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u/sergiybond ยท 6 pointsr/MarketingAutomation

First of all, welcome to the world of marketing operations! It's a relatively new field, which leaves you with figuring stuff out as you go, but that's what makes it so exciting! I officially started as a Marketing Operations Analyst myself about a year ago too, and these are the resources that helped me a lot:

  1. ChiefMartech - this is a blog ran by VP of Platform at Hubspot Scott Brinker. He's definitely one of (if not the) most prominent figures in martech. You will find a lot of strategic frameworks that will make it easier for you to build and manage your tech stack strategically. I would also highly recommend his book "Hacking Marketing".
  2. Manufacturing Demand - written by David Lewis who has been running a marketing operations services consulting firm for 10 years. Also has a lot of frameworks that I refer to all the time. He also hosts a super interesting podcast "DemandGen"
  3. Martech Advisor - these guys have a lot more "how-tos" and share more practical tactical articles, as well as industry news. They also have a great podcast called "Talking Stack".
  4. CDP Institute - CDPs are the latest emerging platforms in martech, and I think now it's big enough to seriously start learning about it and potentially test.
  5. JennaMolby.com - Jenna shares a lot of technical "how-tos" about Pardot, Salesforce and Marketo platforms which has helped me a lot as I was learning marketing automation platform features.

    These are my go tos, otherwise I just learn related disciplines directly and then find connection to marketing ops. For example, if you deal with Google Tag Manager a lot, check out Simo Ahava's blog and Analytics Mania. There's also a cool subreddit to join: https://www.reddit.com/r/GoogleTagManager/

    If you are responsible for conversion optimization as part of your duties (or even if not, experimentation and A/B testing is still a huge part of markops), you should totally check out ConversionXL (they also run a great Facebook Group) and Widerfunnel's Blog.


    I'd be interested to hear from you as well - any resources you found helpful? Cheers :)