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Reddit reviews on Kamjove Press Art Tp-200 Glass Tea Cup Kung Fu Tea Pot With Filter

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We found 3 Reddit mentions of Kamjove Press Art Tp-200 Glass Tea Cup Kung Fu Tea Pot With Filter. Here are the top ones.

Capacity: 33.8fl oz/ 1000mlBorosilicate glass, food-grade material, safe and healthy.Patented Press Valve Water-Controllings Structure.The easy lift out infusion chamber makes it simple to discard the used leaves when desired.no leaking. Can control strength. High efficiency filtration to ensure making pure tea.

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Found 3 comments on Kamjove Press Art Tp-200 Glass Tea Cup Kung Fu Tea Pot With Filter:

u/awkwardsoul ยท 4 pointsr/tea

Go for one of these big basket stainless steel infusers. https://www.amazon.com/FORLIFE-Brew-Mug-Extra-Fine-Infuser/dp/B001JPA3Y8/ (though the mug with infuser is close in price https://www.amazon.com/FORLIFE-Brew-Infuser-16-Ounce-Purple/dp/B00FONTSZG)


If you want to attempt to save your gravity infuser, maybe try a denture cleaner, PBW, or oxyclean soak.
There are also glass models which last longer like this https://www.amazon.com/PRESS-TP-200-1000ML-CAPACITY-Yeme/dp/B00654M0AI/

u/LeeChurch ยท 2 pointsr/tea

Start with a gaiwan and some cups.

That gives you a lot of flexibility and a feel for the "ceremony" of it.

Additionally (or instead of), I highly recommend something with this sort of design. Its the most streamlined way to brew gong fu I know of, and will happily sit next to you on your desk without giving much danger of spills. Great for studying. I have this one, but the shipping might be an issue if you aren't in the UK.

I've been in the same boat as you and would say to steer clear of expensive clay pots for now. They're great, but you really get the most out of those sort of pots when you dedicate them to specific kinds of tea so they can season nicely. Whereas glass and glazed teaware can be used for everything with no issues. Meaning you don't need a plethora of gear.