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u/theeemaster · 1 pointr/spiritscience

> I'm sure this happened to him daily having this feeling of love for those that absolutely reject him but I don't handle it as well as him

no that's not what happened.. read his book.. and you'll be clearer.. from what I read you got it completely wrong.. (but for another yeshua I've talked to/listened to.. yah that one did retreat into his sacred heart or recommended it for us)

it's hard to be einstein in the land of primitives, yes.. they just need a education and you'd be equal.

> but I don't handle it as well as him

you never could.. to have that kind of energy/love.. takes work! A lot of work in that aspect of loving yourself of "unconditional love".. of running energy and building up fields of it.. that don't get you 'disconnected' as your creating now.. so if you do want it?? you'd have to do the work..