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McCormick Granulated Garlic always starts with fresh, whole garlic clovesSavory and sweet flavor of fresh garlic, but with a milder tasterSeasons meat or poultry and adds flavor to vegetables, soups or stewsUse as a base for homemade meat rubs and seasoning blendsLarger size container perfect for frequent cooking or professional kitchens

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u/INTP_Music_Man · 6 pointsr/aspergers

Same here. This is what's helping me:

(1) Watching "atypical" show on netflix that follows a fictional non-masking person with asperger's through their daily life struggles, and illustrates asperger's surprisingly well -- I find myself suddenly freely stimming and accessing "locked away" parts of my self-expression while watching that show

(2) Removing pathogens from the gut, since the pathogens seem to force the gut lining into a tense/constricted state that makes trauma release almost impossible (for me), but makes that same trauma release effortless and involuntary once the physical presence of the pathogens is removed, through (a) heavy used of garlic with each meal containing milk or carbs (even in convenient powdered form, or as nearly tasteless capsules), (b) food-grade diatomaceous earth once per day (in capsules, if you prefer that over mixing it into water) and (c) enterosgel (seems to be the most powerful toxin binder available) to clean up the mess of toxins that pathogens release when they are killed by the diatomaceous earth once per day.

u/seattleque · 6 pointsr/smoking

I don't have quantities, as I do it by site in a large seasoning container (like these)

But, similar to what other people have said:

50-50 Kosher Salt & Black Pepper - about 1/3 of the container

Granulated Onion and Granulated Garlic - about 1 inch each (Granulated has better flavor and mixes better than Powder)

White Pepper - about 1/2 inch

Sazon Goya (Basically, Southwestern flavored MSG) - Four Packets

Shake to combine.

After the briskets are trimmed, I rub them heavily on both sides (alternating sides) with Worcestershire Sauce (best to do in a large pan to catch spillage). It does soak in; there is always more out of the bottle than in the bottom of the pan.

After the W. Sauce bath, I rub heavily with the rub. And literally rub: I almost use it as sandpaper and try to push the rub into the meat.

Last briskets I also injected with this before rubbing:

Beef Base (1 heaping tea)

Worcestershire Sauce (1 TBS)

Soy Sauce (1 TBS)

Accent (1 tea)

Water (2 cups)

u/DiggV4Sucks · -1 pointsr/BBQ

>There's nothing preventing someone from Kansas to spending time in New York and learning the process, that kind of learning process can happen and often does for many chefs.

But there's nor formal training for how to make a lot of regional foods. It's very informal. And if you're going to call something a bagel, you should know how to make it well. Otherwise call it a Kansas City bread doughnut.

I'll relate another Aggieville story to illustrate. I'm from Long Island. There are literally pizza joints on almost every corner in the business districts here. I suspect there's at least one on each block on average. Every one has three things either on the counter or on each table. Cheese, hot pepper, and granulated garlic. powder. Not fine garlic powder, and not dried diced garlic. It's granulated garlic powder.

There's a pizza place in Aggieville called AJ's NY Pizzeria, and they have great marketing about how their pizza is based on a brooklyn pizeria. But no garlic anywhere in their store. And if you ask, you'll get minced garlic in oil.

Again, it's the nuances that make regional foods experiences what they are, and it's incredibly hard to duplicate when you're not from the region.

The market's going to support the bad interpretations because they don't know any better. And, in this case, it's arguably good pizza. I've had worse in NY. But there are many places in NYC, Brooklyn and Long Island that would blow them away.