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please note not all brands use the same snap size for their baby bodysuit. these extenders have 9mm snaps and fit most major brands including carters, Disney, Kohls jumping beans and more. Please check the snap size of bodysuit you intend to use these extenders for before placing your order.made of soft, high quality 100% cotton

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u/chickenfuz ยท 2 pointsr/BabyBumps

A couple things you might want to consider but your list looks good! And like you and others have said you'll probably get other clothes because people love to buy tiny adorable clothes. If you get items that aren't practical or duplicates you might think about returning and using the funds later to fill in any gaps in baby's wardrobe. Unless of course the items are sentimental or the gift giver will take it poorly...

Ok my things to consider:

  • Because baby might be long you might want to try and find sleepers that don't have feet so they last a bit longer. Hanna Anderson has them but they can be pricey. Then you can do socks (if they stay on) or booties (Zutanos makes ones that stay on, we loved them!)

  • You can get a few onesie extenders to maximize the life of your onesies

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u/daintyladyfingers ยท 1 pointr/beyondthebump

You can buy/ make some extenders for the onesies, like this

Also I've had good luck with h&m baby clothes fitting over the bulky butt.