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Beginning drum instruction from recording, touring, and Broadway orchestra pit drummer Tommy Igoe, also a former adjunct music professor at Rutgers UniversityTommy Igoe brings his 25 years of teaching and playing experience to bear, creating the first DVD for beginner drummers! He takes you on a journey that starts with taking a brand new drum set out of the box and gets you started making music right awaySetting Up! (Part 1) is dedicated to understanding your new drumsAll of your drums and hardware, along with Tommy's unique "Power Square" concept, are covered in detail, starting you off in the right directionStart Playing! (Part 2) will get you playing and having fun right away

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u/HeresJerzei · 2 pointsr/drums

If the sound has changed, then it's probably due to the room that you have set up in. Believe it or not, it will make a difference. For example, if your friend had it set up in a practice room, then you have brought it home and set it up in the garage, it will definitely not sound the way that it did when you first played it.

Tommy Igoe has a great DVD out that walks you through the basics of drum kit, including setting up. http://www.amazon.com/Getting-Started-Drums-Featuring-Tommy/dp/B00005UV69

u/Catechin · 2 pointsr/drums

Just want to echo that 30 minutes a day is more than enough. Of that time, I would spend 10 minutes on rudiments and the rest on whatever you want.

>What all will I need to get started? Practice pad, sticks, kit, metronome?

If you buy an electronic kit, I wouldn't worry about practice pads. I'd recommend picking up Stick Control, learning the rudiments, and an introductory book such as Fast Track or Tommy Igoe's beginner DVD. Once you feel more comfortable, I'd recommend picking up Groove Essentials and New Breed.

For stick, I generally recommend starting with Vic Firth 5B hickory sticks. Of all the sticks I've tried, those are the most absolutely average. Weight, balance, size, etc. From there you can move into thinner (5A, 7A) or thicker (2B) as you want, but 5B is a good starting place, hickory is the best wood to learn with (and play with forever, imo, but that's debatable), and Vic Firth is fairly consistent.

Vic Firth's stick size comparisons. The standard sizes used by the majority of drummers, from smallest to largest, are 7A, 5A, 5B, 2B. Everything else is just incredibly minor tweaking that some people like.