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u/kali546 · 3 pointsr/entwives

I get to keep them in the bags! I got them from amazon, they're specifically made to grow potatoes, so there is a little flap to check on the roots and get them out! They make cheaper ones without the flap. The nice thing about them is that they're easily to fold up and put away when the growing season is over.

My whole garden is on my balcony, so I understand needing to make the most out of the space. My FAVORITE thing are these planters but they're pretty spendy. I also have a couple of these (if you're interested, wait until the price drops to $25, it happens all the time, only suckers pay $40) which I'm going to use for my flowers and tomatoes once they're big enough. If I had unlimited funds for my garden I would totally buy a vertical stacker and a mobile garden, plus like a million of these pots to go around my balcony!