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Reddit reviews on Happy Sales HSCT-ABK01, Cast Iron Tea Pot Tea Set Black ARR w/Trivet

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We found 6 Reddit mentions of Happy Sales HSCT-ABK01, Cast Iron Tea Pot Tea Set Black ARR w/Trivet. Here are the top ones.

One teapot, one trivet, & two cupsHappy Sales Hand cast iron teapot setFinished with a porcelain enamel interior2 Matching Black Tea Cups (3"Dia. 2"H) & 1 Mesh infuser

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Found 6 comments on Happy Sales HSCT-ABK01, Cast Iron Tea Pot Tea Set Black ARR w/Trivet:

u/tradras · 2 pointsr/tea

I have the same one as well and love it but I got mine off of amazon much cheaper than teavana.

u/maguillen1998 · 2 pointsr/tea

(Warning, this will be a very dense comment.)

there are 2 common approaches when it comes to enjoying tea, western style, and gong-fu style. (here is a link to some photos of my equipment http://imgur.com/a/8NPN3)

The western style approach involves using a teapot with a removable metal mesh strainer to brew tea. You need to simply place your desired amount of loose tea leaves into the strainer, place it in the teapot, add water of the desired temperature (usually 170 for green tea, 180-190 for oolongs, and a full boil for black tea), and let it steep for the appropriate amount of time, once it is done steeping, simply remove the strainer and leaves and enjoy your tea. You will usually be able to re-steep the leaves multiple times depending on the quality and type of tea your brewing. You will usually be able to obtain a decent teapot and cups for around $30 online (http://www.amazon.com/Japanese-Cast-Iron-Black-Trivet/dp/B0002AAP5I/ref=sr_1_3?srs=9976066011&ie=UTF8&qid=1452434419&sr=8-3&keywords=tea).

Gong-fu brewing explained simply means brewing with more leaf, less time, and more times (usually with a smaller brewing vessel). this is usually the preferred method to brew teas if you want to make brewing tea an experience and more than just a casual drink. The easiest way to brew tea in the gong-fu style is to buy 3 things: a gaiwan (basically a lidded cup), a cha-hai (basically a small pitcher to decant the tea into), small cups (to drink from and let the tea cool faster), and an optional strainer (unless you do not mind small leaf particulate in your tea.) First, fill the gaiwan with the appropriate amount of leaf then add water of the appropriate temperature (usually 170F for green tea, 190F for oolong tea, and a full boil for black tea, but feel free to experiment). let it steep for a few seconds and pour the tea into the cha-hai using the gaiwans lid to hold back the leaves. Pour the tea into your cups and drink up. repeat the process until you have either had enough tea or the leaves lose too much flavor to steep again (some teas might go for as many as 20 steeps!!!). I know this might seem intimidating at first, but if you find that you really enjoy fine teas, you will really enjoy having a relaxing gong-fu session. a gong-fu set like this will usually run you around $30 (http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00RTSHXSS/ref=s9_dcbhz_bw_g79_i2_sh)for something usable, but prices can vary, especially if you get into the premium side of things (http://yunnansourcing.com/en/jian-shui-teapots/3768-jian-shui-clay-classic-gaiwan-by-huang-shou-zhen-240ml.html).

Lastly, I will mention another method commonly known as "grandpa style"(http://imgur.com/4OMa3ud). this is as simple as it gets, just add tea leaves into a mug, add hot water, and drink using your teeth to strain the leaves as you drink adding more water as you go. (I only recommend grandpa style for more forgiving, less bitter teas as the less forgiving kind will tend to get unbearable bitter.)

By the way, it goes without saying that these methods will use full, loose leaf tea. Personally, I cannot recommend loose leaf tea enough. It is a significant improvement in taste over teabags, and is not much more expensive considering it can be re-steeped unlike teabags. I was only able to develop a passion for drinking and brewing tea after trying loose leaf tea and actually did not really like it back when I had only tried Lipton tea bags.

As for where to buy loose leaf teas and which ones to try, I will point you to 2 helpful articles that helped me out back when I was first getting into tea. along with the website that I use most.

I would also recommend giving this article a read if you want to know more about tea http://www.seriouseats.com/2015/01/tea-for-everyone.html

u/what_the_heil · 2 pointsr/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon

Here's something I think you would really like!

And this tea pot looks really nice!

I would love this cute vaporeaon plush!!

u/Kurimu · 2 pointsr/Fitness

Try an insulated/double walled mug (I have several), and you could also invest in a mug warmer to keep it warm.

I also just started using a cast iron tea kettle that is heated underneath by a tea candle, and use small tea cups such as these. So the amount you pour is less, but the amount you drink will always be at that sweet spot and you just refill.

Hope this helps!

u/MrGulio · 1 pointr/pics

Teavana is ludicrously overpriced. Their heavy iron teapots are marked over a hundred bucks and you can find them on amazon in the 30-60 range Black, Red, Green.

Also if you want blooming tea you can find it on amazon for about $12.