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Officially licensed wired controller for Nintendo SwitchTurbo functionsDetachable D-pad adapterPrecision offset analog sticksFast-action trigger shoulder buttons

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u/LeavesCat · 316 pointsr/nintendo

Look up the HORI Nintendo Switch pad; it's an official wired switch controller with no motion sensors included. It's basically the Pro Controller, except since it doesn't have the gyros and the rumble and the Amiibo sensor, it's only 25 USD instead of 80.

Since none of the special features of the more expensive controllers will ever be useful to you, and are in fact more likely to be a hindrance, wouldn't the best solution to this and future problems be to get a controller that doesn't fight you?

I understand if $25 is too much, but if you're committed to having a Switch and being able to play the games you want to play, one good controller will make your playing experience so much better.

In fact, with the right setup, you can hook up an Xbox controller to the Switch and have it work. I'd look up a guide if that interests you at all.

u/Cripnite · 29 pointsr/nintendo

Here's a link to the same controller (without Mario theme) on Amazon.ca, which should be free shipping if sent within Canada and over $35 (which it is in Canadian money).


u/sabett · 22 pointsr/ShinyPokemon

-1. You need a LOT of watts, and to do that you need to use the raid den exploit.

This video explains it well, except he says you need nintendo online and you don't.


It can kind of suck to do this for watts. I got 2 million from going for each Gmax and I had fun doing it, so that's what I recommend. You're fine with just half a million for any singular fossilmon though.

-2. Spend it at the Focus digger of the digger duo. That's the one on the left. You'll get a lot of all 4 fossils this way, but you'll get around 5 times more of 2 of the four possible fossils. (Drake and Fish for Shield, Bird and Dino for Sword) You'll also get bottle caps and money items. Now this can really suck, so I really recommend buying one of these:


Yes, it's a little silly to buy a controller just for this, but I've had it help me in other games as well. The main thing about this turbo controller is that it can turbo press the button for you, so you can just leave the console by itself overnight. But if you don't mind pressing A a lot...

Also, watch out for items hitting cap, particularly the money items.

-3. Now we have a bunch of fossils. After a little over half a million I had about 250 of 2 kinds and about 50 of the other 2. Go to Cara Liss, and figure out what fossils you need to store to enable you to create a fossilmon with just pressing A and no directional movement.

-4. Once you have that all set up, save in front of her, and just turn on the A turbo button again. When she's all done, check for shinies and then soft reset if there's none to be found. For smaller volumes it was fine to just keep an eye on it. I used about 25 combinations for one of the mons and it reset every 8 minutes. But for Dracovish I had 250 combinations ready so it took about 78 minutes.

I took note of this because it was distracting for me to have it on screen and keep psyching myself thinking maybe I saw a shiny and stopped everything to check. So I set up an alarm every time I reset and turned the TV off or switched the channel.

LMK if you have any questions!

General QoL tips:

  1. You can soft reset a little faster by pressing Y and resetting instead of pressing X to close the game down.

  2. Turn off Give Nicknames in options.

  3. Make Send to Boxes Automatic.
u/dancingtosirens · 21 pointsr/ThriftStoreHauls

This isn't the official Nintendo Pro Controller, this is the HoriPad which retails for bout $16

u/Phingaz · 9 pointsr/Xenoblade_Chronicles

It's the Hori USB wired one. I play almost exclusively in portable mode but when I dock it I use the wired one because it's waaaaay cheaper than the Pro and it still feels good in my hands.


u/ismapro · 5 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

the best IMO is the wired HORI controller you can remove the D-pad and use the direction buttons.



and is dirt cheap!!!

u/Dr4c0n1k · 5 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

HORI Nintendo Switch HORIPAD Wired Controller Officially Licensed by Nintendo - Nintendo Switch; https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01NAUATSM/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_LmL5AbRFZQ1R0

I believe he means these.

u/sephiroth70001 · 4 pointsr/NintendoSwitchDeals

There were so many turbo controllers for the ps2. A lot of my friends had more controllers with turbo than without. The only one with turbo I know of for switch is the wired hori.

u/wchill · 4 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Copy pasted from the project site... https://switch.chilly.codes/

Q: What is this?

A: A side project that I've been working on since March 2018. You can think of it as a Twitch Plays Switch with some nifty features.

Q: Why did you make this?

A: I was bored. Also, I wanted an easy way to use OpenCV to control the Switch, like this guy.

Q: How does it work?

A: At its core, it takes input either from a locally connected controller or via network and relays it to a Nintendo Switch over USB. I used this project and this project as a base and grafted on everything else. Frankly, very little of the original projects remain.

Currently, I've used the network support to add input support for Twitch/Mixer chat and for a webpage where players can control the Switch via a gamepad.

I'll be writing up more documentation on the workings of this project at a later date.

Q: How does gamepad support work?

A: Plug in a controller into your computer, go to the gamepad control page, press a button to activate it, and you're set! You can request a turn by clicking on the controller image. Each turn lasts 20 seconds unless you are the only person waiting for a turn, in which case you will keep your turn after 20 seconds until someone else requests one. Note that chat can and will mess with your inputs!

Q: How does chat work:

A: Works like you'd expect it to. You can also press buttons simultaneously instead of just one after another. Read the project site for more details.

Q: What makes this better than \<insert other implementation here\>?

A: There are a lot of modifications I've made to mine that aren't present in other versions.

  • User friendly, minimal config desktop software.
  • I've modified the controller to appear as an officially licensed Nintendo Switch HORIPAD instead of a hacked Pokken Tournament Pad like other implementations. There's no change in features, but the hardware emulation is much more accurate.
  • In case the desktop software crashes, the Switch turns off, or the hardware is disconnected, the hardware can recover by simply using the software to reconnect. A sync protocol is in place that brings the hardware into a known state.
  • The hardware's firmware buffers an input frame and checks it for data integrity via a fast algorithm before sending it to the Switch, so a crash will never cause random buttons to be pressed. Other implementations naively trust the input sent by the software and are susceptible to this problem.
  • Input packets are synchronized to the Switch's poll rate in hardware. All commands are mapped to one or more input packets with a certain number of wait frames before the next input packet is processed, so this is as close to TAS as you can get. Most other implementations do not do this and rely on hacks like sleeping for 100ms on the computer side, which can cause variable latency (OS timers are not guaranteed to be accurate) and desyncs for TAS.
  • Easier debugging. I've written some code that stubs out the firmware's AVR-specific calls and replaces them with implementations that allow the firmware to be run on desktop. When used in conjunction with something like socat, developers can quickly test out changes to the firmware without having to reflash the hardware.
  • Other implementations usually only support one input source. By using a TCP server, input commands can be sent from many different clients or feeder sources. This also makes testing very easy since all that is needed to send test inputs is something like netcat.
  • As far as I know, no other "Twitch Plays" project has ever allowed users to use controllers.
  • Chat commands and modifications to gamepad support can be added/modified while the project is running and can be modified in most cases without ever touching code!
u/CharlestonChewbacca · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I mean, between the PowerA controller and the Hori controller, there are already cheap alternatives.

That said; the Gamecube Controller adapter for Wii U is already compatible with the Switch. I wouldn't be surprised if they rebranded it as the Gamecube Controller Adapter for Switch and rereleased it alongside another series of Smash themed Gamecube controllers.

Honestly, my concern is a single-joycon focus affecting gameplay.

u/TheBeast1981 · 3 pointsr/Switch

Everyone is recommending to buy another set of joycons (about 70$), what about buying 3 or 4 wired horipad pro controllers (4x18=74$)?

That way you don't have to worry about batteries and they are more comfortable to hold than a small single joycon and are cheaper to replace if they get treated roughly from young kids.

u/that_90s_guy · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Not OP, but I'm pretty confident he/she is talking about either the Hori wired switch pro controller, or the PowerA wired switch pro controller, since both of them cost about $25 USD, and they are both officially licensed by Nintendo.

However, I strongly recommend you reconsider if you'll be using them for Smash. I've used both of them at work, and honestly speaking...the quality is solid. Sure, they both feel light and cheap, but honestly speaking the finish is pretty darn good for the price. The only major quality con I see is they both have a fair share of hardware issues, with controllers that randomly stop working after some time, thus their low rating on Amazon despite high sales numbers.

The thing that will probably get you though is how bad the controls are for smash, and that if you're going for quality, you just wont beat the Pro Controller. I actually kinda went in depth about this in my other response to you as well above here, but basically, I'm pretty confident that had I bought these cheaper alternatives for Smash, and then tried the Pro Controller, I'd have regretted my decision horribly...

u/Blueowl789 · 3 pointsr/USF2

I imagine it is pretty rare to play with joycon....

I play with pro-controller, but that's not ideal either. I am very much looking forward to Hori Pro-Controller, which I think will be just right.

u/largepanda · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

As someone who has a Pro Controller, and was reluctant to buy one, I have two very strong opinions on it:

  1. The Pro Controller is the most overrated accessory ever, the Joycons in the grip are perfectly fine.
  2. The Pro Controller is an immensely nice controller and basically a mandatory accessory, even to me, who drastically prefers a PlayStation-shaped controller and doesn't like the Xbox stick layout.

    If you already have an existing controller you're happy with (Xbone, PS3, PS4, Wii U Pro Controller, others), check out the 8BitDo Wireless USB Adapter, which will allow you to use it with the Switch.

    There's several third-party options for Switch controllers, including:

u/Kraft_MarioMaker · 3 pointsr/Switch

The 8bitdo controllers are solid, I have been using this for indie games and retro stuff which makes up alot of my Switch Library:

If you need a more modern controller for games just buy a wired Switch Controller. Personally I really like HORI's controllers and this one features a really good D-Pad:

u/TemptedTemplar · 3 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

$27, wired, no rumble, no gyro, no Amiibo.

$30, wired, no rumble, no gyro, no amiibo.

$43, wireless, no rumble, no gryo, no amiibo, also out of production so if these look good hop on them before the go up in price.

$50, its replacement! wireless, no amiibo. Gryo and Rumble!

u/Nope1252 · 3 pointsr/Xenoblade_Chronicles

If you're strictly just looking to pouch spam and AFK farm core crystals, buy this and watch this and this.

If you still want to emulate and automate inputs for whatever reason, the Switch supports USB peripherals. If you want to use a controller, use a GC adapter and solder an Arduino to a GCC board (or splice the wires) and run macros off of it. Otherwise you could just spoof an HID using your preferred microcontroller. Spoofing joy-cons sounds like a lot more work.

There's a surprisingly detailed tutorial by Hax$ and WatchingTime on how to install an Arduino Uno in a GCC here. The purpose is to help with advanced techniques in another game, but the script should help you get started.

Good luck.

u/Teggert · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

If you don't mind playing wired, the HORIPAD is an awesome value. That's what I ended up going with after getting a Pro Controller. However, the HORIPAD is so comfy, sometimes I use it instead of the Pro Controller, especially with how much better its D-pad is. I have certain friends that are really rough on my controllers as well, so it's a perfect one to hand them.

u/Psychoneirik · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Can anyone give me their opinions on the Horipad ? I only want it for whenever friends or family come over to my house so we can play MK8 and this is the cheapest option I've found. Oh, and since it is wired, is there anyway to use it in tabletop mode? Maybe with an adapter or something?

u/PixeledBrain · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Im getting my switch in about a week and a half, so i've started to look for accesories, and I think i need some help :P

Initially ill be getting Mario Kart, so im going to buy the official Joy Con Wheel x2 thing.

I was also going to buy a carrying case, and I saw this one, which looked nice.

The last thing I was going to buy for now was a screen protector, since i've heard they can get scratched easily when placing/removing the console from the dock, so I was thinking of buying this one. I also saw a Hori screen protector, but it has horrible reviews (Mostly complaining about it unsticking at the bottom of the switch because of the heat when being docked).

So, are these good choices or should I buy some other one instead?

Also, ill probably end up buying a controller, however, I find the pro controller to be too expensive, so I was thinking of buying the Hori one which is much more affordable, but is it any good? Are there any other good controllers? And I was looking at Hori stuff, so I stumbled upon the Playstand, and the game case. Are they worth buying?


Sorry if this comment is too big, im very hyped for the Switch, and I dont want to ruin my experience with bad accesories =)


EDIT: I forgot to ask, Is a big SD Card worth it? How much space would you recommend if it is?

u/Wolfy76700 · 2 pointsr/ARMS

Well, in theory it might be possible with a Turbo Controller for PS/XBox (Including fighting sticks) and a Brook Adapter, but I cannot test that because I don't have any Brook Adapter.

That would work pretty well with a Turbo Fighting Stick because while you cannot move, you could just leave a book on the L & R buttons and let it do the job since the post-game menu is defaulted on Rematch.

Good thing is, with the Brook Wii U Adapter update, we do somewhat have access to this option, although it is not for everybody. The HORIPad that comes out this month will have turbo functions and will be cheaper, but I don't know if said function is confirmed to work for triggers.

If you're feeling like building something, you could also do that with an Arduino and two synchronized motors, with a little thingie on each to press on the L & R Buttons. If you sync that, that would work too as it would simulate a turbo press on those buttons. The main problem is to sync the two presses as well as keep the Joy-Con or Pro-Con stable in this system. This kind of things has been seen with, for instance, Ditto Hunting in Pokémon Sun & Moon, so that wouldn't be such a new idea.

u/lostfrog1357 · 2 pointsr/nintendo


Official third-party alternatives don't include gyro, rumble, or NFC. I doubt that's the reason. Regardless, I'm in the mindset of Wii U accessories never working on Switch, and that's fine.

u/Pretelethal · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

Here you go!

Nintendo Switch HORIPAD Wired Controller Officially Licensed by Nintendo

u/javapiston14 · 2 pointsr/OpenEmu

If you’re looking for a cheap controller with a modern layout, you could try the Wired Pro Controller for the Switch. Only drawback is the triggers are either pressed or not pressed.


u/MysteriousLie7 · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

It's unlikely that Nintendo will add this, but...maybe!

But, you can get this controller for about $15-$20 and it does 2 levels of turbo and works really nicely to be honest.

u/Lorben · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I'm picking up a Switch soon and am thinking about getting a HORIPAD to use as a player 2 controller for games that require a full 2nd controller (like Lego Worlds).

I know the controller doesn't have NFC\Rumble\Motion, but I can't figure out if the lack of motion controls would make it unusable for a lot of games.

u/StatWhines · 2 pointsr/NintendoSwitch

I'm going to express a bit of an unpopular opinion too. I don't have any amibos, and I don't care about rumble, so, I bought the Hori Wired Controller (https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01NAUATSM/) when I bought the switch.

I've been totally thrilled with it while docked gaming (it can only really be used while docked, unlike the Pro) and the money I saved paid for another game.

u/cm5871 · 1 pointr/NSCollectors

They are also making a fight pad as well

Hori Fight Pad for Switch

u/Faril91 · 1 pointr/buildapc


I am currently looking to buy a new controller (currently using a DualShock 2 with and USB-Adapter).
While searching i came across this so I have three questions:

1. Is it any good?
2. Is it Windows compatible? (I have seen idications that it is but no confimations)
3. If it does not work, do you have any suggestions on what to get?

Thanks in advance for any awnsers.

u/rivven1 · 1 pointr/edc_raffle

That's got a pro controller: this one

Which is different than the gamepad you've got pictured which seems to be this HORI gamepad

It also had another game, that's $40 probably..

u/Ness_Success · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

in that case i would say just get the pro controller... It's a great controller with a 'normal' design, and it has a D-pad, so wouldn't that solve the issue?
And the 'share the joy' (i like that tagline, haven't heard it before) feature is mainly only to be used when you are playing multiplayer with friends. I wouldn't expect anyone to use a single joy-con during a 1 player experience. Now if you were to put the D-Pad on there, it becomes less desirable as a solo controller...meanwhile not having the D-pad doesn't necessarily have any cons...no pun intended. But I guess that's just my personal opinion.

Edit: I guess the Pro controller would only be a solution when playing at home, but not on the go. Hori makes an interesting Switch controller, where the D-pad actually is removable and can be placed on the back of the controller for storage, so you can choose whether you want buttons or the D-pad: https://www.amazon.com/Nintendo-Switch-HORIPAD-Controller-Officially-Licensed/dp/B01NAUATSM

Would be interesting if they could make a simple D-pad cover for the joy-con, that snaps over the buttons or something like that.

u/field_retro · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

I bought the Nintendo Switch Horipad to use with Xenoblade. It's lighter than the Pro Controller, which made it feel cheap initially, however it works quite well and the D-pad is more reliable.

The Horipad is a wired USB controller with a super long cord (it's about 10 feet/3.3 meters). It also has a turbo button with an auto mode. That's why I bought it, I wanted to set the controller down while it spammed "A" and force fed all my blades.

u/nermal543 · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

It won't have motion controls or HD rumble or anything like that, but you could try one of these wired controllers by Hori.

u/BlackRiot · 1 pointr/nintendo

Can anyone speak for the quality of HORI Switch HORIPAD controllers for PC gaming on Steam?


I fell in love with the Switch pro controller after going to a friend's house because of it's buttery smoothness. However, spending $80 Canadian loonies on a controller with so many features I don't need seems wasteful. I'm currently on an XBOX360 wired controller that works fine, but the shoulder and trigger buttons seem a bit too plastic-y for me nowadays.

u/Bread_Truck · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

There is already Mario Kart, Minecraft, Puyo Puyo Tetris, Arms and a few other split-screen games. I'm sure there will be more to come. I have the joycons that came with the system and a Pro Controller so I can have 2-player split screen and 3-player if I really want to split the joycons into 2 controllers.

You can also look into the 8bitdo Pro Controllers which have all of the buttons of a Pro Controller but without motion control or rumble and they cost about half as much as a Pro Controller.

Hori is also releasing a Pro Controller at the end of this month also for $30 that doesn't have rumble or motion. If you are willing to sacrifice the tech that makes the Pro Controller so expensive, those both seem like great, inexpensive options.

u/Bahamutzero84 · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

I play fighters on pad and while I've not really played any on Switch, the Hori wired Pro Controller has a reversable D-pad and that looks to me like the one I'd prefer to use for fighters.

Hori Hori Pad - Wired Controller for Nintendo Switch https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01NAUATSM/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_uexyCbYN6JF77

u/tw04 · 1 pointr/PokkenGame

I don't think they will release another Pokken specific one since they're coming out with the wired controller [link] already :( but with the release of Pokken Deluxe who knows, maybe we'll get a surprise.

u/WASSHOI · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

If you're interested, there's a cheaper version of the pro controller offered by Hori and officially licensed by Nintendo up for pre-order. I think its drawbacks are that it doesn't have HD Rumble, and isn't wireless, but otherwise functions exactly the same.

u/shriiiiimp · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

I found that 2 Joy-Cons are the best investment I made for my Switch. Or you could buy two of those. I have one like that but I don't play often with it. I prefer the JoyCons. But the cable is pretty long.

u/KryptoCeeper · 1 pointr/Gamingcirclejerk

I got the Hori Nintendo Switch controller for my Switch. It's only 20 bucks and for that it's really good. It's wired and has no rumble, so it's pretty light. It works with Windows (needs to be setup in Steam and might need a program to work in non-steam games).


If you're willing to pay more you can get the Xbox one controller for 40.


u/MiRiHi · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

Really depends on whether you need gyro controls and/or HD rumble. If you need either of those i would suggest just sticking to the joy-cons in the grip and save up for the pro controller. Otherwise, there are great wired options out there. Most notably the controllers from PowerA and HORI. Also personally I think the PowerA controller looks better than the pro controller but that's just my opinion.

If you play a lot of 2D games I'd recommend this controller. Probably the best 2D controller for the switch and has thumbsticks for 3D games.

u/picano · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

If it's the same Hori controller that I'm thinking of.

(From one of the reviews)
"Yes, the lower cost comes at the expense of losing wireless, NFC, motion, vibration, and being able to turn on your Switch without have to press the power button directly on it."

So, some Zelda puzzles are impossible but the rest of the games should be doable. (Haven't played Sonic Forces.)

u/Igno_ · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

There are only a few updates right out of the box, and they dont' take long at all. I didn't get my console on a big holiday, however, so depending on how many people are trying to connect to Nintendo's servers on Christmas, it might take significantly longer.

A screen protector is very nice to have. I haven't got one myself, but I plan on getting one. Until then, I'm just very careful when docking/undocking my console.

For accessories, it depends. If you travel a lot or on a regular basis, a traveling case is definitely worth it. I got this one, and it's great. It's a tad bigger than the one found on Nintendo's website (even though it is an official Nintendo product), and comes with two four-cartridge cases and two SD card cases.
Depending on what games he has, your son might also want a pro controller. I got the $70 one here, but there is a cheaper $30 option if you really want it (but personally I wouldn't recommend it). I primarily use my pro controller for MK8D and Splatoon 2.
The last major accessory you might want is an SD card. Depending on how many games he wants to download as opposed to using a physical copy, an SD card might be worth it. I think the best option is a microSDXC UHS-I card, but I don't remember. The size depends on how much money you can spend and how many games you wanna download. I wouldn't really go for anything below 64GB, but that's just me.

u/louimcdo · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

On the tail end of this DQT but worth asking. Does anyone own the Horipad controller? I'm considering picking up a second controller so I am torn between another set of joycons and a procontroller. Then I saw this was half the price.

I'm aware the horipad has no gyro or rumble but it would be used for co-op/multiplayer for games. Overcooked, MK, rocket league etc

If I got a pro controller I'd use it for multiplayer but would also use it myself for splatoon and future games since it has motion control and rumble, also the wireless functionality is appealing.

And the joy cons pro is that it would give me 4 controllers, although it's unlikely i'd need anymore than 3 at a time, and I'm digging the green/pink splatoon colours.

The joycons are comfortable for me to hold so ergonomics isn't a big factor for picking pro controller.

Just wondering what people would recommend.

u/dustinquickfire · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

I was looking at the HORI pad Switch controller over the Pro controller due to pricing. I do not plan to invest into the amiibo scene or anything like that.

u/thesolarknight · 1 pointr/NintendoSwitch

If you don't need the additional features like motion controls or haptic feedback, there's another officially licensed controller that costs less than half the price.