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u/Zanki · 1 pointr/toys

I know it's not the same as the MacDonalds toys, but have you thought of getting her other 90s toys like the Pound Puppy van, or just Matchbox cars or something. Those are the kind of toys I liked growing up apart from Power Rangers (I was a huge tom boy). Those Shopkins aren't the same but I think they're pretty cool, might be a good idea for her?

These aren't MacDonalds toys, but they are better quality and easily available

u/heythomwhatsup · 1 pointr/toys

Number 6 is a character named Mick from a very short-lived Saban cartoon called Xyber-9! Never watched the show, but I had a few of the figures. I liked the futuristic look of the toys at the time. I never had any of the micro playsets or vehicles or anything, but it looks like that came from something like that.

edit found it! It looks like it came with this vehicle.

u/thetoyofficial · 1 pointr/toys

This is Part of the Mighty Machines line from Imperial toys. They started this line in 1992 and I dont think they make this product anymore.. now they make similar products under the "Buddy L" License.

But honestly Hot Wheels makes a much better quality ver.
This is just one example.

hope this helps

u/Raulimus · 2 pointsr/toys

I haven't seen any that dance. I'm on the hunt for my gf too. There is a pretty cute Pop! that Funko makes of him.

I think he's available in some places, but I'm having a tough time tracking one down. Good luck in your hunt!
EDIT: The POP I linked doesn't dance, but he does bobble.

u/theang · 4 pointsr/toys

What about something like robot blocks? Like these:

BeginAgain - Tinker Totter Robot Character Set, Help Promote Creative Thinking and Problem Solving Skills, 28 Piece Playset (For Kids 3 and Up)

u/Annepackrat · 1 pointr/toys

I usually get these for the twelve to thirteen year old boys I “adopt” for Xmas.

These kind of things are good for girls.

More ideas for either:

Bugglegum Maker Kit

Basketballs / other sports equipment

Shirts / Sweatshirts of local sports teams

Good quality colored pencils and some adult coloring books

A small radio with batteries

Small jewelry kits like these

Or this kit.

Special effects makeup kit

Robot Spider kit

Nerf guns

u/lives_at_beryl_st · 1 pointr/toys

I bought one of these today :)

Thanks for linking me yours too. Those are nice too.

u/Libby_Lu · 1 pointr/toys

I'd recommend a magnetic title building kit (Magna Tiles) instead of the Magnetix knock offs. The kids I babysat loved playing with them. The pieces are larger and are less likely to be swallowed by little ones. Examples:

u/ividdythou · 1 pointr/toys

I work in a toy store. Here are some of the things I would recommend for an 8 year old boy (I live in australia, so i'm just posting links from amazon because I figure your american):

Spirograph kit

Origami aircraft

Paper craft robots

Crystal growing

Magic kit



If you've got the time to sit down, build and play with him:

Catapult kit

Qwirkle board game

u/ageowns · 3 pointsr/toys

The O ball is easy for them to grab, and it won't hurt anything.


There are some with rattles built in, but this is $4 and you'll have it by Friday.