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u/SonofdAr · 1 pointr/yogabook

The case is good. Makes the Yoga Book look like a professional writing pad when closed. I also trust it to protect the device from scratches and drops. Here's the link:

u/Chrispy0530 · 1 pointr/yogabook

No way is that needed lol. There are cheaper options. You basically want a USB 3.0 or Type - C Dock. Amazon has plenty of choices.

This is what I have for my work setup, and works flawlessly:

Link to my temporary setup:

I know my wiring management is terrible atm, but the hub I'm using works great with dual monitors.

u/urbancottontail · 2 pointsr/yogabook

I have a cheaper case from Moko which you can find here. It's a bit large for just the Yoga book but the pen fits nicely in the remaining space. There is a pocket in the back which I am using to hold the magnetic pad. It's a bit of a cheap case I dont know how long it will last (I've only had mine for a few weeks.)

u/_Xentrix_ · 2 pointsr/yogabook

I meant this one

And it definitely works on the yoga book. I have been using with the yoga book for more than a year.

u/ack154 · 1 pointr/yogabook

(realizing this post is 3 weeks old...)

I bought one of these adapters and a regular HDMI cable and it works fine.

u/ppjuarez · 1 pointr/yogabook

I'll think that after a year there will be more LTEs in the wild, people reselling them or more video reviews. I found a link for the 128 GB windows version a bit more expensive than the regular version.

Lenovo Yoga Book, FHD 10.1" Windows Tablet, 2 in 1 Tablet (Intel Atom x5-Z8550 Processor, 4GB LPDDR3 RAM, 128 GB ROM), Carbon Black, ZA150340US