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Reddit reviews on GROSCHE GLASGOW Glass Teapot with Infuser , 1000 ml 34 Fl Oz capacity

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We found 3 Reddit mentions of GROSCHE GLASGOW Glass Teapot with Infuser , 1000 ml 34 Fl Oz capacity. Here are the top ones.

Hand Blown Glass Teapot with included Hand Blown Glass InfuserClassic and Elegant Design. it comes with a removable infuser that can be used to steep loose leaf teasse teas and spices.An Elegant, and Classic Teapot design in high quality clear glass that will never cloud or stain.The highest quality Medical Grade Borosilicate Glass constructionLifetime Warranty against clouding - High Quality Medical grade glassware

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Found 3 comments on GROSCHE GLASGOW Glass Teapot with Infuser , 1000 ml 34 Fl Oz capacity:

u/EorEquis ยท 7 pointsr/Wishlist

TL;DR : Tea.

Long version :

Tea is not a beverage. It is a ritual. When done right, tea is a god damn spiritual experience.

How to do tea right on the cheap.

  • Tea bags. No. Just...no. No no no 10000 times no. Loose leaf tea is essential to making this the ritual it deserves to be. I can't recommend Adagio enough. Good service, quick shipping, and good quality for not much $. if you're totally new to the whole "tea as an experience" thing, I highly suggest one of the sampler packs. $10-$15 for several blends of various varieties!
  • Get a glass pot with a glass infuser. Lots to be said about ceramic as well, and yes glass teaware must be handled with great care...but part of the magic is watching things happen. Whatever you do, avoid metal teaware, as it can alter the taste, especially of "less stable" blends. MANY glass teapots are sold with metal infusers, so be careful. My personal favorite is Grosche teaware, and a very nice little glass pot/glass infuser set can be had from Amazon for $30.
  • Warm up your teaware before steeping. While the kettle is boiling, fill the pot (with infuser in it) with hot tap water and let it sit. Bring the teaware up to a warm temperature first, so you don't lose heat during the steeping process to warming the cold teaware.


    The suggestions above aren't meant to turn you into a highly experienced tea connoisseur overnight (or even at all...though if they start you on your way, the more's the better)

    What they WILL do, however, is turn tea into a ritualistic relaxation experience of epic proportions.

    You'll open a new container of a new blend, and you won't smell the tea...you'll TASTE it with your entire olfactory system.

    You'll putter around measuring out the right amount of leaf...you'll carefully handle your glass teaware...you'll take the time to prepare carefully...and you'll realize that this is all part of the experience. it's your own time to do something with patience and attention and craftsmanship.

    You'll set the infuser of tea into the teapot of hot water, and a whole new set of scents and flavors will greet you.

    You'll watch as some leaves open up, others close, some float, some sink, as the entire blend is alive, and moves around, and this very action is part of what mixes flavors and oils and leaves.

    You'll savor the anticipation of the few minutes you allow things to steep, as you watch the color change from clear to light to dark to whatever color you prefer.

    Days and weeks and months and years spent steeping different blends at different temps for different times will reward you with an entirely new palette.

    And all it takes is a few bucks, and the willingness to devote 10 minutes of your day to learning a new skill. :)


    Don't bash me, other tea snobs. :) Yes, there's LOTS of superior sources for high end blends and high grade leaf, and LOTS of different ways to steep and prep and enjoy, and a ZILLION arguments about the best materials and so on.

    The above is simply an introduction designed to open the door for someone whose tea experience to date has been Lipton bags in a microwaved mug of water. :)

u/klukins ยท 1 pointr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

A mattress topper will make your bed feel ten times more comfortable

As for me I would like this tea pot

Congrats on the job and good luck!