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Want to slice your own bacon OR braise your own pork belly? Look no further than our Dry Cured Country Slab Bacon!his Original Hickory Smoked Dry Cured Country Bacon Slab starts from the most select pork belly before being cured with our simple mix of high quality cure ingredients.It's then slow smoked over real natural hickory wood before being portioned into slabs and expertly packaged to be shipped to your door.As a reminder, our dry cured process means that we do not add any water during the cure process.This means, an easier slab to handle when slicing and no water to cook out, leaving more bacon for eating!

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u/Azrama ยท 1 pointr/walmart

Lol man it makes me laugh every time I get on reddit and check my messages. Without fail I always have a message from you waiting and it really makes my day. It must feel pretty valiant to defend a company who doesn't give a shit if you're there or not. I'm glad you're making a difference in the walmart world. They don't appreciate you and never will, but good for you. How you can get so butt hurt over a company that thinks you're disposable is beyond me, but if walmart was ran by people who fought the way you did, maybe they'd be around another 70 years. But as we both know digital is the new marketplace, and walmart probably won't be around by the time we're dead...because the company didn't realize that internet shopping was going to be a big deal. Now excuse me while I go cook this bomb bacon that I bought off amazon, it's pretty legit. here's you a link if you want http://www.amazon.com/Half-Slab-Bacon-5-5-6-5--rind/dp/B0000CDASJ/ref=sr_1_15_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1458461470&sr=8-15&keywords=bacon