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Reddit reviews on Flueblocker 12"x12" Square Chimney Sheep Plug

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Reduces heating bills by insulating and air sealingBlocks cold drafts and chimney odor, and pestsCan NOT be used with functional Gas log fireplacesMuffles outside soundsFor rectangle flues with up to 12"x12" (Actual dims are 13"x13"). Can be trimmed to size with scissors.

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u/AbsolutelyPink · 2 pointsr/HomeImprovement

How much do you want to spend? If money isn't too much of an issue, get a pellet stove insert. If it is a little, get a wood stove insert with blower. If money is tight, get a glass screen and use one of these https://www.amazon.com/Flueblocker-Square-Chimney-Sheep-Plug/dp/B00SEL5VXS/ref=pd_lpo_vtph_60_tr_t_2