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u/SadXbox · 19 pointsr/xbox360

get a 500GB hard drive:

  • knock-off (may not play original xbox games)
  • official

    You need a at least one additional controller (if not two more). You might also consider getting a 64GB USB flash drive to use for additional Xbox storage. You can use smaller USB drives, but the 64GB allows you to get the full 32GB of Xbox storage, and still have room for movies and music. Hit up craigslist or your local equivalent for deals on games, especially games that require accessories (eg guitar hero, rock band, skylanders, etc.).

    Lastly, on the 360, every account needs a gold sub to play online. it's lame, and Microsoft fixed this with the Xbox One, but if you want your kids to have their own accounts (I would), you will be ponying up for more than one Gold sub if you want to allow them online. at $60 a pop, you should spend a little time looking for some deals. Last week there was a deal for $35 for a one-year gold sub. that's pretty good. $40 is not bad either. $50 is kind of standard. One thing Microsoft did fix on the 360 is you no longer need a gold sub to use streaming services like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, et al.

    Best of luck, and enjoy your console. there is still a ton of value in the Xbox 360 platform.
u/jbigboote · 1 pointr/xbox360

>I'm looking to buy an Xbox 360. I found a bundle on that includes a 250gb console with controller, starter kit (headset, hdmi cable, 2 rechargeable batteries, battery charger, charger cable), Halo 4, and a extra controller all for $374. That seems like a good deal to be but I honestly have no idea.

Do you want the following:

  • headset ($5)
  • hdmi cable ($5)
  • 2 rechargeable batteries (bundled with below)
  • battery charger ($12.50)
  • charger cable ($5)
  • Halo 4 ($27)
  • extra controller ($37)

    Because that is about $92 of stuff. You can buy a 250GB Xbox 360 E for $249 new on right now. if you must have a 250GB 360 S, then it will run you more like $285 delivered from amazon right now. So if you truly want all that stuff, and a 250GB 360 S (and not an E), then yeah, it's not a bad deal (but I would hesitate to call it a good deal).

    if it were me, and I was juist trying to get a machine to play GTA V, I'd buy one of the cheap 4GB Xbox 360s for $180, and a generic 320GB Xbox 360 hard drive for $52, and call it good. you will have spent $232 instead of $374, and you will have a bigger hard drive to boot (though you likely will not be able to play original Xbox games with it).
u/formated4tv · 6 pointsr/xbox360

To answer your "cheapest way" question, you could get a refurb from Amazon

I tried to link that properly, but it didn't work for some reason.

Best "darker" games I can think of would be Bioshock (1 or 2) or The Darkness. Alan Wake is pretty cool, story wise, but the gameplay gets kind of repetitive. Prototype was also pretty enjoyable, the story is like human/mutant hybrid versus "infected" versus government.

u/redditisonly27people · 2 pointsr/xbox360

Amazon is awesome for selling things "right now" (assuming you have the lowest price), but they take a pretty hefty cut.

Craigslist is a nice way to avoid the hassle of shipping, but then you have the hassle of meeting up with someone. Craigslist-ers are generally very very cheap; you have to have thick skin to handle a bunch of low-ballers until you get someone serious.

eBay will pay you exactly what it is worth, but make sure you end your listing at a decent time and leave it up for at least a few days. Also, check "completed listings" of similar items to see how much they went for. You don't want to get at the end of your auction and realize what you expect isn't what the market is willing to deliver.

Contrary to other opinions on here, I wouldn't buy ANYTHING to try and make the system more "marketable" - that's like fixing up a car before you sell it - don't dump money into something you're trying to get rid of.

You're going to make more money on all this stuff if you have the patience to sell each thing (game or peripheral or hardware) individually.

On Amazon, it looks like used consoles that are in good condition (i.e. include a controller and cables) are going for $100:

List all your games and I'll price them out from Amazon, too.

u/whiskerss · 6 pointsr/xbox360

If you're a Bioware (especially Kotor) fan you can't go wrong with Dragon Age II or Mass Effect 2. Also check out any of the Elder Scrolls games like Oblivion and the new one Skyrim will be out soon enough.

For a casual racing game I'm loving the new Need for Speed: Hot pursuit I also have the Kinect and I'm holding my breath to see if Forza 4 will be any good since it's Kinect compatible.

If you want a fun shooter, quite a few of us are into Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and check out the 360 players subreddit Team Awesome for some people to play with.

Have fun!

u/kiki_strumm3r · 1 pointr/xbox360

Usually if you go on Amazon, the non-Amazon merchants have it pretty cheap. Like here is a listing of 1 year Xbox Live cards that start at $39.99+$3.99 shipping. Then just use your best judgement on whether or not something looks legit (like the $39.99 merchant just launched, but the next least expensive merchant has 98% positive feedback).

Other than that, there's /r/GameDeals, which does a great job of letting you know when/where stuff is on sale.

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/xbox360

I always find it amusing when someone insist that you not listen to someone and they know everything. Welcome to reddit.

So, I'll ask you. Does this hard drive look anywhere close to 130 bucks?

4gig console

250 console with two 15 dollar games in it.

Do the math, make sure you at least get a hard drive. Also, Target tends to have gift card offers so keep an eye out for it. And yes, waiting until after Microsoft makes a 360 announcement is wise.

u/Mr_Mendelli · 13 pointsr/xbox360

I would say that you might have a chance of being able to use it if you can find a way to keep it cool. I had a friend that this happened to and he ended up using his minifridge as a means of being able to play it. I've also heard that frozen towels are a favorite method as well.

As far as fixing it goes:

Unless you have the knowledge and experience of fixing consoles, you're better off just buying a new one. If you get a new one that is a different model, you can buy an Xbox 360 Hard Drive Transfer Cable (Price will vary) to move your data to your new console.

u/KinoTheMystic · 1 pointr/xbox360

For your first question, I'm sure it'll be fine.

You can, and it's best that you put your saves on a flashdrive. But games that require a hard drive NEED a hard drive, like Titanfall and I think GTA V.

Xbox Live Gold goes on sale for like $40 every week (for the 12 month). If you have Twitter, follow @MajorNelson, he always tweets deals.

If you want to get a hard drive later (get it as soon as you can), it is EASY to install. There is a panel on the side of the Xbox. You just take it off, put the Hard Drive in, put the panel back on......that's it. This is the hard drive you will need.

I suggest getting the more expensive one that comes with an HDD. With an HDD, you can install games onto it, so the disc wont be spinning while you're playing, and the Xbox will run quieter.

u/IanRankin · -5 pointsr/xbox360

Microsoft only has wired controller support for the Xbox 360.

That being said, what you're looking for is Xbox Controller Driver or (XBCD). This would allow you to use any USB-compatible controllers and emulate the 360 controller. So instead of spending a lot of money on a wired 360 official controller, you can buy any sort of USB-compatible controller and use that. If you want to avoid all this trouble and don't mind the extra cost, you'll just want to buy a Wired 360 controller and download that software for your computer/laptop. Microsoft also has what is called a Microsoft® gaming receiver for Windows® that allows you to plugin wireless controllers into your PC. It is a discontinued product though, I think..but Amazon is showing them for less than $20 here.

Many people have problems installing the driver that comes with the XBCD 0.2.7 release. I just told Windows to allow the unsigned drivers and was good to go.

Download - XBCD 0.2.7 Release

This is mainly just used for the drivers. Once this is installed there are 2 options for setting up the files needed for emulation

You can use the app version: x360ce.App-

>With this once extracted run the x360ce.exe and it should determine what controller you have and load a profile for you. If it does not you can setup which buttons you want to do what. Once saved this adds 2 more files to the folder than the exe is in :
>Some games use different .dll names - the 4 they could be are :
>What I did , instead of trial and error to see which one works, was make one of each and I just copy all 4 into the game directory along with the ini file. .

Or use the manual config version: x360ce_vibmod_3.1.4.1.

>With this you have to manual edit the x360ce.ini file(in notepad or any text editor) and add the VID & PID, which are easy to find.
>Control Panels > System > Device manager > Human Interface Device > find your controller listed> right click > properties > details > switch the drop down to hardware Ids. It will list both your VID & PID
>Enter those in the top of the x360ce.ini
>VID=0x045E #controller VID
>PID=0x0289 #controller PID
>Also change the FakeAPI=0 to FakeAPI=1 Save the file.
>Test the setup with the included XInputTest.exe to make sure all the buttons function correctly.
>Same here, you want 4 dll files :
>and the
>and you will copy them to the the game install directory.

u/Wus_Pigs · 2 pointsr/xbox360

I bought a Microsoft 250G internal hard drive for my 360 S a few years ago. I wanted an internal hard drive so that I could copy games onto the hard drive. You still have to have the disc, but I bought it to save wear on the optical drive and hopefully improve load times.
I bought a Microsoft branded drive instead of a generic after market internal drive because at the time, the Microsoft brand came with whatever was needed for backwards compatibility with Xbox Classic games. I have no idea if this is still the case, but at the time, the branded drive came with an emulator or whatever that the third party drives didn't have.

u/amdrag20 · 2 pointsr/xbox360

Or, if you prefer/want your code instantaneously, Amazon is offering a $20 gift credit if you buy the online code for 12 months from them but it has to be the online code and it has to be sold by amazon, none of their third party sellers. Here is the link if you're interested.

u/SuncoastGuy · 1 pointr/xbox360

I was just looking at this 250GB drive for $36 for 5 minutes ago for my son's 360.

He used a 32GB flash drive for a while, which is the max supported size but he wants Titanfall which requires a HDD for some reason.
The 32GB makes it a pain when buying games from the Xbox marketplace though as you often need to delete stuff to make room. I have a 250GB drive in my Xbox and it isn't full yet.

You'll probably also need:

  • additional controller or 3
  • Xbox Live membership so they can play with friends.
  • Copy of Minecraft
  • Kinect

    At that age I preferred to hear who my son was chatting with online so I could make sure it was kept clean and using the kinect as the mic and chat through TV made that simpler.
    They're $25 at Gamestop.

u/emarkd · 2 pointsr/xbox360

Don't buy an official disk. I have this same console and bought this drive from Amazon for it and not only does it work great for a lot less money, my console sees it as an official disk so there's none of the trade-off often associated with 3rd party drives.

Yes, I realize I linked you to the US store. I'm in the US. I'm sure the same item or something comparable is available in the UK.

u/DarkRider23 · 1 pointr/xbox360

It will work, but it's a waste of money if you already have a wireless controller.

Buy one of these and use the instructions in the first review to get it to work. It's what I use and it works perfectly. It never has any problems connecting to the controller at all. If you want the official one, you can buy this one. Make sure that if you buy the original it says Microsoft on the back of it. If it doesn't, it's a knockoff.

u/Dlindstadt · 1 pointr/xbox360

A good alternative would also be to pick up a charge station for the controllers. They typically come with rechargeable battery packs: drop ur controllers onto it when ur done playing and they never go dead. Save urself the battery cost and hassle :)

I have this one. It works like a charm.

u/TheShadowBanned · 1 pointr/xbox360

You can get those common WRT54G routers for like $10 on eBay if you need to test it. It looks like your dad got a wireless N router, which may not be entirely compatible with the Xbox wireless adapter perhaps? You could try something like this, but I think you're best bet is trying a hardwire first, and if that works going with the Powerline adapter.

u/TurtleTape · 2 pointsr/xbox360 is the one I bought. It got delivered in like two days and installation was super easy.

u/Sweet_Baby_Cheezus · 8 pointsr/xbox360

Well I know your budgets $200 but for $250 you can get a 250gb elite (no kinect) that comes with 2 AAA games. That would be my recommend rather than trying to save $50 and getting a used 120gb or something.

Here's one I found

u/NotZero · 9 pointsr/xbox360

Follow this tutorial: Link

|But does anyone have any experience doing this? If so do you have |any suggestions?

Yes. Use a 7200RPM Western Digital HDD. Like this (one I have used) or like this.

|Do I run a risk of getting banned from xbl by swapping drives like that?

No. All the cheaper 3rd party drives you find on ebay/amazon are made the same way.

|Also, can any laptop hdd be used to do this?

No. It has to be one of a few certain models of Western Digital.

u/Sv651 · 1 pointr/xbox360

I use this as a bridge, works great.

Bonus: since it's usb powered, I have the xbox 360 provide power from front usb ports.

u/throwaway_for_keeps · 2 pointsr/xbox360

Mass Effect 1 was on every "if you own an xbox 360, you should probably play this game" list back when I bought my xbox a few years ago.

You can get Mass Effect 1 for $17 at Gamestop or $15 (with shipping) at Amazon and Mass Effect 2 for $18 at Gamestop or $15 with shipping at Amazon

$30 for two great games that will last this long is a steal. I think each of my ME1 playthroughs was about 40 hours, and I played it a total of 4 times, and my ME playthroughs were about 50, although I only played that thrice.

u/freeforall079 · 1 pointr/xbox360

There is a program that will work on some 500GB hard drives.
Some people even sell them but won't work with the Original Xbox Games and should show 460GB free.

u/Yjan · 3 pointsr/xbox360

Had the same problem. Posted about it here.

It appears we must purchase a HD to fit into the empty port on the 360 (under the grating at the bottom of the console). I have my eye on this drive but am awaiting confirmation that it will work.

Good luck, brother.

u/YibberYabber · 3 pointsr/xbox360

It is stupidly easy. I just went through with it recently. Went from an old original xbox to the Gears3 xbox. All you need is this:

Pop out your old harddrive connect it to this, plug it into the usb of the new one boot up and it will walk you through it. Just make sure that you select all the things you want to take over (e.g. saved game data) took only a couple of minutes and I was up and running.

u/cajungator3 · 1 pointr/xbox360

Yeah. Like I said, I have the 320 GB version and it works great.

u/Derp_and_run · 2 pointsr/xbox360

If you check on Amazon you can get an internal slim hdd for around $50. It is not an official Microsoft hard drive but it has gotten very good reviews and I have seen it recommended on this sub quite a few times.

Edit: Link

u/chamclouder · 33 pointsr/xbox360

Buy an XBOX 360 bundle with a game (I recommended the Halo 4/tomb raider bundle. Then instead of a game, buy a year of gold. You'll get 24 games for free over the next year as well as be able to buy games for cheap. For example, I just got "orange box" for $5.


u/razorsoup · 2 pointsr/xbox360

I have the Nyko rechargeable batteries and base and I like it a lot. Just drop the controller on the base after a session of playing and it's ready to go the next time I play.

u/jimbonics · 1 pointr/xbox360

You can save a little money doing something like this, and getting more disk space...

4 Gig console

320 gig drive

I can personally vouch for the drive. I own one.

u/SmartestDumbTeen · 4 pointsr/xbox360

Here are some 320 GB Hard Drives that will only cost you around 50 bucks. They work just as well as the Microsoft proprietary hard drives as far as I can tell (got mine around three months ago) and they cost less then half the price too:

u/godless_communism · 1 pointr/xbox360

I use this wireless network adapter from Trendnet. Their customer service is really great. This has a power cord and a female network jack. That way, you can simply plug directly from it to your XBox with a simple networking cable.

u/AC3x0FxSPADES · 1 pointr/xbox360

Third party drives work quite well. The 320GB is only about $50.

u/PCGCentipede · 1 pointr/xbox360

This one from Nyko is amazing. It replaces the 360 battery packs with it's own, so you just drop it into the cradle and it recharges. It comes with 2 battery packs and 2 controllers fit on the cradle.

u/IAmTheFatman666 · 3 pointsr/xbox360

Here's a 320GB for ~$65.

As for your history, sign in on and you should easily find "Download History" or something of the like.

u/AlfWoozy · 1 pointr/xbox360

Always get a genuine Microsoft hard drive. They have the partition on it that let's you play original Xbox games.
Here's a 320gb starting at $17.99 for a used one.

u/IncaDragon · 3 pointsr/xbox360

I bought a 320GB HDD for my 360S in 2012 for like $80 on Amazon. They should be cheaper by now if they still produce them.

You should be fine if it is compatible with the 360 HDD slot. The system will then format it to be used on the console.

Oh, and before I forget, the 4GB on the xbox is built in so there is no removing it. You just have multiple save devices. I have three: 4GB built in, 320GB installed in the slot and 500MB cloud storage which I haven't used yet. Hope this helps!

Here is a 250GB for less than $40

u/javi806 · 4 pointsr/xbox360

You need this. I think they sell used ones at Gamestop if you want to save a few bucks.

u/candiedwhiskey · 2 pointsr/xbox360

Why would you ever pay $60 a year? This link might be useful for you then, save a few bucks. The Tracktor plugin shows the price hitting $39.99 somewhat regularly, and the lowest price in the last 3 (and 6) months as $34.99.

u/pappajay2001 · 1 pointr/xbox360

I recommend buying the official one. Here it is on Amazon and if you click on the third party sellers, you can find one for about $25. I have had mine for over a year under heavy use and it hasn't given me one problem.

u/HelloMcFly · 1 pointr/xbox360

I'm talking about this or this. I don't have experience with generic brands, but they probably work well and come in smaller sizes than the official Xbox versions. They're pricey though, so maybe gauge your need first.

u/Nubgubbler · 2 pointsr/xbox360

I ordered this about a year and a half ago.

Batteries still have hold a charge well and they can be charged by the standard Xbox charging cable if needed (if you want to play and charge at the same time).

Also it has a usb outlet in the front so you can use that instead of plugging in to the xbox across the room. or you can just charge your phone.

edit: i forgot to mention the batteries can be purchased seperately for like $8 if needed but i haven't had to yet

u/powerdeamon · 1 pointr/xbox360

If I understand correctly, you want to buy a slim and have the xbox with removable hard drive?

If so you should be fine I think. I didn't have a slim, but I replaced my old Elite with a new one and bought the HD transfer cable which hooks directly up to the HD you want to transfer from, and plugs into the USB ports on the xbox you want to transfer to.

edit: This is the cable I bought (not from amazon)

u/Dweller · 2 pointsr/xbox360

I bought one of these the day I got my 360 three or four years ago now and have not had a problem. I find it to be pretty convenient too. Drop in the controller and let it do its thing.

u/DrStephenFalken · 8 pointsr/xbox360

On top of this OP might want to look into the data transfer cable so his son can port over his old HDD without any problem.

u/K-Mille-T · 1 pointr/xbox360

For such situations i use the TL-WR702N in Client Mode. You have to configure the Router once over your laptop/PC and can use it like a USB wifi stick on any device with rj45 and USB to connect to your wifi.

u/flockaveli · 1 pointr/xbox360

Err just kidding I think I'm just getting an Xbox 360 Slim ( But I think if I get that adapter I should be fine.
EDIT: So I'm going to get a similar adapter to above, an HDMI to DVI cable, and a RCA male to 3.5mm female audio cable.

u/CptJamesKirk · 0 pointsr/xbox360

If anybody has a small hard drive and is worried about "update data" taking up a lot of space. I upgraded to a 200 GB hard drive for around $50. (plus transfer cable for ~$10)

The key is to buy a generic brand. You can get a 320 GB HDD for 360 for about $55 which is great compared to what they used to be priced by Microsoft.

u/atda · 2 pointsr/xbox360

I just realized you said 60, is it a phat or slim? Here's a slim, if you play OG Xbox you'll have to copy a partition to keep that functionality but it isn't too hard.

u/InDeepWaters · 3 pointsr/xbox360

I had to renew my subscription the other day, and I went to Amazon and got this. Cheaper than getting it in store, and since I did the "Online Game Code" option I got to redeem it immediately and not pay shipping.

u/TA11221122 · 1 pointr/xbox360

I have this one in my 360 E and it works just fine.

u/elpistolero27 · 2 pointsr/xbox360

Here's a link to the Amazon marketplace for used 4gb Xbox360s first page is mostly replacement consoles under $100.

u/generalkiddo · 4 pointsr/xbox360


this is what you need. Unless you can find a wired controller for the 360.

u/SumoSizeIt · 6 pointsr/xbox360

It is purely for charging. The official reciever doesn't appear to be all too expensive, about $10 cheaper than a new wired controller.

u/EuropaShower · 5 pointsr/xbox360

$50 on Amazon is probably the cheapest. You can either get the card mailed to you or you can get the online game code instantly, both are the same price.

u/rickylago2 · 2 pointsr/xbox360

Update: Available on Amazon now.

u/DaRabidMonkey · 2 pointsr/xbox360

Yup. Apparently Gamestop's Black Friday deals leaked, and they're going to be selling the 250 GB bundle with Halo 4 and Tomb Raider for $199.99, which will be $49.01 cheaper than Amazon is currently selling it.

u/fattieman · 1 pointr/xbox360

Just bought this

Just a few dollars more, but you don't have to assemble anything.

u/Alpende · 3 pointsr/xbox360

You can place an official Microsoft Xbox 360 250GB hard drive in the console. Although, that is what I make up out of the first review on amazon. It would be silly if you couldn't place a bigger hard drive in the console.

u/ShawnOfTheDread · 1 pointr/xbox360

250GB 250G Internal HDD Hard Drive Disk Disc for XBOX 360 S Slim Games
This is the same one, right? This is also the one ppl are saying can't pkay og Xbox games....

u/sidneyshaw01 · 3 pointsr/xbox360

I have the nyko charge base. So far so good (4 months). Comes with 2 batteries and is currently only $18 on Amazon. Automatically stops charging when batteries are at %100. I'm probably going to at least buy one more for my apartment.

u/mb9023 · 6 pointsr/xbox360

Get this one

Click here for a guide on how to do it.

If you don't want to go through the trouble of hacking one, it looks like these ones are really cheap and would just be plug-and-play. They may not be official though so I can't vouch for it (though reviews are good).

u/ItsPronouncedNucular · 1 pointr/xbox360

You'd need one of these guys.
Don't get the play and charge kit. For whatever reason, it doesn't transfer any data through the usb cable; it just charges the controller.

u/OhioAdam · 2 pointsr/xbox360

I use that same 3rd party battery pack, but I've got the Nyko Charge Base along with it. The battery packs stay in my two controllers constantly, and I just put them back in the base most nights. I've never had an instance of the batteries going out on me. Had them almost two years, no problems. The metal connectors are starting to wear a little bit, but haven't seen any