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1. xkcd: volume 0

xkcd: volume 0
  • Breadpig
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1xkcd: volume 0xkcd: volume 01
2Makita DRC200Z 18V X2 LXT Lithium-Ion 36V Brushless Cordless Robotic Vacuum Kit - Tool OnlyMakita DRC200Z 18V X2 LXT Lit...1
3Bad ScienceBad Science1
4Flatland/Sphereland (Everyday Handbook)Flatland/Sphereland (Everyday...1
5A Twisted ChristmasA Twisted Christmas1
6All the Money in the WorldAll the Money in the World1
7Robopocalypse: A NovelRobopocalypse: A Novel1
8Star Wars - Episode I - RacerStar Wars - Episode I - Racer1
9How Not to Be Wrong: The Power of Mathematical ThinkingHow Not to Be Wrong: The Powe...1
10Imagine: How Creativity WorksImagine: How Creativity Works1
11Importer520 New Gold Plated HDMI-F to DVI-M Video Adaptor CableImporter520 New Gold Plated H...1
12Portta HDMI to AV/CVBS Composite + Audio Toslink Spdif Coax Mini Converter v1.3 for TV PC PS4 Blue-Ray DVD Support 1080pPortta HDMI to AV/CVBS Compos...1
13uxcell Black 20 Pin Scart Male to 3 RCA Male Connector AV Cable 1.4M Longuxcell Black 20 Pin Scart Mal...1
14MSI GL62M 7RD-1407 15.6" Full HD Thin and Light Performance Gaming Laptop i5-7300HQ GTX 1050 2G 8GB 256GB SSD Win10 SteelSeries Keys,BlackMSI GL62M 7RD-1407 15.6" Full...1
15What If?: Serious Scientific Answers to Absurd Hypothetical QuestionsWhat If?: Serious Scientific ...1
16Salt: A World HistorySalt: A World History1
17Orbital Resonance (Meme Wars)Orbital Resonance (Meme Wars)1
18Bright-sided: How the Relentless Promotion of Positive Thinking Has Undermined AmericaBright-sided: How the Relentl...1
19Barbie Designable Hair Extensions DollBarbie Designable Hair Exten...1
20Brother HL-L2340DW Compact Laser Printer, Monochrome, Wireless Connectivity, Two-Sided Printing, Mobile Device Printing, Amazon Dash Replenishment ReadyBrother HL-L2340DW Compact La...1

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u/kn0thing · 8 pointsr/xkcd

And in case you're wondering, that referral code is mine for breadpig. Used it here, for instance.

Wow! You've skyrocketed the book up 442 spots to the #212th bestselling book on Amazon. Thanks for spreading the word, everyone.

Christina & I also visited Laos to see the first xkcd school we built with breadpig's profits.

More to literacy to come thanks to our book profits in the hands of!

Please consider signing up for the breadpig mailing list to keep abreast of all the good work your book-dollars are doing! We want to hear from you, too - don't be a stranger - as we want this process to be as transparent as possible (+$165,000 funds raised & profits donated by breadpig so far).

u/docarrol · 3 pointsr/xkcd

Biggest one I could find in 2 min of googling; about 18" diameter by 7" tall, 18V batteries. So bigger than a consumer home robot vacuum, but probably still too small to ride.

But if I found something that quick, it seems likely there's more and better out there, that are known in whatever industry they're used in, that I'm just not finding quickly. Because honestly, I don't see any reason a larger, longer ranged, more powerful version couldn't or wouldn't exist for *some* application?

Edit: Found this, the Fybot Sweep XL, looks like it's about 115cm x 72cm x 92cm tall, 240kg, runtime 6-12 hrs. Yeah, I'd be willing to believe something that big might be rideable.

u/lechatmort · 2 pointsr/xkcd

I can highly recommend Bad Science by Ben Goldacre if you want to understand why your sons might have shown apparent improvement, without the Omega-3 supplements being the cause. It's a wonderful book which helps you understand the world around you in ways you never thought possible.

u/rnelsonee · 8 pointsr/xkcd

That was a good overview of time/space. For more, I know I learned a lot from Sphereland. It's basically Flatland expanded to the 3D/4D interface.

While it helps explain 4D, it also ensures it will never be 'normal' to think about. In the book, they explain how we can see into a square on a 2D page, which 2D creatures wouldn't be able to see inside of. And we can take something asymmetrical in 2D (like this footprint) and pluck it off a 2D page and flip it and plop it back down. So a left footprint can become a right footprint.

So a 4D person could very easily do things like look inside of a closed cupboard, and they could easily take a left shoe from us, 'pop' them out of our visible domain, and plop them right back in as a right foot shoe!

u/CuseinFL · 4 pointsr/xkcd

Best album ever- Twisted Sister's Twisted Christmas. Features Lita Ford, as well as O Come All Ye Faithful sung to the tune of We're Not Gonna Take It.

u/Leoniceno · 2 pointsr/xkcd

There's a children's book by Bill Brittain -- All The Money In The World -- that examines this question in great detail. A very entertaining read for 9-year-old me.

u/MainelyTed · 2 pointsr/xkcd

So, there is this book that I thought was pretty good!

u/Parallelcircuit · 2 pointsr/xkcd

Ha, I'll show him! I've got a copy of this and some friends that could be coersed. There WILL be Strip Podracing!

u/MatterStorm · 4 pointsr/xkcd

I'd really like to recommend an actual book about creativity to Randall. No idea how to do that though, and he probably gets tons of suggestions already.

It's Imagine by Jonah Lehrer

u/CptKickscooter · 3 pointsr/xkcd

Well, easy enough. Just use an DVI to HDMI Adapter, plug the HDMI into this HDMI to RCA box and then use a common RCA to Scart Cable.

^^^1080p ^^^guaranteed. ^^^^If ^^^^you ^^^^do ^^^^this, ^^^^please ^^^^send ^^^^pictures

u/fireshaper · 6 pointsr/xkcd

If you are looking for a gaming laptop, I just bought one of these for myself and one for the wife and it's great!

u/ultimape · 1 pointr/xkcd

In other news, you can read Randall's "What If" for ~free if you have a subscription to Kindle Unlimited.

I personally don't have a copy, so if someone could explain how closely this models the system, I'd love you to pieces.

u/GeeJo · 2800 pointsr/xkcd

NB: I'm done with the whole set now. A whole bunch of "blocks" seem to have gotten tangled up in the spam filter. With this subreddit's largely inactive moderation, I have no idea how to fix this. If you want to read all of my answers, go through the last few pages of my profile's submitted comments.

Second note: Since this has blown up on /r/bestof, I think I should clarify that the star/no-star thing isn't me trying to show off how how little I need to look up stuff because I'm all-knowing and infallible - it's to indicate that I HAVEN'T LOOKED UP THE ANSWER TO THIS QUESTION - I MIGHT BE WRONG. Common ones I've been corrected on are the // thing, the svchost thing, the trees-in-fields issue and the moustaches on cars. Bullets are blunt for aerodynamic reasons, Poseidon actually favoured the Greeks and it was all down to the son-killing. With that caveat in place, here we go:

Answers - first "box" (starred ones are ones I had to look up):

Why do whales jump*?
No-one knows exactly, though it's theorised that socialising is part of it, as its a far more common behaviour in pods than with lone whales.

Why are witches green?
There are theories floating around that it's to link them with death/putrefaction or plants/herbs. Personally, I think it's mostly because of the popularity of the film version of The Wizard of Oz, where the green skin was chosen partly to indicate she's a bad guy in a kid's fantasy world, and partly because it helped demonstrate their new Technicolour technology.

Why are there mirrors above beds? Ask your parents when you're older. Or don't, since you'll probably work it out by yourself by then. If you mean on the wall behind beds, I've never really seen this as common, but mirrors help to give the impression that the room is larger than it actually is.

Why do I say uh? This is a phenomenon called "speech dysfluency". Again, no definitive answer but often explained as placeholders while you struggle to find the word you use next. If you mean "why uh as opposed to, say, quorpl", different languages have different dysfluencies. You say uh/um because you speak English or another language that uses the same sound for this purpose.

Why is sea salt better? It's not really, it just has a cachet to it these days as panning is a more labour-intensive process and the added expense means more exclusivity. Prior to industrialised salt-making, people wanted finer-grained salt. There's a REALLY interesting book on the subject by Mark Kurlansky, if you want to know more about the history of the stuff.

Why are there trees in the middle of fields? They provide shade for field-workers during breaks. Less relevant now with increasing mechanisation, so most are there these days because they've "always" been there, and getting rid of trees is a bitch of a job.

Why is there not a Pokemon MMO*? The creator wanted (and still wants) to encourage people to play games with one another face to face. MMOs don't work like that.

Why is there laughing in TV shows? Because comedy shows with laugh tracks have historically outperformed those without them. People might bitch about them, the same way people bitch about trailers that give away too much of the story, but market research shows that you get more butts in seats regardless of the bitching, so that's the way they do it. I believe that the data on laugh tracks is coming back differently these days, which is why they're largely fading out.

Why are there doors on the freeway? Maintenance access. That or portals to alternate realities, depending on whether you've read 1Q84.

Why are there so many svchost.exe running? Failsafing. The svchost processes handle background services for the operating system. You have a lot of them because it means that if there's an error with one service (and hence one svchost process) it doesn't bring down the whole thing. There are other ways of handling this, but this is the way that Windows chose to go.

Why aren't there any countries in Antarctica? The Antarctic Treaty of (let me look it up) 1961 disallowed signatories from taking permanent territorial sovereignty of the continent. This hasn't stopped countries claiming chunks of land (including overlapping claims like the Argentine-British annoyance) but in practice access is shared for scientific research. Tat said, I expect that if it ever became economically worthwhile to actually start exploiting the resources in Antarctica, the Treaty would go up in a puff of smoke.

Why are there scary sounds in Minecraft? Because they add to a sense of danger, which gives a bit more of a thrill to players. It also gives another incentive to avoid Creepers, as the explosion scares the bejeezus out of me every time, even without the environmental damage.

Why is there kicking in my stomach? - you know those sticks you can buy that you pee on and get one line or two? You might want to go and get one of those. And then schedule an appointment with a doctor.

Why are there two slashes after http? Syntax - it separates the protocol being used (ftp being an alternative) from the address you're looking for.

u/mee_k · 2 pointsr/xkcd

Reminds me of Orbital Resonance. Fantastic book.

u/themisanthrope · 5 pointsr/xkcd

I read a book last year that directly targets this kind of "forced positivity":

Bright Sided: Bright-sided: How the Relentless Promotion of Positive Thinking Has Undermined America. It's a very interesting read and even delves into the Wall Street meltdown and how being perpetually optimistic may have contributed to it. I highly recommend checking it out - regardless of whether or not you subscribe to the author's views.

u/mike413 · 3 pointsr/xkcd

I hate to be that guy, but the laser hair printer?

Well, stuff like that exists

u/cuptocanada · 3 pointsr/xkcd

My friend had the same problem in terms of hearing back from them so I ended up ordering my XKCD book from Amazon instead. It arrived in 2 days with Prime.