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Reddit reviews on Longest Titanium Long Handle Spork with Polished Bowl, 9.65 inch/ 245mm Long Spork Extra Strong Ultra Lightweight, Titanium Spork for Home / Travel / Camping Spork Comes with Waterproof Cloth Case

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✔ LONGER HANDLE TO REACH DEEP END OF BAG OR COOKWARE: finessCity Long Handled Spork is an Extra Long Spork with 9.65 inch length that is 1inch LONGER THAN ANY OTHER Large Spork available here. The longer length makes it easier to reach to the bottom of your freeze dried food bag. Also you won't burn your hand or finger while using them as an stirring utensil while cooking the food on your Outdoor Trip due to it's length. These feature makes its better choice than any other Metal spork✔ BIGGER POLISHED BOWL WITH MATTE FINISH HANDLE: The polished bowl of Ti Spork is bigger than other camp cooking utensils to give mouth a very nice smooth feel whereas the Matt Handle Finish makes a solid holding for that perfect grip. Each of these Camp Spork is 0.85 oz/ 24.1 gm in weight. The length of Spork Titanium utensil is 9.65' / 245mm & Polished Bowl is 1.57' / 39.9 mm wide. They are better than Folding Spork or Stainless Steel spork due to their weight, length & bowl size✔WATERPROOF CASE MAKE IT PERFECT FOR TRAVEL & OUTDOOR USE: This Eco Friendly sporks is very easy to use & handle & as they comes with a Washable Premium Quality Waterproof Cloth Case it keep them dry & safe on those rainy trip, away from dust and contamination. It's not just good for Camping But as it's lightweight you can easily carry during Hiking, Trekking & Bushcraft. It's a must have Sporks for any Backpacking Kit while eating from dehydrated meals pack or making food in bigger pots✔ STRONG, ULTRA LIGHTWEIGHT, DURABLE & DISHWASHER SAFE: This backpacking utensils is Sturdy, Lightweight & easy to carry. These Durable Sporks set is dishwasher safe, not toxic and Environment Friendly which makes it better than those Plastic Spork. There are no after taste when you use it, it is also non-allergenic, odorless & flavorless. Our Camping Sporks are 100% Food Grade Titanium (Ti) & the Reusable Spork set are resistant to Acid & won't rust at all even after extensive usage✔ NO-RISK MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: All of our products are made out of 100% Titanium, so rest assured on the life of this Travel Spork. This Backpacking Spork will last for years and on top of that if you don't like the product (which will be highly unlikely) don't worry we will refund it even after Amazon provided 30 days policy. You're protected by our 180-DAYS, no-questions asked ironclad MONEY BACK GUARANTEE that is backed by our world class customer service

Found 1 comment on Longest Titanium Long Handle Spork with Polished Bowl, 9.65 inch/ 245mm Long Spork Extra Strong Ultra Lightweight, Titanium Spork for Home / Travel / Camping Spork Comes with Waterproof Cloth Case:

u/Flagrant_Geek · 8 pointsr/CampingGear

Sure here my take on your kit.

Much of your gear, is old school, thus real heavy, like things wrapped or made in leather. Seek to lighten up. Replace some with multiple usage instead of single use when possible.

You will increase your mileage with less efforts by reducing bulk and weight.

I love the pipes, I bring a few cigars myself. I like smoking stogies late at night by camp fire. Helps with bugs.

I would replace the 2 flasks with a single 3L water bladder.

Carry a box of Aquatabs, water filtering is not always enough. (Viruses in some context) and to cleanup/purify your water bladder.

The plastic spork (mine broke in the middle of a meal) with a titanium spork (exta long so it fits nicely inside those meal bags without burning or contaminating your meal on inserting your dirty camping fingers into your meal at each shovel full).

Substitute those meal bags with oatmeal and dehydrated fruit for breakfasts and lentils and rice, mixed with dehydrated mushrooms and vegetables for most meals. Made fresh at each site by simply boiling it in water with some seasoning, and is much healthier and low sodium and no preservative. It's less weight, more compact and each meal costing under $1.50 or less.

You can use Red Lentil, yellow or black , add rice, third of a cup of two colors around 1/2 cup total, add dehydrated veggies, shopped shiitake mushrooms or your favored dehydrated and chopped mushroom etc... Salt, pepper, etc, Fill water to the 500 ML mark, boil and voilà. You wont be able to find a cheaper yet healthy meal packed smaller, lighter and higher energy in any other way. This is a time proven recipe.

You can keep one or two envelope meals for when too tired to prep a real meal...

Add some energy bars, or protein bars for lunches, do not stop to eat, simply hike while munching on those, and you will never be hungry during hikes. Drink more fluids than usual.

You need a hat. (helps prevent heat exhaustion and heat stroke). Practice hat on in the sunlight, and hat off in the shades. It makes wearing a hat more bearable and reduces moisture loss.

You need bug repellent, and a facial bug net (depending on when and where, black flies can be a real issue).

Those simple meals should be complemented with "Electrolytes" boosters on hikes where you sweat profusely on hot days to replace fluids and other essential chemicals your body needs. Your sweat expresses chemicals that deplete your electrolytes and can make you sick to your stomach even though you hydrate, as water alone doest replace depleted body salts.

You have too many knives, you only need one. I substituted 3 of mine with a single mini multi tool and Light my fire knife which is so light my mini multi tool is actually heavier. You can sometimes find fully functional super mini multi tools in dollar stores for under $5.00 you really don't need anything more...

You need some para-cord (550 Lbs test). Great for surviving unexpected events or If only to repair shoe laces, hang food bags away from bears on a 15 foot branch or use as an line to secure a tent or tarp for day use on rainy days.

You need a small hiker's saw, with plastic handle (ultra light yet functional).

Ditch those gripless shoes and get real hikers, they provide real grip on slick even wet dirt, synthetics are ultra light, they breathe and you wont have any blisters. These look bloody uncomfortable for genuine long mileage hiking.

Get some carbon fiber hiking poles. (Costco has great robust light weight units for under $30.00)

Ditch the Kindle and learn mindfulness meditation. After all you are in deep wilderness in nature, learn to enjoy it...