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Reddit reviews on Franklin International 6123 Titebond Trans Glue, 8-Ounce

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8 oz. Translucent Wood GlueVirtually invisible glue lineProvides a fast set and strong bondExcellent heat resistanceSets faster than most other white glues

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u/juttep1 · 2 pointsr/Dynavap

Don’t buy just any wood glue. Use this, or any titebond wood glue really. . Original titebond isn’t water resistant. Titebond II & III both are - up to you.

Both of these glues are actually stronger than the wood itself. However, woodglue does not dry clear, if you’re wanting to minimize the appearance, you usually mix in saw dust from the piece you’re working with to “colors the glue. In your case this really isn’t an option unless you can find a similar piece of wood or remove some from another side.

I would say for now, id wrap some rubber bands or string around the body where it’s cracked to prevent further cracking. Document the issue and contact customer support. If they’re not gonna replace it, then I’d try the glue. If you can’t find similar saw dust then it will be a slightly yellow color. Squirt some out and let it dry on something disposable to see if this is gonna be a deal breaker for you. If you do find some sawdust, mix it in with the glue and apply it with something like a toothpick. Then clamp the piece together and let dry to for 24 hours or whatever he bottle says. Remove any extra glue that squeezes out. You could use string or rubber bands as opposed to a clamp, but I wouldn’t recommend it as any squeeze out would adhere to these and require clean up.

If you don’t have a clamp of appropriate size, I bet a large binder clip would do the job nicely.

Best of luck either way. Sorry about your stem!
If they replace it and don’t want the cracked one back let me know!

I’ve been wanting to experiment with removing some material from one of these with a Dremel and filling it in with epoxy resin for a neat look and I’d love to buy this off of ya! Best of luck again!

Edit: according to titebonds website most of their glues are safe and nontoxic up to 200F. I don’t think that area would get much hotter than that, but I’d like to emphasize think cause I don’t actually know that.

Additionally they do indeed make glue that describe as “colorless” when it dries. I’ve never seen it, so I can’t really comment further on what colorless actually means. It’s actually called titebond translucent so, there’s that. this is a comparison pic of many titebond types after 12 hours of curing.

Hope this helps ya 🙋🏼‍♂️