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Lightweight and portable - this lightweight outdoor cabana can be used on the beach. It can be set up almost anywhere such as on Sand, grassUser And Travel- Friendly Cabana - Our Easy go products Cabana Can Be Easily Carried As A Light Tote While Traveling, Thanks To Its Lightweight DesignDimensions - Open size is 8 feet 4 inch measured diagonally, 6 feet to roof peak, 4 feet 6 inch from ground to valance. Closed Size is 58 inch X 6 inch X 6 inchDurability Plus Ultraviolet Protection -Easy go Wants You To Have The Best Value For Your Purchase, Hence The Use Of Strong, Wind ResistantWaterproof Premium Materials: Easy go Holds Good Quality As A Core Value. Thus, We Ensure That Our Products Are Made Of The Best Materials

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u/shadle2001 · 4 pointsr/smoking

Wow, you got a lot of miss information.

  1. Never "pause a smoke". You don't want the rendered fat to coagulate and create a slimy piece of meat.
  2. There are three things to worry about when you smoke.
    1. Time
    2. Temp
    3. Tenderness (Watch this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YI-X1MpjSYg)

  3. Unless a piece of meat takes up the entire bottom shelf from wall to wall, you'll never have to worry about the smoke reaching the upper pieces of meat. For a pork butt, but the fat side down, this will help protect the meat from cooking to quick.

  4. But a beach canopy, like this (https://www.amazon.com/EasyGO-Products-Portable-Comfortable-Protection/dp/B077T526JY/ref=sr_1_8?ie=UTF8&qid=1541716790&sr=8-8&keywords=beach+canopy&dpID=51jgxfVld2L&preST=_SY300_QL70_&dpSrc=srch) if you want to smoke in the rain. Yes the smoke will gather near the top, but as long as you have it on the tallest height, you'll be just fine, especially if it is raining. Morning dew wont matter, just make sure to preheat the smoker for 45 min before you put the meat in. (Having a hot box will help you maintain your temps.)

  5. Until you know your smoker, the time it will take a piece of meat will vary. For your first smoke don't expect too much and DON'T PLAY WITH THE MEAT. If your cooking temp is around 200-225, you aren't going to burn anything.

  6. If you are using wood chips you should definitely soak them for 30min before putting them in. You don't need to worry about smoking a piece of meat after the 3rd hour of smoking. After the 3rd hour, most meat wont absorb anymore of the smoke flavor. I wouldn't recommend doing overnight cooks, but waking up early and going it that way if you have long cooks.

  7. A pork shoulder should only take you a maximum of 8-10 hours. For pork you can usually judge the time by an hour per pound, and you don't want to put a 20lb pork butt in the electric smoker. (but refer to the video for timing)

  8. Smoking is about enjoying your time, relaxing and kicking back with a drink in hand. Make sure you don't have plans for the day and let your family know that you'll be occupied off and on for the duration of the smoke, but they will appreciate it when all is said and done.

    If you have anymore questions let the community know and we'll always be happy to help. Enjoy your smoke :)