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u/goodnight-everybody · 2 pointsr/teenagers

Just so I know, have you ever played any other stringed instruments? (Guitar, bass, etc.)

A lot of cheap ukuleles aren't great, yes. But this uke is pretty cheap, and it's fantastic. It's my first uke, I have it sitting next to me right now :) I've had it for about a year and a half now, and I've never had any problems regarding it getting scratched, dented, or any pieces coming loose or anything. This is fantastic, considering I definitely don't treat it as gently as I should.

Now, that's a soprano ukulele, so if you want a deeper richer tone, or if your body/hands are bigger (which isn't really a problem, though some people like a uke to match their size), you can go with a concert or tenor. Bass gets really deep, so unless you're looking for that specific sound I wouldn't look for a bass.

I have yet to find any cheap concerts that are decent quality. I'm probably going to be getting a concert as my second uke, so I've been looking into them a lot. If you want a nice concert, it's going to be upwards of 100, probably 200. You could probably get one cheaper, but the quality wouldn't really be worth it. Not only will the build be worse, but the sound is most of the concern. (This is the concert I want to buy. If you can afford any ukes from luna, I highly recommend them. Beautiful instruments)

Like most stringed instruments, you want to try to get a solid top. They sound much richer and the solid wood reverberates sounds much nicer. Some people like linoleum top, but the general consensus is solid tops are better. The Kala I linked to above is a solid top, to my knowledge.

Best case scenario, try to find a music store nearby that has a wide range of ukuleles and test some out. They should be able to provide you with a tuner if you know how to tune a ukulele (GCEA), of they can tune it for you so you can test it out. Before you go, I would try to memorize a few basic chords (C, G, Am, and F are good ones) so you can see how they sound. Once you find one you like, buy it online. The markup price in stores is ridiculous.

If you can't go into a nearby store, just buy online, and try to find a youtube vid of it being played before you purchase :)

I'd be happy to answer any more question you have about anything regarding ukes, or you can hop on over to /r/ukulele !

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/teenagers

Hey man, last I checked I was the only videographer here so feel free to ask me anything and everything you need to know about videography and also feel free to pm me if you want to see some of my work.

it's very hard to give you a good recommendation for what camera you want with this little information. Mostly because I can recommend you a crappy camera or a good camera or a really good and the price will be the main determining factor. Right off the bat, I can recommend the Panasonic G7 for you as it currently stands as the best bang for your buck video camera out there. (Bummer, just checked and it's not on sale rn, best price is $300 cheaper, $200 cheaper is really common) However, there certainly could be reasons for you to not get the G7, but you would need to elaborate for me to know. Things like brand preference, current knowledge, budget, ease of use wanted, and a whole bunch more things. I will tell you that if you live in the US, or B&H Photo are your best options for buying gear.

Lights really depend on where you're shooting, but it would make things way easier just to not deal with them yet. If needed for artistic ways, you could just use an iphone light or normal flashlight.

The proper term is lav mic, lavalier mic, or lapel mic. They look like this and you should keep in mind that some people don't like the look of a lav mic in the video. There's two types, wired and wireless. Wireless costs like $400+ for just one. Wired ones mean that you either need to plug it into your phone, an audio recorder, or the camera. imo you'll probably want to go with an on camera mic like most youtubers do, but you're gonna need to elaborate on what videos you're making and how you're gonna use your camera.

Green screen is good and easy, the key comes to using the footage properly. In order to fully utilize a green screen's capabilities, you will want to learn how to do chroma keying in Adobe After Effects like I've done in one of my videos. None the less, you can still use a green screen the easy way with iMovie, FCPX, or Premiere.

The only other thing I can currently think of would be a tripod, which you in theory can totally get away with just using a cheap ass $20 tripod, but it won't be the most secure thing and you'll definitely not want to use it to pan or tilt. (You should learn those terms too, just cuz)

If you have an questions, feel free to hmu.

u/employedspectre · 2 pointsr/teenagers

Not mine, but one of my best friends once did amazing nostalgic, jazzy style music at this free bandcamp page and has now moved on to heavy metal at this less free but very impressive album page! I love both so much.

u/Thing_On_Your_Shelf · 1 pointr/teenagers

Rock Zircon


Tennmak Pro

I have both and both are amazing for the price. ZS3 are more comfortable and sound a but better overall, but the Zircon have a better build quality and the best bass I've heard on earbuds at any price. Haven't personally used the Tennmak Pros but I've heard they are great. Good site for cheap earbuds:

The ZS3 is my recommendation though as you can swap the cable out if needed. I have a regular aux cable for them and a Bluetooth cable.

u/Masterrawad · 6 pointsr/teenagers

Backstory: So I went into my orchestra class after school to pick something up, and I noticed a raggedy violin missing an A string. It turned out that there was a problem with all the pegs, a few popped seams, a missing fine tuner, and no how to play it with. My teacher was like "If you can fix it up, it's yours. Otherwise the Art Department will take it and turn it into a ghastly sculpture."

I'll be honest, at one point I had an interest in luthiering (making wooden instruments), so I figured why the hell not. My current one is barely clinging to life anyways, plus it's not even mine.

One of my friends was walking in as I was packing it up to take it home and she gasped "Peaches!" and looked shocked (think of the face people make when someone drops glass).

It turns out that "Peaches" was the name of this violin and it used to be hers (she admits it's a piece of shit but has a sentimental attachment to it), but I promise I would take great care of it once I get it to working condition.

Here's what I need to replace and my reasonably priced wish list:

u/supernerd345 · 2 pointsr/teenagers

Oh well if you had said yes then I would have told you to better improve yourself and things like that since college is very different than high school, but I completely understand your situation. However, it's still not over. There are still plenty of things that you can do to get girls. First off, just know to be yourself and try to better improve yourself. For example, your social skills. Then try to use some dating apps/websites to find some girls that you're into. There is a book that I have heard is very good if you want to be in a relationship with somebody. Here's the link: Please don't take this as an offensive or anything like that. I'm just trying to help you that's it!

u/antiquesparrow · 1 pointr/teenagers

I got a ukulele for Christmas, and I love it! It was super easy to learn using YouTube videos, although I already had music experience with piano.

I would recommend the Kala KA-15S if you're looking for a soprano uke. The Kala Makala is a little cheaper, but I think the extra dollars in the Kala KA-15S are worth its better quality. Ukes are one of the cheapest instruments out there anyway.

I went with a soprano uke bc my hands are pretty small, but you could go for a concert size if you prefer a deeper tone.

u/savingprivatebrian15 · 1 pointr/teenagers

Amazon is your best shot besides tracking down an rc hobby shop in your area. This one seems pretty good, but you can do a small amount of research yourself to find a good one for you. Take the reviews on them seriously, though, because there are a number of knock-offs out there that don't work well. And you want to know the funniest thing about all of this? My AR.Drone flew off out into the woods today, probably never to be found. Fml.

u/AggravatingOnion69 · 1 pointr/teenagers

I have really good bluetooth earphones that only cost like $40. They work perfectly and stay in your ears unlike AirPods. Here is the link if you're interested, it has a lot of information about it. Really worth it I reckon:

u/75jacko · 1 pointr/teenagers

that means your friend is dumb and doesn't k ow what to purchase lol

I personally recommend these, they isolate well, have a good build quality and sound pretty good the price

u/torster2 · 1 pointr/teenagers

I did the summer reading program at my local library, literally just read a few books and I was done. I don't have any assigned books, thank god for that, but in general I like to read sci-fi ish books, ex I just read Brain Jack and just absolutely LOVED it.

u/SammyB_Renewed · 1 pointr/teenagers

For that, I would download Mixcraft 6 demo for PC or just use garageband for Mac. Look up tutorials for making midi loops and drum loops and just play around with it. For downloading instrumentals, find something that you feel like you could rap over it. Once that's all done, look up how to mix and master vocals on whatever software you use. I would recommend a better mic and a preamp.


order it with the XLR cable and windscreen.

That should be fine for equipment, and then use your DAW to record and mix.

u/masondaugherty · 1 pointr/teenagers

Yeah I agree. I'm shooting on a Panasonic G7, which has a m4/3 sensor which is significantly smaller than full frame. I'll look into DeepSky! Thanks for the recommendation :)

u/pandarubbish · 1 pointr/teenagers

Yo! I personally use ableton, but FL studios should work just fine. I recommend getting an audio interface of some sort,

this one's pretty good for a beginner. Depending on what instruments you use and whether you sing or not would be helpful to know, if you want more advice.

u/bearicorn · 1 pointr/teenagers

My OGIO Metro is the greatest piece of apparel I've ever owned. Loads of space, lots o' pockets, and the thing's durable as cow-hide. Seriously, get it. It's the best backpack ever, don't listen to anyone else.

Seriously, get it. It's on sale as well.

u/ManofMangoes · 3 pointsr/teenagers



\>develop personality

\>lose weight

\>bulk up

\>get good grades

\>be rich

\>realize that it's all about face and jaw-line


u/fludy7 · 1 pointr/teenagers

message me for more details, but the best bang for buck pro-type camera is this one when on sale and a cheaper one is basically this one. you could go cheaper but it depends.

u/Aperson3334 · 1 pointr/teenagers

This is really good, but I would get a better mic and a guitar recording interface if I were you.

Cheap microphone

More expensive microphones

Cheap audio interface

More expensive audio interface, not sure if it's better

Also get a pop filter, although this recording didn't seem to need one.

u/hershelclark · 1 pointr/teenagers

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u/twisted_planet · 4 pointsr/teenagers

Whenever these get posted I recommend the [X-Mini UNO speaker] (, it fits into the palm of your hand and it's ridiculously loud

u/RedderShredder · 1 pointr/teenagers

This is the interface I am getting, it is pretty cheap, and has decent reviews. It also comes with a DAW, so you should be set. Get this and a decent mic and you can record at home.

u/skonetskisharon16 · 1 pointr/teenagers

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