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Reddit reviews on 1 New 600 x 0.1 Gram Digital LAB Scale-Electronic Pocket Tool for Chemistry, Chemical Test, School Classrooms, or Home + 5 Gram Gold Test Bar

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Found 2 comments on 1 New 600 x 0.1 Gram Digital LAB Scale-Electronic Pocket Tool for Chemistry, Chemical Test, School Classrooms, or Home + 5 Gram Gold Test Bar:

u/Quick_and_Vigor ยท 1 pointr/Fitness

I do. I posted a bit ago on a pre I made for myself, but I have altered it as I changed when I worked out in the day. I also made some adjustments to some of the dosages.

My Pre-workout:

  • 10g BCAA 2:1:1
  • 5g Glutamine
  • 6g Citrulline Malate
  • 5g Creatine (Requires daily dosages to maintain levels. Typical loading protocol is 10g for 7 days and 5g thereafter. Some articles say 3g.)
  • 2g b-Alanine (requires daily dosages to maintain levels)
  • 2g Taurine (typical loading protocol is 4g (2gx2) for 7 days followed by 2g thereafter)
  • 1g Arginine-AAKG
  • pinch iodized salt
  • 20g Dextrose
  • kool-aid flavor squirts for flavor
  • Vitamin B (single pill, all versions)

    You can look up most of the info on this: Dr. Axe has some articles, with scientific citations, that are pretty information dense.

    Anecdotal Notes:

    I add salt because it actually helps with the flavor a bit and a little more sodium won't hurt me. I use iodized salt because, well, I might as well get iodine too (it's essential.)

    Vitamin B is vitamin B, but I add it because it works in conjunction with glutamine for protein synthesis.

    I take 5g Glutamine pre and 5g post. (10g total per day)

    I take 2g b-Alanine pre and 2g post. (4g total per day)

    Arginine is one of those "why?" supplements. I am still using it because I still have it. Before I was using Citrulline, Arginine is what I used as NO booster. Here's what I else I noticed with Arginine, when I started: my erections were faster and harder and my semen was larger volume and thicker, so those parts are fun. I don't know if citrulline has these effects as well as I haven't used it on its own. When I run out of arginine, I'll find out then. I only take 1g because any more gives me GI issues sometimes.

    Taurine is a known cell volumizer: it increased cell volume by allowing more water into the cells, it does this by altering the electrolyte balances. I don't know what effect on electrolyte intake is, but I can't find any studies that discuss it.

    Dextrose is part flavor masking and part fast energy.

    The Citrulline and Taurine, up front give a nice pump look to my workouts. mentally it feels good to see it and it does translate to some motivation to do more.

    It might not be a bad idea to add in a 1g of coconut water powder to this mix, I just haven't done so because I haven't sought it out.

    I used to add whey to mine (instead of the kool-aid) but since I started moving my workouts to lunch time instead of night time, I was too "sloshy."

    I get my supp powders for this from Myprotein.com

    Tips for mixing your own: multiple scoops, one at a time
    Get some small screw-lid containers like these. I say screw lid because press-fit lids get a little less fitted once powders get in the seal grooves.

    Put each powder in the container for daily use and store the bulk bags in your pantry. It's easier to take from the container than from the bag.

    Label each lid with the contents and add the weight of each scoop to the and/or the number of scoops for a serving of X grams on the lid as well. A small kitchen-grade gram scale is good for this.

    Note: many kitchen-grade scales won't register a change until 3g or more is added. they will register 1 g changes to existing weight, but won't go from zero to 1g. YMMV depending on the scale. this model, or one like it, is accurate to .1g which means it will register changes from zero, likely at least 1g.

    Tips for mixing your own: bulk mixing
    Conversely, instead of mixing daily, you could bulk weigh the ingredients in a larger container and take one larger scoop as a serving for the shake.

    Start by adding each ingredient for one serving. For example, in the above, a single serving would weigh 51g. Then find a scoop that will get you close to being that weight at full scoop or find a smaller scoop and do it twice, or three times (you get the picture.) most supps come with a scoop, so if you are like me, you have a bunch of scoops in a drawer.

    Now that you have your scoop size set, bulk weigh the ingredients in a larger container and shake it up to mix it. I recommend shaking in a very large container to ensure the powders are mixing instead of just moving up and down in a stack, and then transferring the contents to a smaller container.

    If you do it this way you can just add powdered flavor to the mix as well. gatorade sells powder mixes as well as koolaid. Adjust the dextrose for the sugar content of these things. Or just continue using the sugar free squirts.
u/chunkyice ยท 1 pointr/Breadit

If you want a digital scale for super precise measurement like decigram / centigram / milligram, you would need to get a pocket scale that's designed for chemist or pharmacist like this or this

However, precision scales like this will have a low maximum weight range. So if you want to be precise in measurement, you can get one precision scale and one kitchen scale (I recommend oxo brand)