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QUALITY KIMONOS: Our kimonos for women are made from 100% Silk. Dry cleanable with distinct patterns and can be used as short robes or dressing gowns. Side slits at hem.ONE SIZE: Using only the best materials in the market, our 100% silk robe or short robe kimono for women is a sleek 16mm quality silk, 43” at chest and hip, 37.5” in length, fits most women as a dressing gown.VERSATILITY: The designs offer an array of colors, perfect as a kimono robe, 100% silk robe, dressing gown – a light robe that can be attractively worn from day to night.INTRICATE DETAILS: Our women’s kimonos have removable waist-tie closures with belt loops. Inner ties to secure closure of the 100% Silk dressing gown. French seam finish.HANDCRAFTED DESIGN: kimonos for women are like wearing art, inspired by art collections from Asia, hand-sketched, saturated in rich watercolors. Exclusively designed in the USA.

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You could get one of the robes from Stone Cold Fox:


or Amazon (I know, but I've actually bought these and I love them):