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Found 2 comments on Franato Women's Firm Control Slimming Bodysuit Shapewear,Beige,Medium:

u/ada_6 · 19 pointsr/Drag

Of course!!

So one of the biggest things I've found is that the placement of pads can be just as important as the shape themselves. Jaymes Mansfield talks about this and filling the "boy pocket" (the natural indent between the pelvis and the top of the thigh muscle) a bit in her tutorial. I also spent a lot of time just looking in a full length mirror to understand the shape of my own hips and the shape I wanted to create, I'd highly recommend this.

Now for the general outline, I watched Sugar Love's video where she makes a simple pattern on saran wrap that can be cut out and traced onto foam. Drawing the shape on the saran wrap while it's on your body also helps with getting an idea of where to start and end the pads. I also made mine while corseted so I knew where I needed the pads to begin in relation to my new waist.

Then in terms of cutting dimension into them I referred to onlinekyne's tutorial, specifically the part about creating an axis on the foam, with the intersection point being where you want the highest part of your hip to be (it's best to draw this axis on your pattern while you're still wrapped in the saran wrap, again so that you know where it'll sit and what it'll look like on your body). Then trim around until there's a nice taper from the edges to the intersection point.

And I can't pretend that scoring an electric knife from thrift store didn't make a world of difference... you can of course trim with regular scissors, and I used them for some of the finer details, but the electric knife was seriously a blessing from Cher.

And although it's not necessary, having a corset really did help me in figuring out around where I wanted the pads to sit, and of course in bringing even more contrast to the hip-waist ratio.

Finally, it's really important to get a good smoothing compression garment over the foam to help make it all look seamless. I put the pads under a pair of pantyhose, then a body shaper over that, and then another pair of pantyhose.

Sorry for the essay lol but I figured too much info would be better than too little. And lmk if anything is still unclear!

u/lopolow · 1 pointr/transgenderUK

The control wear style worked for me, these. It's a bit of a black are though. Don't think there's one method people can universally agree upon, although ultimately the best tuck is surgical!