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Reddit reviews on 10-Piece Mini Diamond Needle File Set (6" Total Length 150 Grit Diamond File) by Kalim

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MINI SIZE - 6'' Total Length, 3.5'' File Length,3mm WidthSET INCLUDES - Barrette, Crossing, Equaling, Knife, Warding, Square, Three Square, Half Round, Tapered Round, and RoundDIPPED HANDLES - Keeps a Firm Hold and Comfortable Even in Wet ConditionsEACH FILE IS HIGHEST QUALITY - High Alloy Metal Steel Ensures Longevity and StrengthPERFECT FOR NUMEROUS USES –Nearly All Uses Including Shaping Metal, Wood, and Plastic, Especially Suitable for Fine Grinding of Models and Jewels

Found 1 comment on 10-Piece Mini Diamond Needle File Set (6" Total Length 150 Grit Diamond File) by Kalim:

u/kingofehb · 1 pointr/miniaturesculpting

I'm a noob but no one else has said anything:


For larger figures you'll probably want some sort of clay as opposed to epoxies like green stuff/ graystuff/ milliput. ( https://www.sculpey.com/super-sculpey/9-super-sculpey-firm ) super sculpy firm is the only polymer clay I've used (oven hardening). Unless anyone with more experience pops by I'd say just get some super sculpy and play around with it. Learn what you like about it or dont like, and branch out from there.



I think this is what I have, plenty of shapes and sizes for all your detailing needs. You may also want some files for after you bake the clay:


These work well in my experience. As far as your armature question goes I'd definitely recommend arnatures, I'd just go on amazon and search "copper wire", obviously dont get anything insulated. I think I have 24 gauge wire and it's perfect for what I do on the ~25mm scale, so a thicker gauge may be beneficial to you.


Make a thread at /r/minipainting it's a more active sub and has some really good painters.

Again, I'm no expert. The tools/ files I can vouch for, and the clay will be a good starting point if no one else pipes up. Good luck!

Also, I like the drawings!

Edit: I should say that if you're on a budget the files and tools are not required, you can get by with whatever you have around the house. Toothpicks, silverware, hobby knives, paperclips, safety pins, etc.