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Reddit reviews on Jackson Ultima Glacier GS181 Fleece Width Medium Size 12

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Nylex lining for warmth, comfort and durabilityCharcoal PVC outsole for easy careNickel all purpose bladePlease see second picture for the sizing chart

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Found 1 comment on Jackson Ultima Glacier GS181 Fleece Width Medium Size 12:

u/EveningSquare ยท 2 pointsr/FigureSkating

I started off in these that I bought online. I used the size chart and sized myself. I will say that they always did feel a little loose, but they took me through Adult 1-4 and a Christmas Show (spins, lunges, spirals). The pros of this skate were that they lasted me about 8 months with me skating 2-6 hours a week in them before they started to break at the ankles. They are great for a beginner with a small toe-pick, the stiffness is just right, and they are super comfortable. The cons were that the blades are PERMANENTLY mounted, so you can't have them moved if you have foot issues. Also, I had a big learning curve when I switched to "professional" skates vs. the recreational skates because of the bigger toepick (lots of tripping).

It really just comes down to how much are you going to skate, if you have the time & resources to go to a fitter, and how much you want to spend.