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Reddit reviews on DEWALT 20V MAX XR Brushless Drain Snake, Tool Only (DCD200B)

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Removable drum accepts up to 3/8" x 35' Cable for use in up to 3" pipesFixed outer shroud helps protect surfaces from rotating drumPivoting LED light with 3 brightness modes to help provide illuminationSliding nose cone allows for quick locking/releasing of CableVariable speed trigger with drill-style inline forward/reverse for ease of useBattery & Charger Sold Separately

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u/boyrahett · 2 pointsr/Plumbing

Try a wet and dry shop vacuum, just hold it against the trap arm and seal it with a damp rag. See if you can vacuum the clog out. If the vent for that drain goes though the roof you can tape it off first.

You can buy small drain cleaners of Amazon if you want to invest in one.

What you buy might depend on the tool system you have already bought into as an electrician. Dewalt, Milwaukee, that sort of thing.

I have one of these


If that is to much money for you try a manual auger