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With its 6.5 inch point-source Uni-Q driver array, the Q300 delivers an accurately dispersed soundstage throughout the room than is possible with any conventional speaker.The Q300's Uni-Q driver array also features a rigid new aluminum cone technology and a large, 2 inch voice coil to ensure impressive and distortion-free low frequency handling.The KEF Q300 stands a full 14 inches tall and just under a foot deep, making it perfect for any bookshelf or desktop in your home. The versatile Q300 can be paired up with any floorstanding speakers, center channels, or subwoofers from the KEF Q Series as a home theater system.Used solo or in tandem with other Q Series speakers as a full-on home theater system, the Q300 will envelope any room in the same beautifully integrated three-dimensional sound image.

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u/dr_torque · 3 pointsr/audiophile

> If i turn the sub off the whole setup is ugly to listen to - having with a very weak sound stage

I suspect that your amp may also be contributing to the problem somewhat. T amps typically output nowhere near their claimed rating at reasonable levels of distortion. As for speakers, I'd also suggest Dali's Zensor 3, Kef's Q300, and of course B&W's 685. All of these speakers would benefit from proper amplification. I'd suggest strongly that you consider an amp upgrade as well.