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Reddit reviews on DuraWare BO7FS2 Bottle Opener, 7 x 1.6 x 0.3 Inches, Sliver

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We found 5 Reddit mentions of DuraWare BO7FS2 Bottle Opener, 7 x 1.6 x 0.3 Inches, Sliver. Here are the top ones.

Made Out Of Stainless Steel.Slim, Compact, And Durable.Each Measures Approx. 7" Long x 1. 5" Wide.From The Brand: Duraware

Found 5 comments on DuraWare BO7FS2 Bottle Opener, 7 x 1.6 x 0.3 Inches, Sliver:

u/reverendj1 · 5 pointsr/Homebrewing

What /u/chino_brews said is exactly right. I have done the same thing minus the penny many times when I had gushers. I just want to add a few things.

  1. Use a big bottle opener. Preferably a bar blade. This will give you the leverage and ability to just burp the cap. You don't want anything that you have to futz with at all.

  2. You aren't removing the cap. You are just lifting it enough that gas can escape and then letting it back down when the foam hits the cap. The cap should reseat itself fine if you did it right, but keep the capper handy.

  3. This isn't a one and done thing. You will probably need to do this several times to get them down to the right pressure. IME, you need to wait at least a couple hours for the pressure to equalize before you can do it again. Doing it about 5-7 times should be a good starting point, but be careful of gushers when opening them still, as you won't know for sure that you are on point, or that the same amount of gas escaped from each one.
u/Autonomoose · 2 pointsr/Homebrewing

Weird, so how long did you condition prior to the six days in fridge?

Depending on how scared I am, I will usually keep them in the fridge and drink a couple before I dump. But depending how nervous you are, just get it out of the way now might be a good option. Bottle bombs just aren't worth the hassle of one batch. Also if it is a bug, the flavor will eventually be affected.

I get them all in the fridge to tame the gas a bit. After a day, If they are calm, open and dump, if they are still beastly and scare the shit out of you, do this:

Take them to the sink, one-by-one, wrapped with a big beach towel with about 3 folds around the bottle. I then unwrap the top, so there is only one layer of towel on the cap, and then use a flat bottle opener over that one layer of towel. By the end of opening them all, the towel will be drenched and probably the floor too.

u/popwarnercheated · 2 pointsr/bartenders

Flat Bar - This type is the best

glue a magnet to it and you can put it on a retractable cord and attach it to your belt. something like this

My work here is done!



u/Keith · 2 pointsr/EDC

> a bartender could edc this

I get what you're saying. If a bartender might "work EDC" one of these then maybe he'd work-EDC a PLOPR. But a PLOPR is not functional in a bar setting. As the video shows, to pop off a cap with the popping sound requires such force that the bottle cap can be launched into the ceiling. You certainly wouldn't want bottlecaps flying around like that in a bar, so no, this is useless for a bartender.

u/Backstop · 1 pointr/whatisthisthing

Where did you buy it?

I spend some time in touristy bars where they sell beer by the thousands and I always see the bartenders using flat openers like this. They are easy to slip into the back pocket or under an armband and provide a lot of leverage for cans or bottles to pop easily. I've seen ladies that grab up like six or eight bottles in one armload and just pop them all in two quick seconds.