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u/keredomo · 2 pointsr/AskLiteraryStudies

I haven't read /u/BuiltLikeTaft's suggestion, but I have read A Writer's Grammar by C. Beth Burch and I thought that was pretty good. It was for a class on traditional English grammar at my uni, so I did have an instructor who was able to help with some of the difficult aspects. Still, this would be my top recommendation. I actually laughed out loud where some of the example sentences get a bit... strange. It is almost as if the author was slowly losing their mind while writing this book.

I have also read English Syntax (2nd Ed.) by C. L. Baker, and while I did not like that one as much as the previous, it had a lot of useful information. Again, it was read as part of a course on modern grammar, so the instructor was extremely helpful.

While not exactly what you're after (and it sounds like the CGEL might already fit this role), I have a smallish Oxford Dictionary of English Grammar for reference that is pretty helpful.