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Reddit reviews on Florsheim Men's Reversible Belt Croc Embossed 30mm

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Croc embossed leatherReversible black to cognac with gold twist buckle.

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u/arturo_lemus · 2 pointsr/malefashionadvice

I had a similar uniform im training for a job. If done wrong you can look like a busboy/valet. Things to focus on: belt, watch, shoes. You have to make sure your shirt and pants fit obviously.

But you can add a touch of personality with your watch and belt. Keep everything black since your shoes are black.

Black leather belt with a gold or silver face. If you get a black leather watch, make sure the metal matches your belt ( gold with gold, silver with silver). You could get black alligator or lizard watch/belt for extra pizzaz. I wore a gold pinky ring but that was personal taste , its up to you.

As for your shoes: i would go with black captoe oxfords but thats the most formal and would look better with a full suit. You could always get derbys or loafers but please please don't get any cheap, square toed, rubber soled shoes. Your shoes are the most important part. It will make or break you, but also i understand its just for work.

Make sure you keep them shined and make sure your shirt is always crisp and not wrinkled








Here are some shoe, watch, and belt recommendations. I don't know your budget so i went kinda cheap.