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Improved daytime and nighttime performanceDurable and reliable performanceReflective Safety TapeManufactured with improved environmental processesEngineer grade Prism Tape

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u/colloidaloatmeal · 10 pointsr/chicago

For people who can't blow a ton of $ on lights, this stuff may help.

It's not as important as a really bright light, but it's better than nothing.

u/donvara7 · 1 pointr/Inventions

I do not think leds are practical for sockets. I'v used glow in the dark paint (search term: photoluminescent) on various things. I had to buy the expensive stuff you probably won't find in stores, and the bottles are bright enough to navigate a messy room or even read by. I could imagine a small groove near the base of the socket fitted with a plastic glow ring.

I'm thinking the most reasonable product would be a thin strip of Micro Prismatic Reflective tape sold to customers who apply it to their own sockets. 3m makes some of the highest rated on amazon and I'm guessing you could find a durable tape with a strong adhesive.

You would have to have a flashlight, which I'm guessing someone who would need a solution to this problem is going to have. It would be about as bright as a white reflective traffic sign, but I think the 3m stuff is brighter.

The benefits would be no need for expensive design/manufacturing, customers who prefer high end snap-on stuff or others with harbor freight can both use them and you don't have to worry about precision manufacturing. Its a simple and inexpensive product, easy to package and market. You could also sell as multi purpose to put on tools and whatever else people drop in the dark. Just wanna make it possible to apply the tape without covering the size markings on the socket.

That being said the very brightest glow in the dark stuff is really cool I'v put on everything. I painted the back of my laptop so when the lights are of there's a little design on it. Put some on flashlights so i can find them in the dark. Fully charged it is about as bright as a glow stick. You can get various colors but due to some kinda limitation green can be made quite a bit brighter than other colors and lasts longer also (technically 24 hr. but probably only several hours being pretty bright).

Ohh, if anyone buys some from the link I just gave you ya might wanna get the oil or solvent based paints depending on what you will use it for. The water based dries a little rubbery and needs a certain type of surface to stick well (no smooth metal). You could get the pure pigment (it's like fairy dust) and mix it with clear high strenth glue (i think many epoxys absorb UV so they may not work well). Also applying fingernail polish or a clear gloss on top will protect it and smooth out the surface, the brightest pigments use larger (crystals?) and almost feels like sand mixed with paint.

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