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u/Jadis4742 · 2 pointsr/fringefashion

All right, I found two options for you in the men's section, since like /u/ryojiin said they do tend to fit a little wider in general. Also, biker boots marketed to men usually seem to be decent quality rather than fashion boots (and the thoughts I have on THAT is a whole different post...sigh.)

  • These boots seem to fit wide on men so they should hopefully fit. It's near the top of your budget, but that can't really be helped in your case. (Wider foot, somewhat waterproof, decent quality.) It's a good, basic style though, should fit in with almost any outfit.

  • These are legit work/combat boots, and a few of the reviews mention good waterproofing, so I would give these a shot. Middle of your budget, but not as versatile as the biker boots IMO.

    I'm sorry I can't find more for you, but doing Find Fashions for overseas folk is a tiny bit harder, especially as the UK sizes don't come in wide like US shoe sizes. (WTF?)

    But if you could, I would pop out to some stores and look for shoes in the men's section. Work boots should be sold year-round, and the fit should generally be wider than women's shoes. Might find something closer to the lower end of your budget in person.