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Reddit reviews on Impossible PRD2783 Color Film for Polaroid Sx-70 Cameras

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We found 3 Reddit mentions of Impossible PRD2783 Color Film for Polaroid Sx-70 Cameras. Here are the top ones.

Date on the top of the item is the manufacured dateColor instant film for Polaroid SX-70-type camerasDevelopment: 30 minutes approximately at 70 (21 )Image area: 3.1 x 3.1 in (7.9 x 7.9 cm)Finish: Glossy

Found 3 comments on Impossible PRD2783 Color Film for Polaroid Sx-70 Cameras:

u/RentalCat · 3 pointsr/ThriftStoreHauls

Hah! The film is more expensive than the camera! Good find. Also, the market value of the camera seems to be over $100!

u/cantthinkofausernam · 2 pointsr/ThriftStoreHauls

If you're interested in using the camera, film is still made for it. It's pricey but fun! Just make sure you read the instructions to get the best results!


u/SLRWard · 2 pointsr/ThriftStoreHauls

For what it's worth, that looks like a SX-70. You might have luck with something like this: https://www.amazon.com/Impossible-PRD2783-Color-Polaroid-Cameras/dp/B00FMSZAOQ/ref=pd_sim_236_2?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=A1KEW9929JXHPDRH0A5V

Old Polaroid film is more expensive and a lot dicier proposition as to if it works or not after so many years.