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Reddit reviews on Huion 8 ExpressKey 10 x 6 Inches Graphics Drawing Tablet - H610

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We found 4 Reddit mentions of Huion 8 ExpressKey 10 x 6 Inches Graphics Drawing Tablet - H610. Here are the top ones.

Large Drawing Area:10 by 6.25 inches, never feel restricted by space againGet fast pen-tablet response with 4000 LPI resolution and 220 RPS report rate, 2048 levels of pen pressure sensitivity gives you precise pressure control8 express keys on the side and 16 soft keys on the top to put shortcuts for more efficient work, all user definableAllows digital drawing, photo editing, gaming and document mark-up with the natural feel of pen on paperCompatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10 and Mac OS X 10.8.0/later versions; One year warranty

Found 4 comments on Huion 8 ExpressKey 10 x 6 Inches Graphics Drawing Tablet - H610:

u/vvhy · 3 pointsr/gamedev


This Chinese model uses the exact same digitizing surface, I've heard. Apparently these are equivalent to the monoprice ones in performance and price.

u/ipetepete · 3 pointsr/ArtistLounge

Can't go wrong with a Huion. They are cheap and comparable to a Intuous .

This is the one I use: Amazon Huion 8 Tablet

If you want more info Ray Frenden has some great reviews on his blog:

u/LadyFigget · 2 pointsr/thewalkingdead

Hey! Not to detract OP's suggestion (because I've used those, and they are definitely EXCELLENT tablets), but if you're short on money, I'd fullheartedly recommend this tablet. It's the one I've been using recently and I have been really impressed with it. Lots of bang for your buck.

Others can do better, but here's a low res screenshot of a painting of a friend I was working on before I lost my pen. :(. Just as one example of what the tablet's capable of. You can read the stats on amazon!

u/Chucklesz · 1 pointr/graphic_design


I bought this and have no complaints. Doesn't have that lame eraser mechanic like wacoms, but gets the job done. >100$ too