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15. The Usborne Book of Brain Benders

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The Usborne Book of Brain Benders
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u/chumpawumpa · 3 pointsr/tipofmytongue

Thanks foetus_lp. An excellent suggestion, the story synopsis was nearly exactly right, but I think DJ_Esus in /r/AskScienceFiction has figured it out. The book is almost certainly A Different Kingdom by Paul Kearney. It looks like it was published in the UK in 1993 and then went out-of-print, which would explain why my friend could never find it again.

I am going to pick up a copy of The Book Of Kells for myself though, the reviews are excellent.

Thanks for your help. All the best.

u/natnotnate · 2 pointsr/tipofmytongue

It might be The Paradox of Vertical Flight by Emil Ostrovski.

>On the morning of his eighteenth birthday, Jack Polovsky kidnaps his own baby, names him Socrates, stocks up on baby supplies at Walmart, and hits the road with his best friend, Tommy, and with the baby's mother, Jess. As they head to Grandma's house (eluding the police at every turn), Jack tells baby Socrates the Greek myths—because all stories spring from those stories, really. Even this one. By turns funny, heart wrenching, and wholly original, this debut novel by Emil Ostrovski explores the nature of family, love, friendship, fatherhood, and myth.

u/blahbah · 3 pointsr/tipofmytongue

I had that one, but can't find the name, sorry. I'm sure my parents still have it somewhere.
Loved it, btw.

EDIT: got it! I'm pretty sure you're refering to this (in french).

EDIT2: The Great Blueness and Other Predicaments

u/WhimsicalKnight · 1 pointr/tipofmytongue

I actually think i know this one, one of the series i really liked:

The Apprentice Adept Series, by Piers Anthony.

First book was 'Split Infinity'


It was a planet with two 'dimensions' to it, one super Technological, the other Magical.

Every person born on the planet has a twin in the other 'dimension'. Only the people that exist in one of the two (i.e. their mirror self is dead) can pass between the two worlds. The main character is a highly prized slave in the world of Proton (the tech world) where he's extremely good at games.

Blurb from Amazon listing ( )

On the technological, decadent world of Proton, someone was trying to destroy Stile, serf and master Gamesman. His only escape lay through a mysterious “curtain” revealed by a loving robot.

Beyond the curtain lay Phaze—a world totally ruled by magic. There, his first encounter was with an amulet that turned into a demon determined to choke him to death. And there, he soon learned, his alternate self had already been murdered by sorcery, and he was due to be the next victim.

“Know thyself!” the infallible Oracle told him. But first he must save himself as he shuttled between worlds.

On Proton, his fate depended on winning the great Games.

On Phaze, he could survive only by mastering magic.

And if he used any magic at all, the werewolf and the unicorn who were his only friends were determined to kill him at once!

u/Noble_Devil_Boruta · 1 pointr/tipofmytongue

'The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood of Great Renown in Nottinghamshire' by Howard Pyle? Modern (English) editions usually have the title shortened to just 'The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood'. A large number of different covers illustration includes Robin about to shoot. Maybe you think of the Don Irwin cover art from the 1968 Classic Books edition (see below)?

u/jamieandclaire · 1 pointr/tipofmytongue


There's a theater show called "Margaret and the Tapeworm"

>A unique and heart-warming Christmas comedy about how we all need companionship whether we are human or not! Young, sophisticated Margaret, new to the city and looking for love unknowingly ingests a talking tapeworm at the office Christmas buffet. Together they go on a festive journey of karaoke bars and late-night shopping while Amber, the office chatterbox who’s found herself alone this Christmas follows closely behind.



A children's book called "Bronwyn's Bane" By Elizabeth Scarborough

>This book was written with such humor! Bronwyn is cursed and cannot tell the truth. It isn't that she just says the opposite of what she means, she concocts elaborate stories that just make the reader grin. The adventurers meet mermaids, a talking tapeworm, wizards, and a talking swan.


u/AquaSeerPerspectiva · 1 pointr/tipofmytongue

There was a PC game made by Animal Planet called "Animal Planet: The Ultimate Wildlife Adventure" that seems similar to what you describe! :)

Or, could it have been the "Who Wants To Live A Million Years?" game? :) Here's a play-through video:

Hope this helps! :)

u/UMADBR0 · 2 pointsr/tipofmytongue

I think it's Marvelous Mazes. Took me a while to find it but the link below is definitely the one I had as a kid with the troll page and the ship. I don't think the "Look inside" pages on Amazon really do my memory justice though - that book ruled.

u/medgno · 3 pointsr/tipofmytongue

In Search of the Wow Wow Wibble Woggle Wazzy Woodle Woo?

I know I always used to check that out from our library in Oakwood, OH.

u/LocalAmazonBot · 1 pointr/tipofmytongue

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u/sleepywaifu · 1 pointr/tipofmytongue

I couldn't find the yellow one either, the third book seemed to be cream so maybe I was misremembering! I ended up buying the 3 in 1 since it was the same price as the individual books, here's a link!

Cheesy as it seems, I feel like those books really influenced who I became as a person, I'm sure your kid will love them too!

u/purpleRN · 2 pointsr/tipofmytongue

Be a Perfect Person in Just Three Days?

I loved this book as a kid. The story also involved a broccoli necklace and drinking weak tea in a quiet room.

Moral of the story is that being perfect is boring :)

u/GladysZybysko · 5 pointsr/tipofmytongue

Found it! The princess is actually named Sylvie.

The Great Good Thing by Roderick Townley

u/Thebigale · 5 pointsr/tipofmytongue

You may want to look up maze books by Patrick Merrell. He's done Maze Mania and the pipsqueaks series. Another author to check under would be Rolf Heimann who did the Amazing Mazes (1, 2 and 3) series. There's also Charles Snape who did the very artistic Marvelous Mazes book. In addition, you might find Roxie Munroe's work to be closer to what you remember with her Mazescapes book.

There are a lot of detailed maze books available, I hope you find the one for which you're searching. :)

u/xboxoftroy · 1 pointr/tipofmytongue

Sounds like this book. The family name is Herdman.

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever - Barbara Robinson

u/wing1490 · 2 pointsr/tipofmytongue

Ok, I had also been looking for this forever... I did a little more digging today and I think I found it! It’s called “Be a Perfect Person in Just Three Days!” here’s a listing for it

u/Sponge_Over · 1 pointr/tipofmytongue

No, it was Aestival Tide by Elizabeth Hand , thanks for helping

u/DonPoppito666 · 12 pointsr/tipofmytongue

Pretty sure its this.

I did a TOMT a few months ago for the same thing.

EDIT: Heres the opening

u/kaeorin · 3 pointsr/tipofmytongue

Was it The Herdmans from The Best Christmas Pageant Ever (and various other books with similar titles)?

u/maidofwords · 3 pointsr/tipofmytongue

Maybe Aestival Tide by Elizabeth Hand? It has a domed city, architects, and a hermaphrodite.

u/Interestedpartygoer · 1 pointr/tipofmytongue

This one? Lark Voorhies from Saved By The Bell.

Apparently she is just crazy about the comma, so it could be any one of her surprisingly many books.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/tipofmytongue

that would be "true light" by lark voorhies (lisa turtle on saved by the bell.)