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u/This_years_villain · 3 pointsr/youngjustice

Volume 1
Volume 2
Volume 3
Volume 4

EDIT: I don't think they are well collected/advertised because they are comics for a previously canceled TV show. The Young Justice Wiki has pages on each volume though and links to DCComics & Amazon. Best resource:
Best hope is either Kindle & comiXology, maybe DC will collect them all before season 3 though.

u/Kenpobuu · 10 pointsr/youngjustice

Here are Amazon links for the digital editions because the physical copies have been out of print for several years and have gotten really expensive.

Young Justice Vol. 1

Young Justice Vol. 2: Training Day

Young Justice Vol. 3: Creature Features

Young Justice Vol. 4: Invasion

Those are (unfortunately) all of the comics that actually tie-in with the show. There is a Young Justice comic series that ran in he late 90s that is also good, but has nothing to do with the show. If you're itching for more comics in this same vein though, I'd check out that 90s Young Justice comic I mentioned and Geoff Johns's Teen Titans run from the early 2000s as they're both phenomenal.

u/Strengthwars · 1 pointr/youngjustice

Yes, it came out on DVD a month ago. Just go on Amazon and you’ll find it. It’s more expensive, though. If you have a Young Justice Outsiders: Season 3 PlayStation or Xbox, they can play Blu-Rays.

Edit: Young Justice Outsiders: Season 3 (DVD)

u/Serapius · 5 pointsr/youngjustice

Here is Season 1 Part 1 on the Canadian Amazon (CDN$18.74)

Here is Season 1 Part 2 on the Canadian Amazon, but says [Import] so it is likely the US one (if that matters). It is out of stock at Amazon, but third part sellers are selling it new starting at CDN$20.47.

Here is Season 2 Part 1 on DVD on the Canadian Amazon (CDN$11.48).

Here is the Season 2 Part 2 DVD on the Canadian Amazon (CDN$13.88).

While these aren't necessarily cheap, they really aren't that expensive either and you get the entire series on DVD. That being said, you may want to think about investing in a blu ray player or current gen game console. DVD is likely going to be a dying breed at some point in the future and blu rays usually have much better quality.

u/alchemist5 · 6 pointsr/youngjustice

In addition to the YJ comic, I recommend these.

Totally different continuity, but they have a lot of small plot elements and characters in common. The problem is that these comics are a different continuity, so that might make it more confusing instead of less, when differences pop up in YJ.

But if you're just looking to find out who people are, the DC wiki is your best bet. Characters like Lagoon Boy, Captain Atom, and Adam Strange rarely get the spotlight, so reading their character bios is better than sifting through comics to find them.

u/El_Arquero · 1 pointr/youngjustice

It's an amazing costume but it's so odd he didn't just buy a cheap little bow and paint it red. I have one of these and it'd be the perfect size for speedy's bow.

u/gjfrye · 48 pointsr/youngjustice

Honestly it looks more like a motorcycle jacket to me:

Milano Sport Gamma Motorcycle Jacket with Blue Accent (Black, Large)

u/jrau18 · 1 pointr/youngjustice

Comixology is gonna be your best bet on iOS or Android. But Comixology is owned by Amazon, and AFAIK, the entire collection is available on Kindle as well. And you can buy it on Amazon and read it in the Comixology app. So this, for example, sounds like what you're after. The second and third volumes are also available.

Comixology does have the collected editions, but they're more expensive. The choice is yours.

u/mhacdebhandia · 3 pointsr/youngjustice

This is the trade paperback collecting the first few issues, and I'm pretty sure it includes all the issues up to #6.

u/CAMELcASEiShARD · 1 pointr/youngjustice

The first half of season one is here and the second half is here, bringing the grand total to just over $1.01 per episode and only taking up 2 DVD boxes worth of space.

u/L11K · 2 pointsr/youngjustice

If you meant the tie-in/companion comic to the show, here . The other Young Justice comic isn't related to the show.

u/ellohir · 3 pointsr/youngjustice

For me, it depends on every "leak". If it's a turkish translation that was already shown on TV, it's not really a leak... It's just that the US channel is messing with the airdates again. But if it's leaked by some darker ways, that's just VERY WRONG.

Anyway, I don't really mind as YJ is not being translated to spanish nor french AFAIK so I'll watch it on English on US airdate.

PS: If you'd like to support the show, Amazon has the Volume One of the comic and it's quite a nice price:

Also you can see the show online on Amazon too:

u/sunwriter · 2 pointsr/youngjustice

I didn't think the fourth one was out yet. According to Amazon it doesn't come out until December.

u/batmanismyconstant · 2 pointsr/youngjustice

Comic book issues are almost always gathered up in single books (graphic novels/trades) later on. There's usually a huge delay, though. Volume 2 is out on November 20th. If you can't wait, you can always pick up the issues online via Comixology for $2-$3.