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u/finnerpeace · 1 pointr/AskReligion

Exactly so. You have hit it on the head, all the way around.

Just as when you're super-absorbed in a video game, you "lose consciousness" a bit of your true surroundings and greater life (the room, sofa, family, friends, nature, etc), so is our mind/soul (not sure about where the exact distinction lies) so preoccupied with the business of "living" that it's not focusing on its greater whereabouts. When the game is up, it reawakens to its surroundings in the fantastic and far, far greater spiritual realm. And the degree to which the soul thrived and grew in spirituality, kindness, courage, etc while living determines how well-formed a soul it is now, after bodily death.

On this point, 'Abdu'l-Baha also explained the state of the soul as being much like a baby in the womb: being formed for a greater life. The degree of the perfections, nourishment, and development that the infant receives while in the womb greatly determines its future abilities in the larger world, once it is born. So it is with our souls: our experience here and our actions are forming and nourishing it, or harming and failing to nourish it.

If this is true reality, you can see that it's quite an urgent matter that people learn to live well and with goodness. God's Manifestations sending us the teachings of religion are an intervention to ensure not only our individual and collective happiness here, but most importantly to help the souls develop well, and to stem a tide of deformed and undeveloped souls on the "other side". Ain't no light business. And so that's why Christ, Buddha, Mohammed, the Bab, Baha'u'llah, et al agreed to live lives of suffering or martyrdom while patiently trying to educate humanity and bring them this good guidance. It was a great Hero's Mission. :)

Here are more links to Baha'i texts on the nature of the soul. Everything I've linked you to are bits from the authentic sacred Writings, so they're "core/original text", not an individual's explanation. There are really neat books that look deeper at the nature and journey of the soul via compilation of Source Text: of the ones currently in print I like The Journey of the Soul: Life, Death, and Immortality, here in its older edition and here in its re-release.