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Reddit reviews on Besrey 2 in1 Luxury Newborn Baby Stroller for Infant Folding Convertible Baby Carriage - Black

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2 in 1 STROLLER- Infant Bassinet, and Toddler Stroller,supporting children up to 33 lbs, from birth to 36 monthEASY to USE - The handle is adjustable to accommodate the height of parentsALL-TERRAIN WHEELS - Flexible Lockable front wheels with suspension, plus big rubber rear wheels, ensure a smooth, effortless handling and rideCOMFORE - Baby bassinet converts to standard stroller, and backrest relines from 100°to 175° to find the perfect position for baby's comfortSAFETY FIRST - 5-point Harness adjusts as your child grows, and with the removable protectors your baby will always have a comfortable ride; toe-tap Brake is made for fuss-free steering and a smooth ride; Adjustable anti-UV canopy protects your babies’ sensitive skin from the sun's harsh ray

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u/UnicornToots · 10 pointsr/beyondthebump

>after the baby outgrows the infant car seat, does he still need to sit in a car seat in the stroller, or do we just graduate to a convertible car seat in the car and go without in the stroller

Yes, the baby will just go in the stroller.

> are most convertible car seats compatible with most strollers?

Convertible car seats cannot be put in a stroller. They are intended to stay in your car.

>Basically...what do we need while buying the least amount of stuff?

You can use a convertible car seat from newborn through toddler if you want to! (See here!) You don't need to start with an infant seat at all. So, if buying the least amount of things is important to you, maybe look into doing that instead. Then, you'd only need...

  • One convertible car seat per car

  • One stroller (that can be converted from pram to regular stroller like this, because infants can't sit in a forward-facing stroller until about 6 months or whenever they're able to sit unassisted)

    If you are set on getting an infant seat, then you'll want...

  • One "travel system" - this typically includes one infant seat + one base for the car + one stroller (that clips the infant seat into it and converts to a regular stroller after the infant stage) - like this

  • Additional bases (and, if needed, additional infant seats) per car

  • One convertible car seat for when baby outgrows the infant seat, per vehicle

    We did the second example I mentioned, and I kind of regret it. I feel like we spent much more money doing it this way, mainly because we have two cars (so we needed two bases, two convertible seats, etc.). But the benefit of doing it that way is being able to take baby in and out of the car in the seat, rather than risking waking them up by taking them out of the convertible seat. But, I have friends who did the convertible seat from birth and it worked out great for them, so I hope to do that when we have our second!