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Reddit reviews on Hario Round Tea Pot, 290ml

Sentiment score: 3
Reddit mentions: 4

We found 4 Reddit mentions of Hario Round Tea Pot, 290ml. Here are the top ones.

Beautiful glass body made in ChinaAble to make a perfect cup sizeNozzle cover to keep tea leaves from falling out290 ml CapacityHeat resistant glass

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Found 4 comments on Hario Round Tea Pot, 290ml:

u/saltyteabag · 10 pointsr/tea

This pot by Hario is perfect for gongfu. I don't remember the exact capacity, but I know it's between 200ml and 250ml. It's awesome for rolled oolongs like TGY and Taiwanese because you can watch the leaves unfurl; kinda like a glass gaiwan except without the burnt fingers.

u/TheJazzProphet · 3 pointsr/tea

People seem to really like the Bonavita gooseneck variable temp kettle. I wouldn't recommend brewing tea in your kettle. It's better to have a separate teapot for brewing. Something like this or this maybe.

u/mating_toe_nail · 2 pointsr/tea

I've seen a few different styles of spout-style filters that come with pots but I have never seen them sold separately. The most common are the "spring filters" and look like this. They also have fancy ones like this. Dragon Tea House's glass pots all have the spout filter but they never sell them seprately!