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Reddit reviews on El Yucateco Chile Habanero Hot Sauce Bottle, Red, 8 Ounce

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We found 11 Reddit mentions of El Yucateco Chile Habanero Hot Sauce Bottle, Red, 8 Ounce. Here are the top ones.

No fatFrom Mexico

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Found 11 comments on El Yucateco Chile Habanero Hot Sauce Bottle, Red, 8 Ounce:

u/kamai19 · 27 pointsr/dataisbeautiful

Pro-tip from someone who spent a few years living in Austin TX: soy-rizo + eggs + el yucateco. Maybe throw in a corn tortilla if you don't care so much about the x-axis.

Super easy. Super healthy. Super delicious. You're welcome.

u/stevevecc · 9 pointsr/hotones
  1. Sriracha (2,200 scoville)
  2. Tabasco (4,000 scoville)
  3. El Yucateco (the red bottle) (5,790 scoville)
  4. Queen Majesty Coffee Habanero (14,000 scoville)
  5. Hot Ones (15,600 scoville)
  6. Bravado Spice Co. Ghost Pepper & Blueberry (28,000 scoville)
  7. Torchbearer's Zombie Apocalypse (100,000 scoville)
  8. Da Bomb Beyond Insanity (135,600 scoville)
  9. Mad Dog 357 (357,000 scoville)
  10. Blair's Mega Death Sauce with Liquid Rage (550,000 scoville)

    Have fun finding Blair's Mega Death with Liquid Rage, I found it, posted it here, it's been out of stock ever since.

    Past sauces that have been subbed out have been:

    -Texas Pete's (in place of Sriracha)

    -Tapatio (in place of Tabasco)

    -Rogue Moruga Blood Orange Scorpion Pepper (in place of Bravado)

    -High River Hellacious Hot Sauce (in place of Queen Majesty)

    -Pain is Good Louisiana Style (in place of Hot Ones)

    -Pain 100% (in place of Zombie Apocalypse)

    I know there's a few others, but this is just off the top of my head.
u/redditho24602 · 5 pointsr/Cooking

Maybe try El Yucateco? The Red version is a little milder than the green, though both are several notches up from tabasco/siracha. If you have any Mexican groceries/bodegas near you they'll probably have it, otherwise Amazon's got you covered.

u/itsthevoiceman · 1 pointr/AskMen

Tapatio, baby!

Also, looking into getting this jazz or maybe this good stuff.

u/SlickStretch · 1 pointr/hotsauce

We seem to have similar taste, this looks a lot like my collection.

Frank's and El Yucateco would fit right in.

u/gator426428 · 1 pointr/guns

El Yucateco Chile Habanero Hot Sauce Bottle, Red, 8 Ounce https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0000GHNT0/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_s71hDbNP568CP

It's like 3 bucks in the store

u/vadersdemise · 1 pointr/hotsauce

I tried the original Chile Habanero flavor. I feel like I may have also tried the green one and didn't like the taste of that either.

u/real-dreamer · 1 pointr/spicy

Tapatio is what I put on anything that most "normal" people eat. Gotta love it. I also have learned to love El Yucateco recently too hot for most of my friends but the flavor is so perfect.

u/jakeisalwaysright · 1 pointr/bodybuilding

El Yucateco habanero. Top notch stuff.