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Reddit reviews on Bakery Crafts Two Tier Cake Stacking Kit

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Create Two Tier Stacked Cakes for cake sizes 6" & 8" roundKit includes: one 6" round cake board, one 6" round plate, one 10" round white cake drum, and four 6" EZ-Cut columnsSet up is a Breeze, Step by Step Instructions IncludedStructural Stability, Transport Cakes with Ease!Food Safe Material

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u/meowkiteh ยท 1 pointr/weddingplanning

Hi! I use to make wedding cakes from home and have some experience! YouTube is awesome but I would also check out cakecentral.com. If you are afraid of stacking cakes, I recommend the getting a stacking kit like this https://www.amazon.com/Bakery-Crafts-Tier-Cake-Stacking/dp/B00E1MSVMC. It's very simple and sturdy.