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Reddit reviews on Coat Handler Leave-in Small Pet Conditioner, 16-Ounce

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Small Batch Crafted, 100% Biodegradable, Soap Free and Cruelty FreeRemoisturizes, Releases Undercoat And Eliminate StaticLightweight Conditioner Can Be Used As A Leave-In Or Rinse-OutAlmond FragranceUsed By Professional Pet Stylists And Show Breeders For Over 30 Years

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u/meeooww · 2 pointsr/Havanese

I think the easiest thing to use for over-all spraying is Coat Handler Conditioner - it's not expensive and works nicely. Also try to hit up like a Sally Beauty Supply or similar for a spray bottle that will give you a nice fine mist, you don't want to soak them, you're really just looking to cut any static.

For mats themselves, I seriously can't say enough good things about Artero Matt-X. Spray into mat, sort of tap it in with your fingers, and it makes combing out SO MUCH easier. It was one of those like life changing products for me.

Hope that helps!