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Reddit reviews on Jackson Ultima SoftSkate Womens/Girls Figure Skate

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REINFORCED UPPER - These Ice skates have reinforced vinyl upper with padded covered tongue and rolled padded collar that gives support, warmth and comfort.ULTIMA MARK I BLADE - The boot is matched with Jackson's entry level Ultima Mark I blade that has less agressive pick pattern than Mark II; constructed from stainless steel for longer blade life and easy maintenance, factory sharpened.FASHIONABLE DESIGN - The Finesse Series skates feature new fashionable no maintenance PVC outsoles and fashionably placed chromed insert that adds style and sophistication.QUALITY AND COMFORT - Fully lined cushy foam padding ensures comfort and support, minimizing potential tears and abrasion while skating.FIT TO PERFORM SKATES - All Jackson skates are designed in cooperation with skaters, coaches and skate technicians to ensure great performance on the skating rink.

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Found 1 comment on Jackson Ultima SoftSkate Womens/Girls Figure Skate:

u/crystalized17 ยท 2 pointsr/FigureSkating

If all you're doing is skating for fun, then any skate from $60-$100 is going to be fine for you. Beginners tell me Jackson's low-level skates ($60-$100) are comfortable for them. https://www.amazon.com/Jackson-SoftSkate-Figure-Skates-Fleece/dp/B06XPX7YPJ/

P.S. These kinds of skates would also be just fine for Learn-to-Skate lessons. You'd only need to get something stronger ($200-$300 skates) once you start working on jumps and spins.