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An on-trend full-grain leather slip-on with a laser-cut perforated upper, providing a premium look and comfortable feelSoft, comfortable leather and textile combination lining, ensuring a perfect inner climateLeather-covered inlay sole with ECFS. Inlay sole is removable allowing for extra widthDirect-injected, two-component PU/TPU outsole. A highly comfortable, hardwearing, light and flexible soleAnatomically-contoured shape delivers the ultimate in comfortable fit and wear

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u/Teejsaurus · 2 pointsr/asktransgender

I've seen some women's asics that go up to 12.5, and they usually come in a lot of fun color choices, so you could get your favorite color, or a color you find feminine, or a more neutral color if you need it to match something specific you wear to work. On most I'm seeing on amazon that's the last size they go up to, so they may not have it available on amazon, so you may need to like find the one you want online, then call or go to a shoe store to see if they have it or if not if they can order them for you, or maybe asics own online store would have it. My mom loves asics, and I think my dad used to like ones he had at one point. I tried them once but they wound up hurting my feet...but I just have weird feet in general lol, and have extremely flat feet and most things with arches hurt my feet :/ so I wasn't a huge fan of how they felt for me, but they're supposed to be good shoes and have good support.

Ecco makes some cute shoes that say they go up to 12.5, though they all say 12-12.5, and like half a size can really make a difference and the shoe isn't adjustable, so I'm not really sure what this means...so you can contact them or look through the questions people have asked on the amazon listings for their shoes and see if anyone's asked for clarification on sizing. This one's kinda cute. This one too though i don't know if they'd allow this sort of perforated style at your work if you need to have shoes that have full coverage in case of spilling hot stuff on your feet. My mom has some similar to these that she wears all the time and really likes a lot. These have a silver one and are more sort of sneaker-like. I really like the silver ones...shiny things are always pretty imo lol. These come in a couple different colors, though right now it says the pink ones aren't available in that size. They might be in stock on ecco's own website though. Also, ecco's are a bit pricey compared to like average sneakers. But people I've known who had them had them last forever, so maybe they're worth it, idk.

Marrells are supposed to be really good as well. They make sneakers and other types of shoes. Not sure what sizes they tend to go up to though.

If you're looking for something that has comfort and support you can google around and see what brands of shoes nurses usually wear, I remember doing this at one point, but I forget what brands came up. But they tend to work super long shifts and are on their feet a lot, and seem to always have the most comfy shoes. You can also try going to a walking company store, and they should be able to totally hook you up. If you want to keep your vans and chucks but just want some more support, I think most walking company stores have that thing where you stand on it and it scans the bottom of your feet and they make you custom inserts you put into your shoes. I've never tried custom ones, but I used to put some squishy heel supports in my converse sneakers I wore to work every day (I thought the sneakers might be more comfy than the regular canvas shoes...but they weren't really much comfier lol) and that actually helped a lot. You can just get plain squishy inserts at like target, walgreens, etc. and see if they help at all, and stick with them as long as you need to, or just wear them for the time being to tide you over till you can get better shoes.