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u/posborne · 2 pointsr/programming

I agree with all the comments which say to just pick one and start hacking around... with that in mind, I think python is quite easy to get started with and powerful enough that you will find yourself going back to it frequently.

Also, there is real work being done in python. Personally, I have been working on python projects for the past 6 months and it looks like I will be continuing on this course for some time.

In the spirit of getting started, let's write your first python programs:

  • Downlad and install: http://www.python.org/ftp/python/2.6.2/python-2.6.2.msi
    (or ubuntu/debian: sudo apt-get install python)
  • Open Start > Python 2.5 > Python (Command Line)
  • You should be presented with the interactive python interpreter

    Then start hacking around:

    >>> print 'Hello World!'
    Hello World!
    >>> x = 4
    >>> x
    >>> x 10

    Once you have gotten your feet wet you'll want to see what else you can do and there are plenty of great resource on the WWW. I personally learned python by reading through Mark Lutz' Learning Python and
    doing the exercises*.

    What good beginning references have other people used for starting python?

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u/codepoet · 1 pointr/programming

Yep. O'Reilly's has been updated and appears out. Supposedly.

u/Wolf_Larsen · 1 pointr/Python

I like books, especially in the early learning stages. Here are some benefits to reading a book :

u/anteater_sa · 1 pointr/Python

I recommend "Learning Python"
to learn the basics of Python.

Then look into one of the plethora of Python web frameworks available. I personally prefer Django and Web.py