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Reddit reviews on Music Theory, 3E (Idiot's Guides)

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Found 3 comments on Music Theory, 3E (Idiot's Guides):

u/mladjiraf ยท 7 pointsr/edmproduction

Music theory:

Start from the basic videos

Rick Beato's channel is also decent.

Cheap and everything explained clearly.


Or print the lessons of this site:


Mixing: MixbusTV ; recordingrevolution


Edm production tips: type "Lessons of KSHMR" - it's uploaded by a used named Splice (which is an audio samples related site)

Future music magazine: in the studio / Steinberg sessions

Tons of free vsts: https://bedroomproducersblog.com/free-vst-plugins/


Recommended DAW is Reaper (60 USD), because it's the most stable, the cheapest and has the most options and custom skins, so you can replicate any other DAW's key commands/mouse modifiers and skins, while having cheaper and more stable DAW - the only negative is that it doesn't include synths and samples, only fx plugins.

Reaper tutorials (around 340 videos )

Free samples:


Paid samples:



Recommended payed synths:

Serum (CPU killer, so don't buy it, if you don't have a good computer) or Massive for dubstep. These 2 are easy to learn and there are tons of presets for them - free and paid.

For non-dubstep anything goes as long you know what you do. You may like Syntmaster - tons of presets, cheap (100 usd) and many synthesis modes (but is very ugly and cluttered GUI). But whatever, the sounds are great (there are also cutdown versions of it, so care). The synths with that many different synthesis modes are usually way more expensive (200-500 or more USD)- but like I said, Synthmaster has pretty bad UI; still, it's a steal for that price.

At some point you will probably want NI Kontakt, because of 3rd party soundbanks, but better buy it in a Komplete bundle - it's cheaper.

Nexus is OK, if you are after some of the latest soundbanks (and they are super expensive). Factory sounds are overused and somewhat dated, so it's not worth it, if you don't get any of the latest expansions.

u/Auntie_Beeb ยท 5 pointsr/Guitar

I've been reading The Complete Idiot's Guide to Music Theory. Very easy read, and covers lots of topics in an understandable style.
However, flattering to deceive, the publishers have now dropped the name "complete idiots" in favor of plain vanilla "idiots".

u/touchmybutt420 ยท 3 pointsr/ableton

I've gotten a lot of mileage out of this book: https://www.amazon.com/Music-Theory-3E-Idiots-Guides/dp/1465451676/ref=dp_ob_title_bk

My suggestion is to try not to drown yourself in information. Pick out areas that you think you are weak and just start learning.

I like that you already know that you want to improve your chords and melody writing. Pick one of those things and just dig in.