sound. Clear high & low volume. Excellent wireless earbuds sound.Bulit-in mic with voice notification of incoming calls. Also we have upgraded the bluetooth name from "Otium" to "U8", it will more conveniently to search and connect with the U8 headphones.
  • Up to 10 hours ,music playing for full battery charge. Super quick charge time with full charge light indication.The headphone battery status will be automatically displayed on the IOS Phone screen.
  • With easy to use button ,Allows skip/play/pause on your music tracks as well as all phone use without reaching your phone. Up to 30ft Bluetooth range in the open space and 10ft in the obstacles space. Can be connected with two devices Simultaneously. Super quick pairing with android, IOS and other bluetooth devices.
  • State of the art earphones design, Best workout sweatproof bluetooth ear buds. Great for Running, Jogging, Hiking, Biking, Gym etc. Stay in Ear Tech with Comfortable Ear Hook. Neckband design, no wires tangling, and it's easy to storage to your sports armband or arm package bag.
Otium Bluetooth Headphones, Best Wireless Earbuds IPX7 Waterproof Sports Earphones w/Mic HD Stereo Sweatproof in-Ear Earbuds Gym Running Workout 8 Hour Battery Noise Cancelling  Headsets
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u/crixusin · 6 pointsr/steroids

To combat MPB, you need to cover all bases. MPB is caused by a couple different things:

  1. Tightening of the galea, the muscle above the eyebrows.
    As it gets tighter, oxygenation of blood goes down. This is confirmed by many studies (men with MPB have 43% less oxygenation of scalp blood than non balding men). T converts to DHT in low oxygen environments. This is why DHT levels are higher in the scalp of MPB patients than in non MPB patients (serum DHT levels are the same in both groups though).

    This is the toughest one for people to take. They've been told for a very long time that its (all genetic). While its true, it may very well be genetic, that's not really an acceptable answer as to why some people lose their hair and others don't. Everything is genetic. In the case of cancer, that's a purely genetic disease. Yet they didn't just give up trying to fight cancer because its "genetic."

    There is some truth in the genetic theory. Some people have more Androgen receptors (there's 2 types in the scalp i think) in their scalp. But when they tested MPB patients, those who had more androgen receptors due to their genetics were still in the minority (around 35% I believe).

    Also, if this genetic theory were completely true in that hairloss is not being caused by some outside force, then there would be no pattern. The pattern disproves the genetic theory immediately, since all the hairs on your head would minaturize at the same rate.

    This doesn't happen though, and there is a distinct pattern.

    The same people who believe the genetic theory do agree though, that the miniaturization is happening because of DHT. Since there is a gradual pattern towards the center of the scalp, we can agree that the DHT accumulation is happening gradually towards the center. This conflicts with their being an end all be all genetic issue.

    This gradual DHT accumulation supports the tight scalp theory.

    Also, they've had an 80% success rate growing hair back in balding patients by using botox in the muscles around the scalp (nail in the coffin).

  2. Fungus. Yes, that's right, fungus. One of the best remedies for MPB is an anti-fungal called ketoconazole. Certain organisms that live on our skin actually can cause sebum (oil) buildup, and its speculated that this buildup may contribute to DHT accumulation in the scalp.

  3. Genetic hormone levels: it could just be caused by some people creating more DHT than most people. This is very rare though.

  4. Fungal shampoo. Use every day (don't use any other shampoos):

    This is a great one. Keep it on for 5 minutes, then wash it out really well.

    I really like this one. Makes your hair super soft. It says leave it on for 2 minutes, but I leave it on for 5.

  5. Minoxidil. Minoxidil 5% works well, but there's different blends of stuff. The best one is the one with retinol. There's only one company that sells it with retinol (retinol is used to speed up cell division. Clinical studies show that minoxidil with retinol is far more effective.

  6. finasteride. Just get a perscription. Buy it from india on the cheap. Not a great solution, but right now, its the only mainstream way.

  7. Rosemary oil: use this as conditioner and rub it in. Great for regrowth.

  8. RU58841 : experimental androgen inhibitor. Works really well. Buy it from

    You can find my progress pics in my history to see my results.
u/Polar_Wolf · 2 pointsr/steroids

I wanted to make a liquid suspension but i've found that making my own capsules is so much easier. And you can play with the dosage a lot easier if you have a mortar and pestle to mix the stuff.

If you had a good experience with anavar, you can adjust your capsule dosages to replicate it/make it better.

If you really want an oral suspension,

> Unixpro: instead of PEG/Alcohol, you can use this and it will taste muuuuch better.

idk if any of my old thread is useful but i asked if capsules are better or an oral solution, have a look

u/lroosemusic · 2 pointsr/steroids

The ones with boyfriends I met on dating apps while they were single. I'd tell them from the beginning that I was slow to commit and if they needed lots right away I wasn't gonna be the guy for them. When things went on for a while and they realized I was never going to be exclusive with them, they'd move on to an exclusive relationship and keep me as a friend. This method plants the seed for a whole bunch of girls coming back to you for hookups between relationships, or like I mentioned, when they're unhappy in their current relationship.

Regarding my divorce, I like control and I married someone else who likes control. We both wanted control more than we wanted to be with each other, so we separated and eventually divorced. We're still close friends, but we want different things and agree that it's best to be apart.

Edit: I read this book shortly after my separation and it completely changed my approach to relationships, both sexual and platonic. I can't recommend it enough if you want to fill your life with people that make you happy.

u/FatBaldWhiteMan · 1 pointr/steroids

No no, don't go by rule of thumb with AI (or even with the Endo's recommendation of 1 mg Adex ED - that will absolutely crash your e2, and give you a really bad time. Even as a man you need e2 ;) a good range would be 15-30 pg/ml ).

Get blood tested, and adjust your AI intake according to the test - this really the best way, trust an experienced user of Roids. Since you are not shooting high amounts of aromatizing Compounds in your Body, just a legitimate Dose of TRT Test - you probably could get away without using any AI at all. But again - only Bloods will tell you the real story. I can't stress it enough, get regular blood work done - for your own sake, it is really worth it.

I would like to give a book recommendation, look up Nelson Vergel's "Testosterone: A Man's Guide- Second Edition"

> e.g.

He is explains everything you need to know for TRT, from a Patients perspective - I cherish that book, it taught me a lot. He also has a nice Forum at, they are more concerned with legit TRT - unlike us Meatheads here in r/steroids, hehe ;).

Hope I was a little bit of help - have a good one Mate.

u/DBS116 · 1 pointr/steroids

Just posed this in Offtopic but I searched around a lot (tool boxes, lock boxes, etc etc) and ultimately landed on this from Amazon and fucking LOVE it. Lockable, lots of shelves, the vials fit perfect, discrete...

u/Testostocles · 6 pointsr/steroids

I have been using Airpods for about a year now. I love them. Bought some of these for my wife though and she loves them. They sound pretty good for being so cheap as well.


u/ozcur · 2 pointsr/steroids

I'm pretty sure this doesn't count as source talk, so here's a link to the stuff I use. Good price, pills aren't too massive.

Anything from 1.5g to 2g a day should be good. People will tell you to split them up to minimize flush, but ignore those nerds. Just take it all at once (along with the aspirin). The first few days you may get a super, super mild flush, but then it'll be gone. Wait like a month before stopping the aspirin, then try a dose without it and see how the flush goes.

u/AssBlaster_69 · 1 pointr/steroids

These are the ones I like; you can also get a set of three 4 oz bottles but I like the little ones for certain things. The cobalt blue ones are really pretty too haha.

u/BananaMuscle · 1 pointr/steroids

Thanks to the answers to one of my other Q's in this thread I've decided to get a shampoo with 1% Ketoconazole but I'm being much more specific with the question. Which of these do you guys like more?

Nizoral or L'emarie (or something different?)

I realize Nizoral is the most popular but I would love something less harsh on my hair and the L'emarie is marketed much differently than the "anti-dandruff" Nizo and just seems to be made by gentler people although it still says "DHT blocker".

u/herman_gill · 2 pointsr/steroids

You'll probably be fine.


Also if you're actually worried about your liver health, better than that Liv.52 bullshit:

Take some Spirulina + Berberine + which are all better for liver health <--- berberine is also good for cardiac fibrosis, which is important if you're taking cabergoline at all <--- good and also cheap <--- take just 1cap/day (WARNING: be very careful if you're also taking insulin!!!! It'll potentiate the shit out of it's effects in non-diabetics) <--- take 2-6 tabs/day (3 tabs is probably fine)

u/ssjhayes · 14 pointsr/steroids

These are the only briefs I'll wear anymore. They're heaven.

Some damn impressive progress over this prep man. You may have actually inspired me to do a comp in the spring lol.

> It all started here on this sub... my knowledge of steroids is far more advanced than anyone I've met in real life.

Same. The things I have learned from this sub has saved so many gym bros around me from going through bitch tits/acne/lifelong TRT.

u/Celidion · 1 pointr/steroids

Looking for recommendations on the best electric razor. I've had this for a few years:

It's great for my pubes and decent for pits/legs/chest, but it honestly leaves a ton of spots and I feel like I have to dig that shit in so deep and go over areas a shit load of times. I've also started doing my arms recently and it just doesn't get them as smooth as I'd like.

I've tried Nair and I like the results but I think it irritates my skins, as I did it yesterday on my legs and whenever I get goose bumps rn, it feels like I'm being pricked by a 1000 needles.

Am I better off just getting some 5 blade regular razor or are there electric razors that can get me smooth af? I plan on doing my entire body neck down.

u/Jooceyjooce · 2 pointsr/steroids

Not source talk, no. I use ora sweet to make the combo palatable. Put a little ora plus in the bottle, put in the powder, fill the vial to 3/4 full with ora plus, shake it to get the powder in suspension, fill the remaining area with ora sweet, shake, good to go.

u/Clean_n_Press · 7 pointsr/steroids

This is good advice. A summary of my bacne treatment, learned from /r/SkincareAddiction:


u/beefSwollington · 3 pointsr/steroids

So is "sustained release" the same as flush free? This is the one I purchased from Amazon last go around and I'm wondering if it's worthwhile or not.

u/PinkBootedBandit · 1 pointr/steroids

I was recommended this

Slightly pricey but so worth it. No acne from shaving, quick ez and most definitely high quality.

u/Kreuzheben · 1 pointr/steroids

What compounds were you taking your first cycle? If you didn't go beyond test and an oral, your acne may have been estrogen related, in which case it could potentially be fixed by an increased AI dosage. If that isn't the problem, another user here recommended this shampoo that contains 1% ketoconazole, which they claimed made their skin more clear than any other time in their life. Personally, I'm currently on a Test/Tren cycle and have had almost no acne taking 12.5mg aromasin daily, as someone who previously got acne from test alone when my estrogen wasn't in control.

u/LetThePinsBegin · 3 pointsr/steroids

Have you only used norzal (however it's spelt)?

If so know that there are other keto shampoos which are far less harsh and contain stuff to make your hair overall healthier.

REGENEPURE - DR Shampoo, Hair and Scalp Treatment, Supports Hair Growth, 8 ounces

This feels way different in the hair and had three same keto. Worth a shot.

u/TheSwoleITGuy · 1 pointr/steroids

Dude you know the homebrew vacuum pump in the wiki is like $40 right? :b

Edit: $20 Here

u/keithjp123 · 2 pointsr/steroids

These knock off beats are $20 and seriously, I can only turn the volume up one or two clicks.

Bluetooth Headphones, Otium Best Wireless Sports Earphones w/ Mic IPX7 Waterproof HD Stereo Sweatproof In Ear Earbuds for Gym Running Workout 8 Hour Battery Noise Cancelling Headsets

u/Captain_Fun_Dicks · 1 pointr/steroids

Here you go dude Click

Fuck that's a big link. Hope it works. I still can't reach everywhere, fucking t-rex arms. But this helps. It was recommended by another user here, can't remember who unfortunately.

u/SwoleFox · 7 pointsr/steroids

I got a body groomer and I am never going back to shaving, look into it man.

u/touchmestepthru · 1 pointr/steroids

I take this one, its not flush free, so it still works on lipids, but since it is sustained release instead of hitting you all at once, the flush is minimized. I don't even really feel it taking 2g a day.